"As Earth burned so too did his will to live."

"As Earth burned so too did his will to live."

A Chapter by Fictari

The last living human being is stranded on the moon,losing his will to live.


  Drake watched Earth burn as he sat on the moon,giving the Earth half of his attention. The other half was devoted to grasping the loss of all human life. Everyone on Earth would soon be consumed by the eternal fires which spread like a plague across the globe. The only human besides Drake who was up in space had died from malfunctioning equipment while in the infinite vaccum of space. His space suit had violently ruptured, causing him to die from oxygen deprivation. Now,there was no one left alive but Drake. Even worse,Drake would be stuck on this lifeless rock until the end of his life,which he estimated was no more than a week and a half if he conserved his food and water well. The question,however,was would he even want to to live that long? Would he even care to survive when all organic life on planet Earth was dead? As Earth burned,so too did his will to live. There was nothing left in all of the universe to live for. No longer did the potential for his dreams exist. Each fluttering dream,captivating as a clean, clear photograph,burned like dry wood. His dreams of fame,of loving another and being loved in return,of having friends,of being important. Each of them died like a soldier gasoing their last breath. All of the hopes of having others in his life and being important screamed one terrifying scream as they dissolved into impossibility.

  He found his reaction to the whole thing quite queer. First he was emotionally alone in the world. Now he was that as well as physically alone. Little chnage had truly occured. And, concerning importance, nothing at all had changed. Almost nothing was different at all. So why did he care? Why did he hurt? Why did he hurt? Hope,he summarized. Hope was always screwing him over....

© 2012 Fictari

Author's Note

An experimental philosophy/sci-fi piece written a few months ago.If you would like it continued,please let me know.Review anything you want to.

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Added on June 18, 2012
Last Updated on June 20, 2012
Tags: Depression, Suicide, Apocalypse, Science-Fiction, Philosophy



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