A Fish named Fallacy

A Fish named Fallacy

A Chapter by Fictari

An experimental horror peice that ended up being silly dark humor about blindly following "prophets"


  He didn’t suppose there was a damn thing he could do. There was the knife on the floor, but there was no way he was going to reach it before Eddie did. That knife was somehow going to end up sniffing around in his guts in a few seconds no matter what he did. But he sure as hell wasn’t going to roll over and die. Benny was going to go down fighting.

                Eddie grabbed the knife in one swift motion; twirling it like a police baton. “Goddamn it Benny. If only you had just sucked it up, you wouldn’t have to die.” Eddie was about to swing the knife down when Benny retorted indignantly: “You wouldn’t have to kill me if you just thought for two seconds about what you are doing! You’re taking orders from a goldfish for Christsakes!”

                “You heretic son of a b***h,” chuckled Eddie with the intent of hiding his blatant rage. “Erik is not simply a goldfish. He is the Truth, and its prophet. If you would simply look past the body he chose for us mortals to see, you would understand this!”

                “You would kill people you’ve known all your life to please a goldfish?!”

                “You arrogant little t**d! He is The Truth! Those who obscure The Truth from us must die!”

                “You’d even kill your own brother because of the whims of a goldfish?!”

                Suddenly Eddie dropped to his knees and gazed into the depths of his hands. They appeared to be deep canyons unexplored by man; scars across the very earth itself. What the hell was he doing? Benny, his kid brother. How could he kill his own brother, even for The Truth-

                Out of nowhere a voice broadcast itself throughout the whole town, interrupting Eddies’ epiphany:

                “Brothers and Sisters, Eddie has failed to kill the one who will not bow to me. Bring me his corpse, or you shall not receive the eternity so promised to you by The Truth. Whoever kills the little heretic shall feast like a king and bathe in gold!”

                “Erik….?” muttered Eddie with obvious fear.

                “And bring me Eddies’ head. His failure is a flaw in The Truth, and a single flaw will destroy us all.”

                “No….No….d****t no Erik no I’ve been faithful….I’ll kill the little brat now just you see…” cried Eddie through gritted teeth with a voice that dripped murderous venom. He wheeled around, knife in hand, but Benny was gone. “NO!” screamed Eddie with fury as he dragged himself off the ground. “I WILL FIND YOU BRAT! YOU WILL DIE FOR THE TRUTH!!”. He kicked the barn door open and screamed a howl of rage into the humid morning air of Jamestown, Oregon. This was met with the sound of primal growls and the terrifying snap of a bow. The arrow plunged itself deep into the chest of Eddie. He did not scream in pain. In the seconds before the townsfolk mobbed him, all he could do was scream out his pleas for forgiveness. The Truth was his. He needed it!

                Benny crouched inside a small cranny inside of a small shed a couple yards away. No one knew of this place but him, and only he could get there. From here, he could see everything. His brother, an animal, killed by other animals. When the townsfolk fell upon his brother, Benny shut his eyes tighter than a locked door, ignoring the screams with all of his might. He had to kill that damn goldfish. He had to free those he had known all his life from this false and deadly Truth.

                But how could he fight The Truth? With Fallacy, of course, he thought with no humor whatsoever. A fish named Fallacy.

© 2012 Fictari

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Added on June 17, 2012
Last Updated on June 17, 2012
Tags: Fish, Truth, Fallacy, Prophets, Dark-humor, Horror



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