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3rd chapter



            My wildest thoughts about the mansion dimished as soon as I walked in it. I had imagined elegant or fun themes for each room. Instead I found out that many rooms remained empty. Furniture was covered with cobwebs and ugly looking spiders.

            Kreg lead us up four flights of stairs and down two hall ways before he stopped in front of a door. The door didn’t look like anything special. Most likely I would be thought to contain another endless stair case or empty room, but looks can deceive. Inside the room was hungry and scared boys like me. Some as young as seven and some as old as eighteen. It was covered old blankets, and moldy pillows. What little furniture that probely had used to be their was pushed to the corner to make more space.

            The boys all sighed as we came in. I couldn’t blame them the room was as crowded as it was, the last thing they needed was two more boys.

            Kreg lead us nto the room. “Boy’s this is Will and Trevor, they have come to us to stay a while.” Kreg announced. The boys nodded n full attention to is words. Kreg gave me a long last look. His eyes seemed to say I’m Sorry, but how could  forgive them. Had I forgotten the last few days that this man  robbed my family of their children and help. That because of this man I lost my family again. I turned my head away to hide tears.

            With that Kreg closed the door. The boys  turned their attention to Will and I. “Great just what we needed.” Yelled a boy. The boy retreated to his corner. Then another boy stood up. “Don’t mind him.” The other boy said. “I’m David” The boy now called David continued. “And this is Max, Kerby, Roxas, and Zeck.” Said David pointing to the four boys next to him.

            I looked at the boys and studied them, it be best to have some friends while we were here. Max was a tall boy, probably around Will’s age. He had hair that I’m guessing was once blonde and a scar on his chin. Kerby and Roxas, were either twins or identical clones I figured. They each had long wavy brown hair and were probably around the age of twelve. Both Zeck and David wee around I’m assuming my age. Zeck had short black cropped hair, and David had wavy hair like me except instead of blonde it was black.

            The boys smiled at us must knowing what we were feeling. Then I noticed how rude I had been. “I’m Trevor, and this is Will”. I said gesturing to Will.

            Will waved awkwardly he wasn’t that chatty type. I didn’t take long until we knew all there was about each other, that is where we came from my step family and theirs. I didn’t bother telling them about Derik why bring up things of the past?

            I learned that  Kerby and Roxas were from a neighboring town as ours, and that Zeck, David, and Max were all from way up north.

            We all thought shared one thing in common. We had no clue what was going on. I never saw Kreg the next day or the day after that. The only time we aw anything outside the room was when we had are daily meal and the two trip dash.

            The two trip dash wasn’t a pleasant thing. When you had to relieve yourself or needed a bandage or anything else or hygiene you ten minutes to get it done. Each boy could only take two trips a day so therefore the title the two trip dash.

            Not all the boys of course were able to live this life. Some died of hunger, some of illness, and some from trying to run away. Each time someone passed, we’d offer them a short service and then they would become as the guards quoted a thing of the past. Not a person a thing I noticed they said. Didn’t these people of the Aribjand believe in equal rights?

            We remained like his in our room for what seemed like years, but in reality I counted only six days. Then one day we heard a knock at the door.

            A tall man walked in of course dressed in black, I recognized him as Jack. “Hello, boys he started out cheerfully.” He continued on. “This has been a test of your endurance, for those of you who haven’t kicked he bucket you passed. We need to be sure we have strong and healthy recruits before we train you.

            David and his group of boys gave Will and I puzzled looks. “Don’t look at me.” I mouthed. I like them had no idea what was going on.

            “Excuse me sir.” A boy raised his hand. All attention turned to the boy. Was he nuts! Why would you ask a question this was the Aribjand not school.

            “Yes”. Jack looked over surprisingly not displeased. The boy continued. “Training for what exactly” he asked.

            The boys all nodded in agreement to his question . “to become a member of the Aribjand of course!” Jack replied like that was the most obvious question ever.

            Become an Aribjand. Why on Earth would we become part of the very thing that let innocent boys die, that kidnapped us from our homes, that stole from our families. My cheeks flushed with anger.

            “What if we don’t want to become part of your band of murderers and thieves!” I yelled. “What, who said that! A very angry Jack looked around. I stood right up. “Why would we join your stupid club, your just a bunch of no good, dirty rottom…” I would have continued, but a hand covered my mouth. It was Wills.

            “Sorry Sir, he didn’t mean it.’ Will said earnestly. That’s just like Will always helping me even when it meant trouble for him. Any other day I would have been grateful for this act of kindness, but not today! “Sit down Will”! I hissed.

            I looked Jack in the eye. “I did mean what I said sir, and I’m not sorry.” I said. All the boys gasped Will and David’s gang looked at me painfully, knowing very well that that could be the least words I ever speak.

            Jacks anger suddenly turned into laughter. “Of course, you don’t WANT to join!” he laughed louder. “Like you have a choice. I stared into his eyes, not finding any of what I said amusing.

            Finally his laughter dies down. “You see!” Jack expressed to a guard. “That’s exactly what we need! Young strong men that speak their find!” Jack pointed to me. “Guard, take him down to my office I’ll be there shortly.

            The guard quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me down to what must have been Jack’s office. I looked around unlike the rooms with web-eaten furniture this room was actually nice. It contained anew wooden desk, two tables, and seven chairs. Pictures hung about the wall and a fancy design of swirls were carved into the wall.

            “Sit!” The guard pushed me down into a chair at the second table. I sat there a while, well more then a while. I wondered If Jack had forgotten about me, before I finished that thought Jack strode in the door once again with a silly grin on his face.

            “Well, well” Jack sat down at the other end at the table. “if it isn’t our little speaker.” I glared at him. “You made quite a little speech today.” He continued. “I actually quite enjoyed it, its not everyday we get people as outspoken as you!” I said nothing. “Anyway as I said before, we need people like you people who have guts!”
            “So what now, am I being punished?” I asked. Jack laughed. “Punished!” He laughed harder. His laughing was getting annoying.

            “My boy, your not getting punished your getting promoted!” “To what?” I asked. “Well, let me explain.” Jack said. “There are five ranks of the Aribjand “Recruits.” Which are your little friends. “Trainees which I’m promoting you to,  Guard, full pledge, and leader like me.

            “Well, I don’t want to be a trainee!” I said a little prod I ha the courage. “Of course, you have already expressed your hatred for us, but I’m not dumb. I’m not offering you a life r death situation. I no you’d pick death I’m offering you a chance.” “A chance?” I asked. “Yes, a chance to become someone, to live your wildest dreams. Join the Aribjand learn are ways. We offer freedom, unlimited wealth for your family, maybe some decent schooling for Alison.” Jack spoke.

            “How do you know about Alison!” I stood up. “Aw, Kreg heard you mention your sister.” Jack said, smilling he finally got my attention. “Or?” I asked. “Its Join us, or Will, yes I know about Will too, or I’m afraid you will never see your brother again.” Blackmail I thought.

            “What choice do I have.” I sighed. “I’ll join, just don’t hurt my family I can’t loose my brother, not again” I whispered. “Good then we have a deal?” Jack asked sticking out his hand. “yes” I shook his hand.



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