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This Chapter is where the search and journey starts.


“Over here boy”! Yelled one of the less patient customers. “Sorry Sir, coming”, I hurried past the crowd of people.

            “Abot time we have some service”! The customer grumbled. “Your order Sir”? I asked. “Ya, I reckon I’ll have the steak and potatoes”. He said passing the menu.” “All right Sir.” I said picking up the menu. I hurried toward the kitchen.

            Fridays, were the busiest days at the Cracker Barrow Tavern and Inn. As you might have guessed I worked here. In fact I’ve been working here scenes the day I got here. That is the day when they found me sleeping in their shed. Now, I’ll tell you that story later.

            The restaurant and inn was a family business always was and will be. I and my step brother and sister all helped out in the little ways we could. Taking food orders, cleaning up, booking reservations, cleaning rooms, and even the occasional cooking. Practically anything we could do.

            “Chef Gordie, we need some taters and a steak.” “On it”. Chef Gordie replied. Good old Gordie. I smiled. It was almost ten, my shift was over.

            I shoved my way through the crowd, which had now decided to dance a merry jig thanks to a guitarist that had booked a night here.  I finally managed to get to the door. The night sky greeted me, it felt good. It was a peaceful night out, the moon shown through the night sky. I climbed to my special spot.

            My special spot was a small balcony on the roof of the inn. After a hard days work I always climbed up there just to meditate on the day past. Over the years it had become a some-what tradition.

            I reached my spot. Maybe, now’s a good time to tell you how I came to live here.  I had been an orphan at age five and ever scenes then I traveled around with my older brother Darik from town to town making our way. Darik was twelve and he always took care of me. He’d run errands for people or draw portraits, anything to make money. We didn’t have much. But we had each other.

            One day I had a high fever and was to sick, to go on errands with him. So we found this old shed and decided I’d wait here until he was done running errands. Then when he got back and I was better we’d be off to the next town. But, that never happened. Darik never came back.

            I’m not sure what bothers me most. The fact that I never saw him again, or the fact that I didn’t even no if he was alive or not. For two days I wondered this town looking for him, but finally I gave up. The next day the Carinton’s found me in their shed crying. Even, though they weren’t the wealthiest people they took me on and raised me like a son. I’d been here ever scenes

            I looked up into the night sky and looked at the first star I laid eyes on. My real mom always told me that the first star you saw in a night was your wishing star. Tonight I wished more then ever to know what happened to Darik.

            There was a sudden noise below. Some people were entering the inn’s yard. I looked down. The men rode on horses and carried swords. This couldn’t be good I thought. No, simply toensfolk carried swords and much less could afford a horse. I quickly rushed down to the tavern to warn Mr. Carinton of the strange men.

            I climbed down the back way so they wouldn’t see me. Who were these people?

            “Mr. Carinton, Mr. Carinton”! I yelled. “Hmm, what is it now Trevor”? He asked. “there’s some men on horses that carry swords coming to our inn”? He seemed to ponder the information a bit. “do you think their knights”? I asked. He ignored my question. “What were they wearing”? The question caught me off guard. “Um…black uniforms with red hats I believe.” I stuttered. Mr. Carinton stood up and looked me in the eye. “Are you sure, are you absolutely sure”? he asked. “Yes” I said thinking back again. “Positive.”

            “so are they knights?” I asked. I had always wanted to meet one. He ignored my question again. Mr. Carinton looked nervous. Trevor go to your room, get your brother and sister and lock the door. “But, why I.” started. “I’ll tell you later, just get up there.

            I ran to go get Will from the shed. “Will”! I called out. “What”. He asked obviously disturbed I interrupted  him from his work. “Get up to our room quick!” “What, why should I lisen….”Dad’s orders I don’t know why just come up and get Alison too”.

            He stood there for a moment still confused. “But why- “No time, come on”! I tugged his arm. A few moments later we were all up in my and Will’s room. “Turn out the light’s”, I whispered to Alison. She did.

            “So what’s this all about”? Will asked. “I’m not sure, I just saw these strange guys with sword and uniform come in the inn and- He stopped me. “Was the uniform black?” “well, yeah except for the hat, which was red- He stopped me again.

            “Don’t you realize who they are?” He yelled. “Shh Alison whispered they’ll here you.” I shrugged my shoulders feeling a little dumb. “It’s the Aribjand”!

            “The what?” I asked, feeling nervous. “The Aribjand are bad news”! He continued. “What are they thieves of what not?”

            He pondered this for a moment. “No they’re more like a cult you could say. A cult that consists of mainly thieves and murderers. They believe at one time in the past they were great kings or gods, and now they trying to reprocess that power. They think there better then others and all others should serve them for what they were.”

            I sat on the bed. “ But, that’s crazy, why would they believe that?” Will shrugged. “My guess, is that they just say they do to get what they want.” “But…I started.

            There was a knock at the front door. “Shh, be quiet”! Will whispered. “What are they saying”, Alison asked. I put my ear against the door.

            “Can I help you?” There was silence. Finally, a sky voice spoke out. “ A room.” He said bluntly. “Of, course um… how many”? Dad asked. “Two.” It responded.

            I leaned over to Will. “ I thought you said there was a whole cult?” I asked. Will shrugged. “ I don’t know why there’s only to, but mark my word it can’t be good news. We put are ears back to the door.

            “ All right, sir your all booked.” It was dad. “if you don’t mind me asking sir, do you plan to pay now or tomorrow?” I could tell he was nervous his voice quivered. “Half now, half tomorrow.” The sly voice said again. I heard a few more muffled words, but I couldn’t make them out. Then I heard footsteps coming up stairs.

            “They must be staying to the room next to us.” Alison whispered. We all stood there frozen for a minute. “You, think we should go outside?” I asked Will, the oldest so therefore the decision maker of the group. “I’m not sure, I think maybe its best we stay here for the night.

            We took a few sheets and my sleeping bag down on the floor, and let Alison have the bed. It was nearly midnight now, but I couldn’t sleep. I knew will and Allsion couldn’t either.

            “Will, why do you suppose their here?” I asked.  “Will, shrugged. “I don’t know, the only reasons I’ve ever heard they go out is to gain something.” “Like what” I asked. “Like power, weapons, money, food, new recruits- I stopped him. “why would anyone want to join them. “Power, money, many things. A lot of the people are blackmailed to from what I’ve heard.” He said.

            Before I knew it I had drifted into sleep. The next thing I knew was a pair of hands were around my mouth and someone picking me up and saying” Don’t talk. At first I thought it was Will with one of his practical jokes., boy was I wrong.

            I was taken down the steps. I tried kicking and screaming, but it was no use this guy was strong. From then on I was taken outside. I finally caught a glimpse of my captor. He wore a red hat and he was a Aribjand! I started to scream louder, but the guy only cupped my mouth harder.

            I also noticed I wasn’t the only one being taken away another member of the Aribjand was carrying off Will. “Will” I mumbled through the hand. Will looked over now fighting even harder for his life. He got a solid punch in at the guy, but then Oh NO! The member hit him with a club. Will was silent and passed out on the guys shoulders. At least I hope he passed out.

            My mind started racing with questions. Why were they taking us? Why only Will and I?How come no one was coming to help us? How did they discover us? Was Will alright? And what did they want? None of these questions were answered until the next morning.

            I woke up sour, and with a bloody mouth. I was ridding on a horse. Where was I? Then the past of the night came to me. I started squirming around, but I soon realized I was tied down on ropes.

            “the more you pull, the tighter they’ll get”. I heard a voice say. For the first time I realized the man that was ridding the horse. He still had his Aribjand uniform on, but he somehow looked different in the light. The man was probably around eighteen years of age three years older then me. He had long blonde hair, and a sly look on his face.

            I busted out in anger. “Let me go”! I tried to kick him. The man sighed. “So is this how its going to be?” “Look kid”-he continued. “I’m doing you a favor by letting you ride with me instead of being dragged by the horse.”

            “Why are you taking us?” I asked disgusted. The man chuckled. “Well, for one reason its my job.” “What job!?” I snorted. “You’re a member of the Aribjand, I can tell my your hat!” This made the man laugh louder. “ I just hate these hats, I never got when were supposed to be sneaking around why they made us were bright red hats”!

            I didn’t get it. Members of the Aribjand were supposed to be scary and of evil character, yet here I was chatting with one! “ So where are we going?” I glanced around trying to spot Will. “Were going to headquarters.”, He replied like it was the most obvious thing ever. ‘Which is…?” I started to ask. “Aw, can’t help you there you’re not allowed to know that yet.”

            We rode on a while, when a thought came to me. “Where was Will!? I looked around anxiously. I spotted him on the horse of the other kidnapper. Will was still unconscious, I hoped he be alright.

            The rest of the day we rode and rode. We only stopped for two breaks of lunch and dinner, which consisted of stale bread and some corn we got from a farmers field. Then we would ride on again. Aw Derik if you were only here now! I thought. He would have known what to do.


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