You're Not Scaring Me At All

You're Not Scaring Me At All

A Poem by G.C. Seguin

Sure, I liked you before, but you've let me down, so I won't do the same. That would be wrong. I've just stopped loving you and I don't care anymore.

I won't apologize to you for anything.
You've already said you were sorry
over and over
and told me that it's just the way
that life changes us
that makes things like this happen.
People can change,
who says they can't?
It's no excuse
for giving up on someone
who is tired of giving up.
I won't give up anymore.
I would rather be dead
than be sorry,
so I'll push back.
I'll bite.
Your pity disgusts me,
but you're my friend
and I won't let you down.
Spit straight with that tough lip.
You're not scary.
I'm not afraid of you at all,
but you're afraid of me.
The more that you're afraid,
the easier it is to pity you.
The more I show you my heart,
the more you pity me,
so I'll burn it pitch black,
let it die a little.
It's hard when you now
that no matter what you do,
the one person you thought mattered
turned out to think you're a joke,
so let's laugh together.
I'm a funny girl, you'll see.
I'll sleep when I want with whoever I want
and that has nothing to do with you.
Just send me something funny
every now and then
and maybe I'll give you rides
whenever you need one,
but I've fallen in love with my stories
and poetry, no matter how dark.
I've stopped loving you
and I've stopped hating you,
so get your damn therapy,
get your damn haircut,
get your damn head straight,
and I'll pat your back through it
if you want me to,
but don't put me down like that.
It's reckless and I'm over it.
Hello, friend.
How have you been?
Oh, me?
I've been more than good.
I'm not afraid anymore.

© 2019 G.C. Seguin

Author's Note

G.C. Seguin
Went through a break up a month ago which took some time to heal, but I can officially say that I'm over it and I'm waiting for the right person to come along (: My mentions of fear in this piece refer to how I was once afraid of being alone and breaking up, but after going through with it, I'm not so much afraid of it anymore. As some of you know, I've permanently lost some loved ones before, so knowing that he's still being himself and trying his hardest makes me feel lucky that at least he's not dead, haha! Anyways, for anyone who's having a tough time out there, it's a long road and when you feel stuck in the ditch, just turn yourself around a bit, readjust, and take your time to get back on the road.

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Added on April 1, 2019
Last Updated on April 1, 2019
Tags: break up, heartbreak, love, poetry, poem, poet, dark, inspirational, angry, anger, confident, friends, disappointment, self-deprecation, moving on, courage, fear


G.C. Seguin
G.C. Seguin

Essex, VT

My favorite books are mostly horror novels or novels with a lot of feeling and truth. I began writing in elementary school in a little journal and haven't stopped since. Every now and then, my poems a.. more..