Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde

Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde

A Story by Fictari

A monologue I wrote and acted for my Advance Acting class' Variety Show.This is from the viewpoint of Jekyll, who's inner Hyde is taking over without the need of the potion.


I sit in the dark of my home waiting for the end to come. Outside, the sounds of the mob suffocate the silence of night with iron fingers. They are coming to my estate believing that “The Monster of London” has killed me and taken refuge here. In a way, this is as true as Dr. Jekyll is false. The good doctor, the beloved patron citizen of London, was merely a lie crafted to suit society’s expectations. Mr.Hyde, my true self, was far too REAL for them. Far too like a MIRROR of themselves. They could never understand the LIBERATION that occurs when the maddening lie that is “civilized man” is dropped and the true form is set free to sate its “primitive” lusts. “Civilized man” trudges through life carrying behind him a grand cloak of chains; unhappy and purposeless. They believe that to be happy, they have to be “civilized”. To them, I am a “monster” and a “fiend”. The blood that stains my soul is seen as a disgusting scar, rather than the badge of honor it truly is. For centuries “civilized man” has hidden his true form from the world, and even more shamefully, himself, using “manners” and “rules”. The only true rule is that in the end we all end up a feast for the vultures and sewer rats. However, living the life one has as a lie is more shameful and sickening than any of the acts I have committed. In the warped opium stained eyes of society, the blood I have spilled is an atrocity. Truly what I have done is a release of my true self. Over time “civilized man” pushes his true self into his subconscious, and this is what I did. However, a year ago, I discovered my true self and developed a potion which would temporarily release him and give him full control. At first I fought, but the rush of beating some weak fool into a mass of bones and blood and engaging in business with the young beautiful prostitutes of this fair city was too enticing. Every time I reverted back to “civilized man” I would lust to be my true self as a young man lusts for the girl of his fancy. Slowly the pathetic façade of “Dr. Jekyll” crumbled apart like a tower made of pebbles. Soon I was hooked to the potion as an opium addict is hooked; albeit my drug being of far nobler a purpose than opium could ever aspire to. I am a killer and a w***e. However, unlike the pathetic liars who think themselves “civilized”, I am as I am. I no longer hide behind sickening facades of being a “gentleman”. There is no such thing as being a “gentleman”. There is only man and the sinful blood lusting animal he is. So string me up from the tallest tower you may find, if you so dare to try to take me alive and bind me in chains. I have never been so ravenous for the flesh and the blood that lies within.

© 2012 Fictari

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Added on June 26, 2012
Last Updated on June 26, 2012
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