"Yo Energy" (a secret)

"Yo Energy" (a secret)

A Poem by FlowFuturez

Describes how the government and population of the Earth tries to cut off the beautiful energies of african and african american people, while the girl tries to love the man he pushes away from her.

Your soul is beautiful they're just afraid so they smear you with coal, they call you bad things and put you in a hole, your skin is chocolate brown like the earth, you might not be to them, but to me thats what your worth. 
Yo' energy aint ___ a secret.
Governments controlling your brain, but I still feel your flow puttin' on a face for show, but you feel deeper feelings and cap off ya glow, all you do is deny it though, I just want to love you. Do you love me too?
Energy aint a ___ a secret.
But who am I thinking you gonna admit, you don't f**k with me, probably want me to quit, but that aint my vibe. I like to rap it live, like to show my energy, spiritually connect and strive, studying Earth's secrets waiting for the third eye, but how an indigo supposed to control when your vibe so dull?
Aint a ___ a secret. 
Creation makes our relation stronger than a nation, colliding with your spirit I station, forget a transition when i'm closing off my ignition, love me, stop switchin', just live in the moment and my passion will do the stitchin'... translation?
Feelin' lost thought I knew what I was doin' now I don't know what the cos, my subconscious is going through a frost when all my mind is thinkin' is how my life got so tossed... man I hate feelin' lost... I think the translation has crossed...
But Its.
A secret.

© 2016 FlowFuturez

Author's Note

How does the topic make you feel?
Can you relate?
Ignore grammar problems.
Any feedback please c:

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Added on November 30, 2016
Last Updated on November 30, 2016
Tags: poetry, music, rap, original, african american, energies, auras, love



Detroit, MI

Hey. Im flower futurez and im a rap artist looking for other people who write poetry, rap, or just someone who connects to my writing. Hope you enjoy. more..