silence (i think) now i call it "Cell Service":)

silence (i think) now i call it "Cell Service":)

A Poem by Robert Trakofler

a free verse (yes it happens sometimes) final draft and added a spoken word link


I know I’m closer to god

Because so many of my phone contacts

Are gone now

When I dial them up

They don’t always answer

And when they do

I never know what to say

So I just listen to them breathe

I hate to be the one

To hang up first

But I don’t want them

To hear me cry

So I just hang up

after a silent sigh

and I drift off to dream

in the unspoken’s


I know one day

Most of my contacts

will have passed

and I will lose

my landline too

I hope by then the epitaphs

I’ve struck

Will merit your view

For In the twilight

Of a poets heart

When all that remains

Are the ghosts

Of their affection

They can only slip away

when the lines

of their conduction

hold sway

to connection

I know this


Because I heard

Their silent whispers


© 2021 Robert Trakofler

Author's Note

Robert Trakofler

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Featured Review

I just know where you are coming from with this on Bunny.
Some of my friends from way back haven't sent a Christmas card this time although they have my new address and i am frightened to ring their number in case it is bad news or no answer .... :(

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Robert Trakofler

1 Week Ago

we can take solace in the knowledge that they are always in our hearts dear Stella
Stella Armour

1 Week Ago

They certainly are Bunny ... can't post anything at the moment as the captcha thing isnt working:(


It's hard to let people go, and it's weird how easily they leave and how life keeps going on despite that. Great writing! Definitely resonated with me. I'm back on this site after so long, and I really really liked reading this!♡

Posted 16 Hours Ago

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Robert Trakofler

1 Hour Ago

Hi Moon:) nice to see you! Thank you so much I rarely write free verse but this one just came out on.. read more
The kind of silence you are talking about, that's very sad. But sometimes silence is very contagious, you know. Even sometimes I prefer to be mum even with myself.... But looking back at your contacts and getting no response from them is really painful. I hope you are doing just fine..

Posted 3 Days Ago

So many of my friends have disappeared from my life over time. I always think though that people are only meant for specific times in your life. And they serve a wonderful purpose in the moments you have with them. And then you grow and go separate ways, never to speak again but always to hold fond memories in your heart for them.

Posted 4 Days Ago

memories of happier days. Its hard to let go of the ones who made them with us. I too know this from life long friends i seldom hear from. Personally I rekindled a few and nurtured them back to health May you do the same.

Posted 4 Days Ago

Heavy sigh...yeah, me too. Not sure that there is anything to do about it but embrace the contacts we have left. Sad and true, great writing BB.

Posted 4 Days Ago

Robert Trakofler

4 Days Ago

Hello mr Crowley:) I’m glad you read this cause this one reminds me a bit like a Crowley poem:/ I .. read more
I know this feeling and I’m ok with it, if you have the Lord you will know eternal love and that gives me comfort. Very personal and beautiful poem

Posted 6 Days Ago

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This made me think of both a literal and a more spiritual sense of loss. Like seeing ourselves slip away, in a sense, as the connections we have cultivated over time slip through our fingers. It’s funny, with the prevalence of cellphones and the internet and all those mean for instant connection, I feel I have become more distant from my long-term contacts rather than closer. I’m not sure if that’s just me, but it does seem easy as time passes to get so caught up in the pace and exuberance of the digital world and lose connections in the real one.

I recall another poem you wrote about epitaphs. I can’t remember the name now, but this did make me think of how we might be remembered and if that is as important as how we remember ourselves. Not sure if that makes sense, but I’ll leave it for you to ponder. Hope you are well, BB. Nice to read your poetry.

Posted 6 Days Ago

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Robert Trakofler

6 Days Ago

I was so thinking about that poem at the end of this writing... it was not my intention when I start.. read more
Robert Trakofler

6 Days Ago

Oh yeah, hi Eilis LOL I'm still here just not every day:)
As I read your words here, dear Bunny, I was reminded of what my mother always says..."There are more dead than alive now." Most of her friends, cousins and family have passed and she finds the world strange and herself so lonely. Your words are so sad and yet so beautiful. We grieve for others and then some day others will grieve for us and thus goes on this cycle of pain and grief. The earthly season is so truly brief. Loved this poem absolutely!

Posted 1 Week Ago

"I know I’m closer to god
Because so many of my phone contacts
Are gone now"
I was just thinking about this very thing dear Robert. Scary when one's place in the queue seems to be gaining. Haven't heard, afraid to call, don't want to count. I don't have a land line in Florida and it was kind of hard letting go of the 'security' of one. Covid is teaching us to let go..every day...and we are not ready for it. Your lines -and brevity- exactly mimic the profundity of these thoughts when they come. They take one's breath away. Tears well up in the pauses between lines. Your poignant and touching poem reached deep inside my heart. Serendipity I guess. Stay well my friend and no matter the connection used-stay in touch!!:))

Posted 1 Week Ago

dearest Robert... there are "People whisperers...
perhaps there are Ghost whisperers. gently, Pat

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Robert Trakofler

1 Week Ago

giant smile:) I think all poets are ghost whisperers my dear sister and you are also a bird whispere.. read more
Patricia Wedel

1 Week Ago

How charming is that... dear Brother... a Bird whisperer... you have fluffed my feathers... tenderly.. read more

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Robert Trakofler
Robert Trakofler

pittsburgh, PA

I am the Bunny but the bunny isn't me long live the bunny Hello I’m Robert I own an art gallery and performance space in Pittsburgh called The Zenith It is also an antique store and a veget.. more..


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