A Day's RIde

A Day's RIde

A Chapter by FictionWriter


            I awoke once again sour an on the back of the horse. I looked at the sky it was about an hour before sunrise.  I groaned aloud, here comes another great say I thought. “Finally, your up!” My captor grinned. “I thought you were unconscious for a while like your friend here”. He pointed to Will. “But, then I heard you talking in your sleep.” He continued. “I talk in my sleep?” Looking wide eyed what had I told him? “Yup.” He caught my nervous glance. “Don’t worry.” He assured. “ All I heard was something about a guy named Darik and you like the soup of the day.” Hw laughed aloud.

            “you know I was thinking, here we are ridding together for about two days and I don’t know your name.” he said. “I’m Kerg Alderson.” The man stated.

            “Trevor” I said. “Well then Trevor, I know you must not be that fond of me. Me kidnapping you and all, but I want you to consider me a friend. Believe me I’m one of the more friendly people your going to meet.” Kreg said.

            I considered this, by refusing his friendship I could anger him and therefore get hurt, or I could accept it and try for the best. “Sure.” I decided I put out my hand. Kreg shook it. “Kreg?” I asked. “Yeah.” “Is Will ok?” I pointed to Will. “Hmm is that his name, yeah he should be fine my partners a bit more violent with victims.” Kreg said. “Sorry” “Its fine.” I said, even though it wasn’t I already lost one brother I doubt I could loose another.

            The day wore on and so did we. Kreg and I talked a while. We talked about my past job at the inn, the Aribjand, and why I was kidnapped. Apparently, The Aribjand was looking for new recruits. Of course no one in the right mind would dare to join so they sent members like Kreg and Gerk( the other kidnapper) o go find talented boys aging from 14-17 to come join, Of course find wasn’t the best word more like kidnap.

            Will had recovered, and now tat he did I wish he was unconscious. He kept asking constant questions and frequently bickered with our captors.

            I decided to make the best out of the ride. I played a game I used to when I was little. You would spot and object for example a tree. Then you would have to name another thing pertaining to that tree, like paper from the tree for instance. Then from paper you might think of a pen, and from a pen ink, and so on. Eventually, I became bored with myself and decided to give up.

            The day once again wore on, and I became sleepy. Before I knew it I drifted off into slumber.



            “Mom you think their ok?” Alison sighed. “I’m sure of it.” Mom said, but with a sadness in her voice. It had been two days scenes the boys were last seen.

            “I could have done something!” Alison said in tears. I was there, but I was to scared I hid under the bed and they took them! I just let them take them!” Alison moaned. Mrs. Carinton whipped her daughters tears. “There’s nothing you could have done.” She looked into Alison eyes. “They would have only taken you too.” She now broke into tears.

            Alison stood up and went to the window.  “Where do you think they are now?” Alison asked. “We can only hope somewhere safe.” Mrs. Carinton replied.  And with that they had to be content.



            Like the day before I woke up sour and miserable except this time not on a horse. Kreg and Gerk decided to make camp. Now of course they just couldn’t trust us to stay and sleep in a tent, so we got to be tied down to te ground with ropes. Lets just say that Kreg and Gerk probably had a better night then Will or I.

            We were getting closer to our destination. I could tell. Evrytime I talked to Kreg or Gerk they’d give eat other nervous glances and makes sure no one was near by. The scenery also changed. WE were no longer dragging on in endless farm land and small towns, we were now ridding along in the woods .

            The sky kept growing darker. It was now impossible to tell what time it was. Then one long morning we saw it. Headquarters. It wasn’t how I imagined it. I had pictured a dreary gloomy castle or chamber of some sort. The real headquarters was nor a castle or chamber. It was about a six story mansion.

            A mansion! I had heard of such tales. Wealthy people lived in these. There were rooms, upon, rooms, upon rooms! Mansions were more rooms then my whole town put together!

            We were greeted with an armful of bandits, not all as nice looking as Kreg or Gerk. Some had only one hand, leg, eye, and some had. bad yellow teeth, if any teeth at all. They like Kreg and Gerk were all dressed in black with little red hats.

            One gave me a glare. “I take it these are the men you found?” A tall man asked. “Yes, sir Jack.” Kreg replied. Jack eyed Will and I suspiciously. “Age?” He asked circling us. “ This one(Gerk pointed to Will) claims to be sixteen, and the other claims he is fifth teen. Jack nodded obviously pleased at our results.

            “Put them with the others.” Jack ordered. “Yes sir.” Replied Kreg. “Good work men, dismissed.” The men went back to their duties.

            I gave Kreg a quick glance. He gave me a sad smile, then took Will and I’s hand. He lead us into the mansion.

            Life as I knew it would ever change at that moment

© 2009 FictionWriter

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A Chapter by FictionWriter

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A Chapter by FictionWriter