Chapter 3 -- New World

Chapter 3 -- New World

A Chapter by Forbidden


Chapter 3 – New World
It was earth and then again it wasn’t. The land’s terrain was different to dirt and grass and it was yet somehow still the same. The cars were expensive and foreign to other cars that I have ever seen. Five different cars were lined up in front of me at a tollbooth of some sort; the car in front of me was a Black Lamborghini Diablo; my dream car if I could ever afford to buy it. The driver looked familiar, his crimson blood tide eyes, I swear that I have drowned in before. Although I cannot seem to remember who the driver was, it looked like he could not recognize me either, as if it was someone that I had actually met before. The look on his face irritated me more than anything else had in my entire life.
Each driver took their time trying to get through the tollbooth and now it was just the guy in the black sleek car that was stopping me from getting through the gates. As I tried to look into his car, I saw a different man leaning against the black paint job of the car, his short black layered hair was dancing in the thin wind, his built body was relaxed yet still tense under the tight black tee that hugged to his chest, his eyes were what fascinated me, his creamy golden honey colour eyes were cautious as he starred into mine, a flicker of a crooked smile played upon his lips something similar that I had ever seen on one other person’s face, as the fancy Italian car owner stretched out a pale translucent hand towards the towering and just as pale man outside of the car, the creamy golden honey eyes left mine and gave a simple nod to the driver, as the driver revved his car. I pulled up to the man who was just helping the last driver and rolled down the tinted window that was blocking my view of those creamy golden honey colour eyes. The crooked smile still danced on his lips, as I returned his smile.
“Hello I’m Caleb, and welcome to the gates of the realms. Where were you heading miss?” His gentle voice confused me; a built guy with such amazing looks couldn’t have such a sweet and gentle voice.
“Call me Jasmine” – I outstretched my hand in a friendly matter, and gave him a wide-tooth smile so that he would see my fangs and not have to worry, with Aarow acting the way he did when he found out I was a fallen angel, I did not want anyone else to act the same. -- “Umm I’m not entirely sure, since this is my first time.”
“Okay then Jasmine, could you tell me what tribe you belong too?” He was looking at a list on his clipboard, most likely trying to find my name on there somewhere.
“I’m sorry; I don’t understand what you mean by tribe?” At this he stopped looking at his clipboard and looked me straight in the eyes.
“Sorry I should have made that a little bit clear. What creature are you? A fairy, A Lycan, A Shape-shifter, An Element, A Fallen Angel, or A Vampire?” His golden eyes stared straight into my eyes; most likely trying to understand who I was like anyone else would, when they saw my grey dull eyes, in my translucent skin.
“I’m a fallen Angel...” As I spoke the words he move just a little bit away, I didn’t understand what the movement meant, it wasn’t how Aarow acted nor like how anyone has acted towards me, when I spoke of what I was.
“Able could you come over here for a minute, there’s one here that I can’t help.” A taller man than Caleb came over, His black wings outstretched, a gun hanging from the sides of his black jeans and a white open shirt, showing most of his hair-less chest, almost all of his features where perfect, an angular body fit and strong, like I said almost perfect; his one flaw was a wide scar on his right eye that went across from his nose to his right ear, and went from his brow to his chin.
“Where’s the one that you can’t see too this time? In the car I presume?” Able talked as if he found himself more important than Caleb, I suppose this is what he meant by Tribes, Able was a fallen angel obviously and by Caleb’s translucent skin he was a Vampire.
“You presume correct Abe; can you help her out? Her name is Jasmine and she’s a winged one, like yourself, I’ll take over whatever it was that you were doing.” Able was starting to get defensive, as if he knew what Caleb was going to call him instead of “a winged one”. They continued to look into each other’s eyes.
“Alright I’ll take care of her, you can go and sort out the files on my desk, and don’t go breaking anything in there like you did last time.” – Caleb ran off east to a booth, which must have been where Able’s desk was. Able now turned to me, with a sweet smile on his face which would have been almost captivating if the one side of his lip was not lopsided.
“Jasmine please hop out of the car, you won’t need that where we are going.” I stepped out of my bomb of a car and closed the door, I stretched out my white wings and able kneeled to me.
“Sorry miss, I didn’t realize you were the princess.” He still kneeled to me and as I looked around I saw Caleb staring out at me, with a strange expression on his face, if it could have been anything I would say it looked like hate and confusion was wrestling upon his expression.
“It’s alright Able, you may stand up. Now could you help me see the Fallen Angel King, I need to speak directly to him.” Able stood up but he did not take me to the king as I asked; he just stood there.
“Nobody speaks to the King, Princess. Not even the king’s wife. Nobody dares speaks to him anymore in fear of losing their heads, miss.” The fear was visible in his eyes and in the way he spoke of the king.
“It is alright able; I will speak to the king alone. I know what he is like and I will risk my neck alone for I must speak urgently to the king. Can you please just take me to his castle?” I looked into his eyes, the colour an unrecognizable red like that of a sunset and all fear was gone; Of course the fear was for his own neck, no-one was ever afraid for me.
“Aye Princess, I can take you to the castle. I have a few friends there that will take you to the king’s thrown room door and then you will be alone from there on.” He shook his wings and nod upwards to the sky I could see the castle off in the distance, it was a long way away but it was easy enough to get there if we flew. I shook out my wings and joined him in the air making our way towards the castle.
Caleb’s P.O.V
It was sky. Who else could it have been?
The gray cloud-like eyes, the long black hair, the angular figure and of course the beautiful white wings. She was royalty it was clear because as soon as she let out her white wings Able bowed down to her but she called herself Jasmine.
No it could not have been sky, if it was her I would not have been able to see her, I would have seen everything else but not her or her car. The fact that she did not know me would be another good reason for her not being sky.
She was the only thing that had been on my mind since I got home, actually since I first saw her, at the gates. Now I lay in my room, in the empty mansion that Alex, Aarow and I call home.
Sky was a royal fallen angel that I had fallen in love with 500 hundred years ago, she was married to another man and she was cheating on him with me; she was my first love. She however betrayed me; one night her husband followed her to this very mansion and found her with me; her punishment for cheating on me was to watch him drain the life out of me.
She made one mistake she laughed at him just when he was about to finish me off, saying that she never loved me and just wanted another man toy. She made-out with him before my eyes, he screwed her and before they left she put a spell on me so that I could never see her again. I was heartbroken and as I lay there burning from the pain of the transformation, I was becoming a vampire because he never finished killing me.
Threw the three days after he bit me it was hell, my whole body burned and all that I wished for was death but I never got it.
Alex and Aarow the two other Vampires I live with were the ones who first found me. They found me as a vampire on the fifth day after the bite that transformed me, they found me crazed for blood and I almost killed them when they entered into the house, they helped me become civilized again and took me to King William and Queen Olivia, they took me into their family and so now I live with my two brothers.
I regularly visit mum and dad, every now and then but I have not visited them for a while. I have been trying to avoid things at home because I had disobeyed their one rule, to not go outside of the Vampire realm without telling them first. I had gone to fight in the Element’s realm without telling mother and father, so they put me onto working on the gates, the most boring job in all of the realms, helping deranged creatures become welcomed into the realms for the first time. Finding Alex’s note downstairs, with Aarow’s little message attached to it. I think it’s about time I visited mum and dad myself, so that I can discuss things at home and maybe also help father plan the steps for war.
Jasmine’s P.O.V
Able and I had just arrived at the sky kingdom; the kingdom was for fallen angels only Able had just told me. I was new here so of course people were going to stare.
“Welcome to the sky kingdom Princess, Don’t mind the people who are starring it’s just because they have never seen a new angel around these parts.” Able explained to me while we walked further into the kingdom, he was right about people starring; it felt weird because people usually didn’t notice me and now well people won’t take their eyes away from me.
“Able how far are we from the castle.” I was starting to get a bit scared i did not want to lose my head just because the king is in a bad mood.
“About ten minutes princess, It’s the king’s birthday today so you might want to wish him a happy birthday before you talk to him about whatever you need to talk to him about.” Able was trying to advise me on how I would address the king, I wasn’t listening; I knew he meant well but I was so stressed out about how the meeting would go with the king, that I couldn’t pay attention to what Able was saying to me. Before too long the castle was towering over us, it was a large white building, with large glass windows that brought the sunlight into the castle, the light made the castle look alive and beautiful.
“Here we are Jasmine, all you need to do is go and talk to those two guards at the doors and tell them that you need to speak to the king, They will think you are crazy at first and send you away but just show them you’re wings and they will let you threw. I am sorry this is as far as I can take you.” I looked to my new friend and out-stretched my hand.
“You don’t need to be sorry Able it is understandable. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. I hope this is not the last time I will see you.” Able looked at my hand one time and then disregarded it by giving me a hug, I returned the hug. Able was going to be my new friend, this I could tell.
“I hope so too princess, good luck and let Mercy be with you.” Able said goodbye as the angels did, wishing luck and mercy to be on my side. I looked to the guards and walked up to them, taking the white pearly steps one at a time.
“Ello ma’am, how can we help you?” One of the two guards asked me, he was a alright looking guy blond gelled back hair and crystal blue eyes, a little point on his nose and a wide toothy grin.
“Guard, I need to speak to the king urgently.” I spoke with authority hoping that at least threw my voice they would know I was superior to them.
“She’s as crazy as she looks Thomas.” The second guard said as he jabbed Thomas in the side of his ribs.
“Alright, Alright Mark. Miss show me ya wings and we will decide if ya can go through or not.” Thomas spoke to me like he was the superior one out of us. Able was right I would need to show these guys my wings; I guess there gonna get on their knees and worship me like able did. I spread out my white wings and they feel to their knees, I guess I was right again.
“Sorry ma’am, I didn’t realize you were the princess.” I wanted to snort at his comment but like they say a princess should not snort; hell no a princess should do whatever they want.
“It’s alright Thomas, you and mark can get up now. Like I said before I need to speak to the king urgently, if you could take me to the kings throne room it would be greatly appreciated.” They got up and bowed their heads so I would know that they would do what I asked of them. On the hallway walls there were pictures of every ruling family there was before the ruling family now. There was one picture that caught my attention in particular; in the picture was a mother, a father, a young prince and a princess. The princess was the one that caught my eye; she looked just like me white wings, a thin figure, long black hair and grey eyes.
“Excuse me Thomas but could you tell me who that Princess is?” I asked Thomas who was leading me towards the king’s throne room; mark stayed at the castles front doors. Thomas stopped to explain to me who the girl was.
“Ah that was miss Ashley Anamorphic but now she is now longer a princess ‘ere.” I was confused why wouldn’t she be considered as a princess here anymore, what had happened to her?
“What happened to her Thomas, why is she not a princess here anymore?” I asked of Thomas unsure if he would answer my question.
“Well she was caught, carrying a half-breed in her womb. She was giving birth to the child of the Vampire Prince, Lucifer Sandal. He was one of the first Vampire Prince’s his brother William Curios now runs the vampire realm. However I am getting away from the point, Ashley is no longer consider a princess here because she was doing a forbidden crime, which was giving birth to her and the vampire prince’s child. Her first child was a vampire, not a Vampiric-Angel but still she did a taboo crime which she could not be forgiven for. She looks like you a lot. Anyways we better keep on going so that we can get to the king.” He started to keep on walking down the hallway and I was made to follow him. After another five minutes of walking we finally got to the king’s thrown room.
“I’m sorry princess this is as far as I can take you.” Thomas seemed remorseful but it was understandable he didn’t want to leave me alone with the king afraid that I would lose my neck.
“It is alright Thomas. Thank you for everything.” I gave him a hug goodbye, yea it was improper but I didn’t care. He left my side as I put my hands lightly against the door. I pushed the doors open and I couldn’t believe what I saw inside.

© 2009 Forbidden

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