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Dedicated to all the authors who write new worlds for me to explore.

Chapter 1

Kyle Williams

I am Kyle Williams, a less than average 7th grader who mostly hangs out with his friends Isabelle and Zeus. I live in Orlando Florida and go to school at Jamarka Middle School. Izzy lives with her two older brothers and is one of the toughest girls I know. She has long blonde hair and a huge scar on the back of her hand from her 13-year-old brother. Her brother was cutting a valentine for his girlfriend and Izzy was teasing him for it. He got super ticked off and threw the scissors at her. She blocked her face with her hand and the scissors made a deep gash. Her brother was grounded for the rest of the month and Izz had to go to the E.R. She loves to play basketball and has won multiple championships for the school. She can also be very obnoxious but otherwise is really nice.   

      Zeus, on the other hand, is obsessed with mythology and knows everything there is to it. (Mostly because of his name.) He loves to make sarcastic comments and is the biggest troublemaker in the school. He has almost lit the school on fire twice and has pranked all the teachers at least three times each. He was banished from science class in 5th grade and you can probably guess why. He has read all the mythology books in the world and spends more time in detention than he does in regular school. I have known him all my life and we take martial arts lessons together.

About 7 years ago I met Izzy at one of my lessons and I have befriended her ever since. Zeus and I are second-degrees black belts and Izz is testing for her first degree.

Right now I am sitting in a pointless history lecture longing for the bell to ring, signaling the end of school. Finally after what felt like years, the bell rang and I immediately burst out of the classroom. I turned making a screeching sound and then sped down the hallway as fast as I could, trying to avoid getting trampled by other kids. Zeus and Izzy were on my tail. We sped through the doors at the front of our school avoiding a horde of kids who stampeded after us. Almost a third of the kids had been scolded at by their teachers for running down the hallway and they threatened to give them detention starting next year if they did not calm down. Today was summer vacation, my friends and I did not want to be one of the kids left behind with nothing to do. “Race you to my house,” I said slowing down a little so both Zeus and Izzy could hear me.

     “Nobody beats Zeus the Amazing in a race,” Boasted Zeus, as we stormed around the curb leading to my street. Slowly Izzy took the lead.

“I’m gonna win,” said Izzy. But suddenly two houses before mine the ground started to shake and we fell to the ground. It felt like we were being sucked into a black hole. All the students around us were also being sucked in toward the middle of the street where the sewer was. The lid that that was usually covering the sewer was not there, and I knew that this could not be a coincidence. The street had cracks everywhere and kids were screaming.

Everyone around us was all trying to break free of this mysterious grip but the force was too hard to break. Zeus and Izzy had horrified expressions on their faces and I am guessing there was one on my face too. The kids were all 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade kids and there was a look of fear in each one of their eyes.

We were sucked into the sewer and screamed as we fell down...down...down not knowing where the end of this mysterious fall would be, or even if we would get to find out. I was absolutely certain that this drop would lead to a series of scary, unpleasant, and even deadly events. But nothing was in my control now.

Chapter 2

The Different Universe

I landed with a loud thud, but no part of my body felt bruised or injured. Next to me were my friends who both seemed uninjured. “You okay,” I asked?

“Yeah,” they responded in unison.

“What was that, and where are we,” Izzy asked

“I don’t know,” Zeus said. We all heard a low rumble and I realized that there were 100 students about to flatten us.

.“Hurry, follow me,” I told my friends, as I rolled to the side of where we landed. “Keep rolling, if you don’t want to be flattened like pancakes!” After avoiding getting flattened, my friends and I got up and looked around. Suddenly all the newcomers who just landed here had a huge robotic hand on each of their backs which lifted them into the air. All the other students such as myself were placed in a large rectangular plexiglass box with a few small holes here and there so we could breathe.

There was a loud bang as the people who captured us put the lid on our box. We all realized that we were not the only box but there were at least 50 other boxes right behind ours which was the first.

A speaker turned on and a low British female voice came out of it. “Don’t worry outsiders you no longer exist on the planet earth. Nobody even knows you existed on your planet, and everything that you left behind had disappeared.”

Everyone had confused and worried faces as the feminine speaker continued to lecture us. “You all are now in a different universe called Psiolarg and there is no going back. No living organism knows where Psiolarg is in the universe. You are now under command of Captain Sybil. My fellows and I are going to take you into town and the bidding will start at 50,000 clips. In your world, it is equal to 5 billion dollars. On this planet, you are one of many humans that have been sold here. Unfortunately that makes you inferior to all. There are cyclops, people who ride dragons, creatures with three arms and five legs or creatures with ten arms and six legs, it varies. There are also Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs to worry about.

“Unfortunately for you, your species is inferior to all in this universe. Everyone has some sort of crazy ability but I can’t see any potential in any of you. There are 9 planets in our universe but one is a dwarf planet. All are habitable, right now you are on the planet, Ejrick. We will provide some high-quality food and clothes so you are more presentable to the buyers.” And we heard the speaker click off.

Chapter 3

Settling In

   It turns out the ride so far was not as bad as we originally thought. We were treated like heroes, though this would probably only last and until we were sold. After a few hours, food appeared into the hands of each and every one of us. I was excited about the food because I was extremely hungry. But all that faded when the “food” on the plate was shiny black glop. “Grooooss, what is this?” exclaimed Izzy.

   “Yeah, this slime is called high-quality glop, not food,” said Zeus.

   “Are you asking me, because I know nothing more than you guys do,” I said.

    “I guess I am asking myself that question,” said Zeus.

    “I am still hungry so we might as well just give this gross stuff a shot.”

   “I guess.”

   Izzy was the first one to dig in, and right when her tongue hit the food, her sparkly blue eyes lit up like a jack-o-lantern on Halloween. “Wow, this is so much better than I thought it would be. It tastes exactly like the food I wanted to eat… spaghetti and meatballs.”

   “Thanks for being the lab rat,” said Zeus as he took a huge mouthful. “Wow you were right Izz this is delicious.”

   “What, you thought I was lying?”

   “I had my doubts.”

   “Come on guys stop arguing and eat up,” I said and then took a mouthful of my own food. Later for dinner, we had the same food as earlier. After a while beds popped up in the box which scared the heck out of everyone. The food made us tired and then slowly kids started going towards their beds. When the sky became dark two crimson red moons replaced the sun, and glowed like a night light so we could see the path in which we were going.

Chapter 4

The Drink

   The sun came up in the morning and a tray of food was waiting for us underneath our beds, with a blueish-purplish drink in a clear plastic bottle. Before I had a chance to grab my drink the speaker clicked on and a different voice came out of it. It was a cold raspy tone but it was translatable. “Wait,” it said! “Don’t drink it yet. I am Nikon, and if you don’t listen to me you will be punished. ” It sounded like he muttered something but I couldn’t make out what. “This drink is special,” he continued. “You must imagine what you want to look like when you are shown to our buyers. Then the only thing that can be on your mind is the picture of you that you imagined while you drink it.

Now you may drink it, Make sure that you drink it slowly otherwise the drink will not kick in and we are not sparing any more of the drink unless it is essential.” Izzy was so excited about the drink. She loves fashion a lot and I have to admit I was looking forward to seeing her in her new outfit. While Izz was in thought Zeus chugged his drink slowly and then disappeared momentarily when he reappeared his clothes were dark and he had thick gloves on with lightning bolts on the back of them. His hair sleek and black but the tips were yellow as if they were calling to be seen. If you were to look at him your eyes would dart right to his hair. He was definitely a sight to be seen. “Woah this is sick,” said Zeus. “It is like I really am the god of lightning. Now I just need either a staff or a sword made from a lightning bolt plus a few powers here and there. Then what do you know you are standing next to a kid god.

“Sure, like that is ever going to happen,” I said with a sarcastic tone. Then I realized that Izzy was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly I hear a squeal from the corner of the wagon and everyone in our wagon turned around to look at her. I was amazed at what my eyes fell upon. Izz had her hair blown across her face but instead of her normally blonde hair, her hair was dark brown with bright sky blue on the tips. She wore turquoise pants which were loose on the bottom. Right under her pants, she wore high black boots which were soft and fuzzy on the inside. Across her chest, there was a symbol embedded in the middle of a black athletic shirt. It was some sort of mix between a human and a cat. “Wow!” said Izzy with a huge grin.

“This is amazing. And completely takes my mind off the pressing matters.”

“What are the pressing matters?” I asked.

“Well I would call getting sucked into the middle of the street with 30 other kids is pretty pressing. Then falling endlessly down the sewer. And including the fact that right after we land at the bottom of the fall we were captured by these dudes who have been treating us fairly well so far. Only because if they treat us well they can sell us for more money.”

“So that is why you have been so quiet”

“Duh did you guys completely forget what just happened to us.”

“I guess a little.”

“Yeah, I also noticed that you were being a little quiet. But the more pressing matter is the fact that Izzy thought she could get away with copying my hair,” said Zeus pointing his gloved finger directly at the yellow tips of his hair.

“Umm,” Izzy stammered.


“I guess it thought it would be a little cool if the three of us could match.” They both turned in my direction and I realized that I was the only one who hadn’t drunk the shake yet.

“So are you going to drink it or not?” pushed Izzy. I sighed and then imagined my hair looking like Zeus's but with bright red tips. I imagined having bright crimson red reebok shoes with orange outlining the outside. I wanted a black thin shirt with a red and brown timer in the middle. I wished for an orange beanie that had an orange puffball on the top. I really liked the idea of gloves so I added Zeus’s gloves in but with a red star on the back of them. And then I poured the cool drink down my throat. The drink tasted like cherries and when I was finished I felt a little woozy and hazy. Then everything around me turned white I couldn’t see anything. When my vision returned I saw my friends with stunned faces. When I looked down I saw myself exactly the way I had imagined.

Chapter 5

Preparing for Battle

   “We match amazing,” said Zeus excitedly.

   “This is fantastic! Also, Zeus, I can’t believe you did not see that I copied the powers idea,” said Izzy pointing at her chest where her symbol was. I would like to be a shapeshifter, so this symbol matches that idea.

   “Fudge you Izzy,” snapped Zeus

“I also saw that she copied the powers idea, so I decided to do it too. I have the closest symbol that can represent telekinesis on my shirt. I would love to have telekinetic powers and maybe some telepathic powers too,” I said while I hinted towards the timer on my chest.

   “It’s not cool that you copied me,” said Zeus to both of us. “But you guys chose some pretty snazzy symbols to match the powers that you wished you had.”

       “Hey, you wished you had electric powers too,” I fired back.

       “Maybe I will have electric powers, after all, my name is Zeus.”

   “That is like saying that since my name is Kyle, I will get all telekinetic powers and some telepathic powers. And since Izzy is named Izzy she will become a shapeshifter.”

    “Maybe that will happen, I mean so many odd and unpredictable things have already happened I wouldn’t be surprised if we did get these powers. And if we do I get to zap you hard.”

“If we don’t I get to eat half your food.”



“Can we move on to something other than arguing,” said Izzy, clearly annoyed at our fussing. Then surprisingly the speaker turned on, for the first time in a long while and Captain Sybil’s voice came out of it. “Do not worry, but we are being attacked by the rebel group containing Pirates,” she said uneasily. “Right now they are attacking cart number 13 the cart with dragons. The gang is in need of a few dragons so we should have seen this coming. The box you are in is shielding your view of the battle. Those who volunteer to get out of their carts and fight these b******s will be rewarded graciously with money, more food, better comfort, games, and maybe a little something extra depending on what you do.” I looked at my friends but they just shrugged. “Do we have anything to lose,” I said. “Also if we were to get powers wouldn’t this be the time.”

   “I’m in,” said Zeus. Izzy hesitated but then said that she’d do it.

   “My friends Izzy, Zeus and I all want in,” I said to the speaker not knowing whether it heard me or not. Abruptly everything disappeared for what felt like a minute but was actually just a second.

Chapter 6


Everything started to form around me. The red lights, the brown shelves, and most appealing all the weapons. My friends came in right after me. There were tons of cyclops around us and I assumed that they loved a good fight. All the cyclops had swords and helmets that were made of solid iron. There were some three armed creatures who were holding bows and arrows. I immediately looked for the swords and found them in the far corner. I picked one up and it was light and strong, so I decided to take it.

The speaker clicked on and the Captain's voice came out of it, “Your weapons will adapt to your likings and they know what you want them to do. You must not underestimate them. They will appear to your likings too but if you abuse the power they give you your story will not have a happy ending.” Nobody liked the sound of that, but we had no time to complain. Again everything around me faded away and we appeared in the middle of a sandy desert. The speaker clicked on again and the Captain just told us that we had switched onto the planet Micah and everything is hot, sandy, and dry.

The other warriors saw the battle before us and they charged towards the chaos. Right after they saw it we saw the battle and ran to help out. I drew my sword and realized that I was not touching it but it was controlling itself. My friends gasped in awe and then Zeus drew his sword. “This is going to be sick Kyle,” he told me.

“You’re not worried?” said a tiger which was running next to me.

“Izz there is a talking tiger running along my side,” I said in an uneasy tone as I stopped and looked backward.

“You fool, I am Izzy,” said the tiger as it turned into Izz.


“Pretty cool huh.”

“How did you find something that let you shapeshift?”

“I didn’t but I was in a lot if pain last night. I thought I was just having a bad dream but when I woke up I had the hands of a cat and the tail too. I was about to scream but I did not want to scare or wake anyone up. I wanted to be myself again and my cat hands and tail turned back to normal. I was confused so I played with my new ability last night testing it out. I then went to bed having the best dreams of my life.

I was so shocked about this I went into a little daze. I felt a drop of water above my head and we all looked up. Suddenly we were caught in a huge rainstorm and there were thunder and lightning. Zeus jumped over a log and came down hard. Izzy and I went to help him up but his clothes were frayed. The unfortunate truth came into my head and I realized that my friend that I have known my whole life had just been struck by lightning.

Chapter 7

The Battle

“Zeus, man you good?” I said while shaking him.

“Zeus, ZEUS, come on wake up!” There were sparks of electricity circling all around him and I was worried, I was also a little worried about losing the bet, though, if I were, to be honest. The sparks went from his shoes upwards to his knees. Then to his waist and finally reached his head. The moment the sparks got to his head his eyes shot open and he looked confused. He was wet and had mud all over him. His clothes had holes and they turned black. “What happened?” he asked while scrunching his eyebrows.

“Oh nothing too dramatic, only you scaring the heck out of us because you were just struck by lightning!” yelled Izzy.

“How nice, wait WHAT!” screamed Zeus.



“No it’s not cool, it’s ouch.”

“No, it is hecka cool. Now all I have to do is tap Kyle. I have to have electric powers after being struck by lightning. If I don’t I don’t know what will.

“Please only do it after the battle,” I said with an annoyed tone. But of course, since Zeus is Zeus he tapped me anyways and sent electricity coursing through my body causing me to collapse.

“Oh come on!” I screamed at Zeus. “What the heck. I said after the battle!”

“But I thought otherwise,” said Zeus with a smirk. “Come on let’s test these new powers out!” He started running towards the battle. While I was trailing him and I let out a soft chuckle and Izzy smiled too. Sadly it looked as if we were losing and unfortunately I saw many dead bodies. Some were of which were cyclops, and some were the archers. I tried to keep my hopes up but I couldn’t seem to spot any dead pirate bodies.

The pirates had skin which looked like sandpaper, and their bones were showing faintly through their skin. They also wore goggles and sailors hats. Their leader could be easily distinguished from the rest of them. He wore a red feather on his hat and a creature on his shoulder. The creature looked like a mix between a monkey and a parrot, and it was throwing daggers at random cyclops. A small group of the pirates was approaching us and I knew they didn’t know what type of treat they were in for. I smiled casually and drew my sword, Izzy turned into a tree and stood there ready to help when needed. Zeus was just walking up to them and he had this huge grin on his face. There were 4 members in their pod and all of them were bloody with cuts, bruises, and gashes all over their body. The pirate on the far right made a sudden first move and slashed at Zeus with his sword. He ducked but only barely and was not happy about what just happened. Zeus pointed his finger at the pirate and smiled. “Good-bye,” he said and killed the pirate instantaneously.

“Nice one,” I told Zeus.


When I looked back at the remaining pirates they had a look of fear. They started to garble in their own language and turned their backs to us. The language sounded like a mix between a dog’s bark, and a horse's hooves beating against the ground. When they turned back around they let out a high-pitched squeal. All the pirates who were fighting left their battle and made a huge circle around us.

“This is going to be fun,” I told my friends, as I drew my sword. It felt like an extension of my hand, and for some reason, I knew that if I threw it the sword would come right back. I threw it at a pirate and came spiraling back to me, after puncturing the heart of the beast. I can say for sure that the pirates did not like that. They started closing in on us, and I was panicking a little. Zeus zapped two pirates and I killed one. Unfortunately for us, there were still twenty more of them but I didn’t care. We killed half within a minute but the remaining pirates were more skillful. Whenever I would throw my sword or Zeus would shoot lightning the pirates would always dodge and garble. The remaining cyclops surprised the pirates killing all but their leader. The leader was sharp and quick and could handle all of us at once. Whenever Zeus tried to zap him he would deflect the electricity with his sword. There was an hour of swinging at each other but nobody's sword connected with flesh. Finally, the pirate stopped and spoke fluent English. His voice was raspy but high,

“You will never defeat me no matter how hard yo-” A sword appeared through his chest and we saw Izzy looking down on him.

“Good game,” she said and smiled.


Chapter 8


“Dang Izzy!” Zeus said as the cyclops all cheered. We were considered heroes as we started to walk back towards the wagon. When we were about halfway to the wagon we  saw figures coming from the front of it.

“GREAT JOB!” said the tall one with six eyes and four arms. The creature was green and had carvings all over its skin. Its eyes were a pretty sky blue and was around 6ft 5. “You probably know me as Captain Sybil. This accomplishment will definitely be rewarded and the price just skyrocketed up on you three,” she said pointing towards me, Izz, and Zeus. I smiled at the captain and then started walking back towards the wagon. I was feeling good about what I had accomplished, and my special weapon at my side. It was unfortunate that the Captain’s crew was going to take it back but there was nothing in my power to really prevent it from happening. I looked up and saw that one of the creatures had green hair and a hard rock body. It walked like an ape and had its body glowed. “My name is Matzsoi and am impressed with your work. We now have a hologram of what you did so we can show future buyers.” Matzsoi turned and faced the group and then started talking again. “You will be moved to another cart and we will provide many other things needed, such as the Reforberry drink, and a little surprise.”

I was soaking wet when I got into the cart. We were in cart 43, which apparently was the biggest cart. I conversed with my friends and we chose three beds all parallel to each other.  I realized that there were some orcs around me, along with the cyclops and the others. I kept looking but I don’t know why. Then I saw her, another human in the corner. “Wait, is that what I think it is?” I said to my friends while pointing to the girl in the corner.

“I thought we were the only ones who went to fight,” said Zeus.

“Apparently we weren’t. There are some empty beds near her, maybe we could go over. Izz? Zeus?”

“I guess there is no harm,” Izzy said. “Maybe she will be nice and friendly.”

“Okay with you Zeus?” I asked.

“Sure I guess, I mean what is the worst that can happen.” We walked over to the corner and sat down on three beds perpendicular to hers. “Hey there,” I tried.

“Oh, hi.” the girl said shyly. “I didn’t see you there. My name is Kasi but you can call me Kass for short. I have changed out of the wet clothes already and suggest that you do the same.” I saw the same Reforberry drink under my bed and drank it, wanting to get out of the wet clothes. When I drank it, the same thing happened except I excluded the beanie. It was itchy because of my short hair and was in my way some of the time. When I reappeared I could see that Kass had long dark hair which she kept in a ponytail. The tips of her hair were green but the rest of her clothes were black.

“Hey Kass, I like what you did to your hair,” I said.

“Oh, thanks. I actually saw how amazing you guys fought and wanted to be just like you. I don’t have cool powers but can be useful at times. My friends say that I am a whiz with electronics. I can reprogram anything and can code robots to do anything you want. There can be voice recognition, etcetera, etcetera.

I consulted with my friends and then grinned, “Welcome to the pack Kass.” “No way!” Kass screamed, but nobody paid any attention. “You actually considered the fact.”

“Well if you don’t want to be a part of our group it’s fine with me.” I responded casually.

“What, how could anyone turn down such a fantastic offer! Are you 100% sure I can be a part of your group,” she said quietly and slowly while twiddling her fingers around in circles.

“Don’t take it too seriously, we still don’t know what we want to do here.” Izz told Kass.

“Guys can we just get some sleep please,” Zeus said from underneath his covers.

“Sounds good to me,” I said with a yawn and ducked under the covers of my bed.

“No point in being awake if everyone else is asleep.” Izz told Kass.

“See ya in the morning,” I said but everyone else was already fast asleep. I gave myself a little chuckle and went to bed.

       �' * ←

“Kyle! Kyle! C’mon wake up, you already missed breakfast and lunch,” said Izz while shaking the heck out of me.

“Wha, Huh?” I slurred trying to wrap my mind around the new day that I had just entered.


“Ok, ok. Just stop the shaking. Please! Why can’t I sleep in?”

“Because we just made it to the city!” That sentence raced through my mind and got me moving. I catapulted out of my bed and pushed my way over to the wagon’s edge. The sight that met my brown eyes was beautiful. All the buildings were practically skyscrapers. They were made out of crystal, marble, and glass. Some had unique roofs, while others were floating on water. Everything was bright and the big park in the middle had grass the shade of a newly weeded flower stem.

“Wow,” is all I could muster. The wagon turned left into the town. Wherever you looked you would see a robot. Some were some shopping, some running stores, and some even performing circus stunts. The  cars in the city were flying through the air, and there was a huge swimming pool in the center of the park. “Welcome to Croitville the center of all activity in the United Planetary System,” Matzoi’s voice boomed over the loudspeaker. “The bots that you see are crafted from the gifted ones, like you have witnessed during the Pirate ambush. We will arrive at the slaving ceremony in a minute, so get on your best looks and get ready to accept your destiny.

© 2017 Fish

Author's Note

If you like action packed books this is the story for you.

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