Tearing Down the Wall Chapter 1

Tearing Down the Wall Chapter 1

A Chapter by FireAngel42029

      Jane was but only 4 when her parents got divorced, she had a newborn brother who of course don't remember anything about their parents being together and Jane didn't really understand. They moved in with their grandparents, their grandfather had just been diagnosed with Alzhimers so their mom would take care of him while their grandmother worked, the worse he got the less Jane's mom did, so Jane and her brother Jim did alot of work taking care of him instead, until Jane turned 9 and her mother found a boyfriend then they was always gone. He would take Jane and Jim mudding with him and their mother.

    One day shortly before Jane turned 10 her mom asked her permission to marry her boyfriend, Jane said no instantly there was something about him that didn't feel right. But it didn't really matter what Jane said her mother married him anyways. They got married right after Jane turned 10 and it didn't take long after they got married before everyone would see the true man she loved, especially Jane and Jim.

    Jane's new stepfather would soon start making Jane raise herself and Jim, who was only 6 at the time. Jane would have to get Jim ready for school and take him, cook him three meals a day with only potatos, eggs, and penutbutter in the house. Jane managed to get Jim to school,feed him, get his homework done, her homework done. Jane became very exhausted, when she thought she had everything going in a routine things changed now she also had to clean the house from top to bottom including her parents room or she would now get beat.

    Jane now had a choice to make sure it was done or have a leather belt to the back of her head. So Jane had to get a new routine so she could try to keep the leather belt off of her back and head or where ever it hit, it didn't really matter to her stepfather. Jim was also starting to get the beating he would get a brush upside the head just for falling asleep in his glasses. Jane and Jim was extreamly frightened so they did what they was told, but then found out it didn't matter because if their mom made a mistake she blamed it on them so they got beat instead.

    A few months later Jane started to develop her stepfather went and bought her a training bra, Jane found this odd that her mom didnt get it instead, but she was only 10 so she blew it off. A few days later Jane's stepfather woke her out of her sleep after her mom went to work and told her to come to his bed. Jane was  scared but she went since their wasn't much choice since he liked his leather belt so much, so Jane went as soon as she got there she laid back down and tried to pretend that she was still half alseep and had fallen back to sleep really quickly. Janes plan failed though instead he told her "hold me like your mom does", Jane didn't really know what that ment only being 10 still. Jane learned to be a tough girl on the outside so that she wouldn't let anyone know how bad she was hurting on the inside.

© 2009 FireAngel42029

Author's Note

sorry this part is getting put up late I didn't realize that chapter 2 went through but chapter 1 didn't

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