Act 2: Out Of Nothing Came Forth Everything: Curiosity's Driven & Drenched Philosophical Waffles

Act 2: Out Of Nothing Came Forth Everything: Curiosity's Driven & Drenched Philosophical Waffles

A Poem by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham: Alive-n-Revived

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham Snippets of Philosophical Thought presented in seven Acts & titled as Curiosity's Driven & Drenched Philosophical Waffles ...


Curiosity's Logic Driven & Drenched Philosophical Waffles

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn De Graham

Snippets Of Philosophical Thought

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Copyright © 2019 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

All Rights Reserved

Nasa's Wilkinson Microwave Anistropy Probe's

Graph Of The Universe:

AUTHOR'S PREMILINARY NOTE: Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham's personal philosophy on life and death: There is no God, as per the claims of Organized Religion, and yet, the Universe that is our existence within all of Existence did not, simply, pull itself out of the Magician's Hat of its own arse, which does, therefore, dictate and necessitate the existence of an undeniable source point of origin of the existence of our Universe, wherein we do, also, undeniably dwell and eke our our own, personal, existences until that day, wherein, we die. As for contemplation's summations of Religion's claims of a Heaven's Hell liturgically filled and mentally grilled by Blind Faith hopes of an Eternal Life's Afterlife? Actor, Anthony Hopkins sums up my thoughts on such a deceitfully deceptive topic, just below, in words any man can grasp and understand:

I always figure a man’s like a blade of grass. He grows up in the spring strong, healthy, and green; he reaches middle age and he ripens as they were; and in the autumn he, like a blade of grass, he finishes, fades away and he never comes back. Just like a blade of grass. I think when you’re dead you’re dead.” -- World’s Fastest Indian1

See my Poem, Relfections Upon Resurrections: &

Act II: Out Of Nothing Came Forth Everything

Hence, out of nothing came forth everything implicitly exhibited initially as that theorized Singularity and, thus -- out of a zero's zilch of naught of nada there issued forth -- all that is and will ever be brought upon the scene of existing within all of Existence in Singularity's Man interpreted trinity-like fashion of Past, Present, and Future.

And, all of the above nothing become, implicitly and inexplicably, everything in inchoatively magnitudinous, constriction's grip, aforethought inevitably destined as that initial burst of ignition point attained in light's birthed radiance of paramount Creation's emanation no eye had ever, as yet, beheld as that primordial energized commencement's essence that was, perhaps, neither, night, nor matter in matters of idle chatter's unutterable gossip of a preexistence empty canvas void ere spattered by a Master Artist's (an Ultimate It's?) searing smattering of a brush's touch dipped in brilliant color of light's single pin point of Singularity.

And what of said Singularity that simply popped into undeniable existence out of sheer nonexistence only timeless moments before Existence itself appeared as the explosive beginnings of our Universe, and journey through that void of Dark Matter gradually to become billions of years of eventual progressive expansion?

As per the 1982, “Inquiring minds want to know,” sales slogan of National Enquirer, the buzz surrounding the Universe's ultimate origin -- initiated via a single point of light's Singularity -- instantly demands an answer to a most logical question: What is it (the Ultimate It?) that does lie upon that beyond's other side from which such a definitive Singularity must have emanated forth from, in arriving just this side of what, spontaneously and instantaneously, became existence within all of Existence?

What could it be that just may exist upon that hidden other side of the origin of existence within all Existence; Existence that is, handily, just this side of, as yet, Man's curiosity laden wishin' after avid acquisition of comprehended acquired ability to (in visual quest of residual reality's discernment) see, touch, feel, and control that which lies beyond to that other side of furtherance of unknown Existence's reality, a reality deprived the prying eyes of Man; Man, who seeks so to know that which lies beyond any purported (Ultimate It's) Master's Plan in obsession's refutation of any diversion's solicited digression in receding rescission of an Ultimate It's Creator-like manifestation identified isolation: An Ultimate It: i.e.: An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence that effectively (but never as per lies Organized Religion) serves as a virtual reality's Creator of all that is and will ever be?” -- Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

(Written February 24th, 2019) -- To be continued in Acts Three Thru Seven …

AUTHOR'S NOTES: “This philosophical Prose Poem Article of speculative conjecture is a shared expression of my, personal views, beliefs, and opinions, only, and is not, necessarily, a statement of indisputably established sustainable facts -- with the exception of evidential footnotes when provided -- nor, is this poem intended to be offensive towards anyone of any given faith or religion.

Christopher Columbus believed the world was round in a world of peers who devoutly attested the world was flat. His personal belief was an unpopular opinion, that later proved to be truth. However, opinions are like arseholes: Everyone has one. Albeit, there are those Free Thinkers who dare pose opinions as to commonly held truths that may be readily revealed as untruth upon scrutinous studied and researched inspection. I am simply sharing my studied and researched opinion upon such commonly held and widely accepted truths, many of which are based solely upon Blind Faith2 -- belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.

If asked, every person will respond that they seek only truth and never lies, but the search for truth is not an easy or smooth path, and truth, when discovered and uncovered, is not always a pretty thing to behold, nor is it, necessarily, a tasty treat to be savored, for, all too often, accurately established truth revealed, and no longer concealed, is a shocking revelation of bitterest reality ...” -- Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

2 Blind Faith -- belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.

© 2022 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham: Alive-n-Revived

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Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham: Alive-n-Revived
Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham: Alive-n-Revived

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