Sneakers, Max, and Your Blue Honda

Sneakers, Max, and Your Blue Honda

A Story by Thought Provoker

 You are capable of doing things that your mind depicts as out of reach. As humans we are capable of achieving sensational things. We can over come any hindrance, overhaul any hurdle, restore any emotion and continue moving onward. But we are born with a preconceived notion that failure is inescapable, that one way or another we must fall to rise. We are accustom to and dependent on motivation. It is expected from everyone, instructors, parents, friends and icons. People need people to tell one another that “they can”. Every person is accustom to the indefinite cycle of life pertaining to all things. We are all aware of the idea that one day you will lose something or someone. That is just the way it works. Worn out sneakers will eventually be thrown away. Your life long pet and loyal friend Max will pass on. Your environment will be remodeled and you will eventually let go of your blue Honda after it breaks down for the last time. To change and relinquish is surely the greatest struggle. To carry on with the absence of comfort or love seems unimaginable at times, but with duration and might you will pull through. As I grow older I become more aware of the importance of the time I spend with my grandparents. I cherish every moment, each word of guidance, the boundless comfort and love that is incomparable to any other. An embrace from a grandparent is an unforgettable grasp, a warmth that can never escape you. Wise words from your grandfather are ones you wish you could listen to with added consideration each time. Nothing so aged and rough could ever feel so soft and consoling upon your cheek as does your grandmothers palm. And no one can ever award you with the unchanging and unrestricted love that they have presented. This is why all customs, failures, expectations, belief, and dependence goes out the door. As a human I am wholly, without a doubt, hopelessly incapable of watching them wither away for I do not believe that any duration of time will heal that absence, no embrace will replace that tender warmth and no hand will return the indescribable reassurance of hope as does theirs. I find it exhausting to visit a place that I am preparing myself to miss, I find it unjust to witness the course of loss and torment to accept recovery. I can not watch a soul so rich expire and I decline to stand by with impotent hands. I also refuse to ever leave the side of flesh and blood of such colossal essence and such powerful gravity, greater than gold and beyond any price. I am content with these confused, bullheaded juvenile thoughts.

© 2012 Thought Provoker

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very nice sentiments. i would say the last half of the story is what really shines. this is a very touching and ...thought...provoking...story. well done. one thing, very minor, but you should be using accustomed as opposed to "accustom".

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 15, 2012
Last Updated on May 15, 2012
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