Chapter 2 � Changes

Chapter 2 � Changes

A Chapter by Forbidden

Chapter 2 – Changes

Jasmine's P.O.V

I was heading towards my usual “get away” spot in the forest behind my house.

I heard a loud happy scream, one filled with joy and happiness, it sounded too unreal to be coming from my house, however as I listened harder I heard the well-to-known voices of my mother and her physco boyfriend. I ran far away from the screams of joy, with tears flooding in my eyes knowing that something bad was about to happen to me. I ran further than my usual spot, far away enough so I could not hear their voices or their thoughts.

While I have been living in pain, my uncaring mother has been having her sexual fulfillments and can not even recognize my very clear depression. She could not see the wounds and cuts from her physco boyfriend and she did not care as long as she got what she wanted, nothing else around her mattered.

It does not bother me though because I know she is not my real mother, you are probably thinking that I am a really horrible daughter for saying this but if you saw how she treated me you would most likely agree.

A very familiar voice cut through my thoughts and froze me at the very place I stood.

Ooh Jasmine, who would like to play our favorite game today. I know that I do, would you like to play it with me?” His deathly gruesome voice sent chills up my spine. It was the gruesome voice of my mother's physco boyfriend. My heart screamed run and my head said to think rationally. There was no time for rational thinking. So I ran. As I ran I accidentally stepped on a twig. F*****g Twig my head swore at my stupid mistake, the twig broke under my foot and I prayed that he did not hear it. I hid behind a tree and waited, the mere seconds felt more like hours. An Ice cold hand covered my mouth and a wet cold tongue slid up my cheek.

Mmm you taste good perhaps even better than your mother.” As his hand went away from my mouth he put a thick strip of tape over it so that I could not scream. 

He tied my hands above me head so that I could not hit him while he did whatever thoughts that were dancing across his sick mind.

He then pushed me onto the hard earthy ground of the forest and as soon as I was on the ground he got onto of me at the speed of light and licked my neck. His wet cold tongue left my neck and he placed the butcher knife to my neck and promised

It wont hurt.... much” He laughed as he unbuttoned my school shirt and he started exploring my chest with his hands and mouth. He suddenly started rocking on top of me and something became hard in between our bodies as his hands were finishing on my chest. He started sliding his body off of me and sliding his hands lower down my body until they rested at the top of my skirt. As much of a bad girl I was, I had never willingly had sex before and I wasn't going to give in to this sick physco.

Please, Don't. My head whispered. He started lifting up my skirt. No, No Nooooooooooo. My head was screaming and thrashing now. I felt him lift me up and slide down my panties. He undid his own pants in front of me. As if being lead by his manhood, he started to climb back on top of me. I heard a faint growl from the top of the tree of which my head rested at.

In a blink of an eye, the monster slash physco boyfriend of my mother – who was so ironically called Justice – was ripped off of me and there infront of me stood Aarow Curios – the hottest jock in school – with his black hair, strong yet pale skin and crimson red eyes which had the possibility to pierce through your soul. The same very guy who told me he loved me this early afternoon.

Are you okay?” his angelic voice – which was a mere compliments to his looks – was cut with sadness as he had just witnessed a horror movie in the making. Dazed by his presence I simply nodded in reply. The tape covering my mouth was harshly ripped off, his angelic voice became covered in malice as he spoke.

Justice, who would like to play MY favorite game today, I know that I do, would you like to play it with me?” He hissed as he spoke and Justice hissed right back.

Oh and umm Jasmine, did I tell you” his voice sent more chills up my spine “Your mother agreed to marry me and because your mother could not care less about you we are sending you to live with your father from now on” I know I was always rude towards my mother and never got any punishment from her, but being sent to live with someone I did not know was worse than being here. As more rivers of salty tears ran down my face, Aarow got even more aggravated and I swear I heard a list of profanities flowing from his mouth. Before things started to turn weird.

They were literally flying past me, that all I could see was a blur and if I thought I would be able to tell what was happening from their words, I could have not been any more wrong in my life, I could not understand one word of what they were saying as they spoke so fast, and then every thing was in slow motion, Aarow broke away from Justices hands which were tightly wrapped around his neck, and whispered so softly that I could barely make it out,

See you on the other side, Justice. Don't wait for me.” Aarow's hands placed themselves on Justice's neck and right shoulder and ripped his brutal body limb from limb, demolishing any chance for Justice to win. Aarow leaned towards Justice's body as if to check if he was dead, he hovered there for a few moments and when he turned back around to me, his lips, and chin had blood covering his lower half of his face, his eyes were an even brighter red, more like a fire truck red then a crimson and a crooked smile spread across his blood red lips.

Aarow now covered in blood simply and faintly said “I'm sorry you had to see that” without looking into my eyes, he wiped the blood away from his face and thought “That elemental coward knew where his place was and he stepped out of bounds. I can't believe he dared lay a finger on you.”

He often does that but he has never gone that close to raping me before and what do you mean by elemental?” My timid soft voice penetrated through his thoughts, this time he looked into my eyes.

Elemental as in air, earth, water, fire and death. You read my thoughts?” He was surprised that I could read his thoughts, there was something about me that he obviously did not know.

Yeah its just something that I have been able to do for a long time. I can do other things too, that Humans can not do.” I might as well start off softly, I wasn't something that anyone could except easily but I don't think that he is completely human either. He was something other and the longer I stood here with him, the more I wanted to know what he was. I stretched out my wings, showing him what I was. He stood as still as stone, the only coherent thought crossing his mind was “WOW!!” any thing else was gibberish.

Jasmine, you have wings? Wha... What are you?” He seemed scared, like I was more dangerous than I appeared, so far all he knew was that I was a fallen angel, by the fact that I had wings and white wings too, a symbol of Angel royalty.

Aarow, as you can tell, I'm not human. I'm a fallen angel and I can tell your not human either but what you are is still a mystery.”

Jazz, I came here to tell you... I'm leaving forever and I can't come back, I'm going to miss you.”

Aarow, I understand but I want to tell you something too” I walked towards him, I was mere inches away from him, I was just staring into his - now crimson - blood tides that were his eyes.

Aaro, I...” From the corner of my eye I saw Justice twitching, a mere meter away from where we stood, he was starting to come back together. I knew this would happen, I tried fighting against him once, I paralyzed him and I also broke his neck and it was healed completely in three hours.

Jazz, I got to go. Take care of yourself.” He looked into my dull gray eyes as he caressed my cheek and walked away. I could see it in his eyes, that he did love me and that he was concerned of how I was going to survive with this physco but the most evident feature in his eyes was the fact that he was going to miss me.

Now the problem was that I was going to live with a bunch of rich evil snobs. My family in the Immortal Realms was royalty, but they are also cast-outs from their kinds. My father Lucifer Sandel was the prince of the Vampires realm and my mother Ashely Anamorphic was the princess of the angels before she got kicked out of the Angel realm. Their love was what caused them to be kicked out, as for angels communication with vampires in any good manner is forbidden it was considered taboo for the angels to love a vampire and the same for vampires but it was taboo for them to love anyone who was not a Vampire. Now they are called the Forbidden's as that is what they are, their hearts are filled with hate towards their kinds because of what they did to my parents. I threw a ball of dark gaia at Justice as his twitching had become faster, while I stood here thinking about my parents.

The man that was killed while protecting me when I was only 5 was a friend of my mothers before she got kicked out, he did not want my parents to get their hands on me. He knew that I was not an angel or a vampire but both, far more powerful than just the one, for that is why vampire and angel love was forbidden, they did not want a super breed created and if my parents got their hands on me they would corrupt me, making me do whatever they wished. I flew a circuit threw the woods hoping the rushing wind on my face would clear my mind.

Once I cleared my mind, I flew back to my home. I landed on the solid ground and opened the white wooden door, I ascended the wooden stairs and made my way to my room, slowly like any normal human would. The woman I live with was only human and therefore she did not know about the Immortal realms, or any type of Immortal even though she was marrying one.

Before I could enter my room peacefully, I heard hysteric screaming coming from my mothers room. I peeked into her mind, I could feel another presence in the room with her and then I left her mind. I knew exactly what she was up to the filthy minded s**t. Cheating on her finance and Justice did not even care, in-fact he found it more exciting about her.


I entered my room, locked the dead bolt and started packing the few things I had. I was listening to “The Kill” by 30 seconds to mars, practically the theme song to my life. The main singer of the band was a vampire, you could tell from his pale skin and black eyes and when he smiled – for those who were watching for it – you could see that his canine teeth were sharper than any normal humans, they were clearly fangs. I finished packing the few things I owned. A second hand laptop, a 2nd generation Ipod nano. A few sets of summer and winter clothing, my chucks and a pair of vintage styled heels and my bathroom necessities. I unlocked the dead bolt on the door and headed back down the stairs. I walked across the kitchen and headed towards the garage. I grabbed my keys from the hook next to the door, the most expensive thing I owned was my motorcycle. I jumped onto the bike and started the engine, it took a few tries for it me to kick start it. However once it was running I headed out onto the road and started my 12 hour journey towards the first teleport that I knew would take me directly to the Immortal Realms.

© 2009 Forbidden

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