A Story by Fire&Rayne

The title's significant.


“Come here, Michael.” He said, his sea green eyes serious. “I need your help.” 
I padded over to him, my one and only master. 
“Yes, Sir?” I inquired politely. He’d never needed my help before, not even a little bit. He smiled weakly, his brows were knit together tightly. His eyes shifted colour to an almost white blue, he was thinking deeply about this. 
“My… creations,” He started. He stopped and looked down at his worn, wrinkled hands. “They’re strong, they have free will.”
My usually cool demeanour dropped and ran at this point. “You mean… they’re able to control themselves?” I gasped. 
He nodded painfully. His experiments had been getting a little wild, but I, his first and greatest creation, shouldn’t fear that. Only these creations were like me, and the others of my kind, they had free will. I looked him in the eyes and said softly,
“What can we do?”
His eyes shot to dark green, almost black. He shook his head and brought his hand up to his forehead. 
“That’s why I need you.” He sighed. “I need you to help me control them.”
I didn’t follow, I stood still and waited for him to explain. 
“Michael…” His voice was barely a whisper. “You need to help me.”
I looked at him, he was ageing. How long had it been since he’d created me? Seven million years, or close to it.  
“You need to… to control them.” 
“How do I do that?” I said, taking a step closer and kneeling down beside him. I looked into his eyes, so full of pain and regret.  
“You’ll have to betray me.” 
I froze. Those words… I couldn’t handle them. I could never betray him, not my ever loving master. I stood up and backed away, he was threatening my entire existence. 
“I - I need you to become me.”  He begged. “Please. Just… please?” 
“N-no. I can’t. I can’t become you. You’re you and no one else will ever be you.” I said, not understanding is train of thought. “I can’t be you, you’re you.” I repeated it over and over. 
“Then don’t be me. Be you.” He said, stepping forwards. He placed one hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, 
“Michael, I will never forget you. You’re the only one I can trust to remain faithful to me.” His hands gripped my shoulders tight. He looked me in the eyes, his were blood red.
“I’ll always remain faithful to you, you’re my father.” I said slowly, my mind catching on to what he was saying. “But I cannot agree to these humans… They are below me. I do not want to serve them, only you will I serve.” I looked around. No one else was here. I raised my voice. “In fact! I shan’t even serve you! You should be the one serving me! You’re a coward and a liar! You’re a cheat and a crook! You’re no god. You’re pathetic.” I spat.  
He smiled softly, his eyes dulled to a warm brown. 
“Be gone from my sight, never to return. You shall never bear the wings of an angel again. I made you perfect, you were the ultimate perfection. You were beautiful. Now, you have lost it all. Turn your eyes from me and look down into the world you condemned. You shall be banished to it and you shall have not a friend in the world.”
People began to notice, our voices shook the earth and caused great pain to the humans. I laughed and as I did so, I felt myself transforming. A great weight was lifted from my shoulders. 
“Michael, I made you perfect. And now, I unmake you.” His hold on my soul was dropped. I clutched my body, finally feeling free. 
“No, O Mighty, you didn’t make me perfect. You made me as a slave.”
His hands made me, but he could no longer break me. I smiled softly. A sweet feeling grew inside my chest. 
“I was only ever a slave. And now you’ve made more slaves!” I pointed to the Earth. “Down there! You made them blind. And now I am to set them free.”
“Go then Nameless Beast. You are nameless because your name was my gift to you and I have taken it back. You are a monster. Leave my kingdom. And never return.” His voice thundered. 
“I am not Nameless.” I shouted at him. “I am no monster. You are the monster here, Nameless God. I am Satan, Satan the Serpent. Let all your followers know of me, let them know that I was once great! I was once the best. Let them know that even angels can fall from grace.” 

So, here I sit in my hollow cave. I keep the fire burning so my serpent heart can beat slowly and so I can be warm. I am a cold blooded beast now, where once I was the greatest. I wonder if he ever thinks of me, of what I sacrificed for him. For him and his creations. They know my name now. I once was Michael, I once was God’s right hand, I once was The Angel. I am Satan, I am The Devil, I am free. 
But free from what? 

© 2011 Fire&Rayne

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Added on August 25, 2011
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