Chapter 5 -- The Curios's

Chapter 5 -- The Curios's

A Chapter by Forbidden


Chapter 5 – The Curios’s
I awoke to see a beautiful man sitting beside the bed I laid in; I could not exactly remember what happened to me and I was hoping that this man could let me know what happened to me before I blacked out. The man was reading a book, with a cover I did not recognize; it looked like some kind of “historical” book. The man had long layered black hair that fell to his shoulders and his fringe covered one of his eye but his other eye was a sky blue with white thin lines through them. I rolled over so that I could get a better look at him, he must have heard me move (even though I didn’t make a sound) and flashed a pearl white toothed smile at me; He might have been to know happy that I was alive.
“Where am I?” I asked the man; I still didn’t know his name.
“You are in the Vampire realm. Hi there, I didn’t catch your name before, I am Alex and who may you be?” Alex seemed nice; I noticed that his arm was wrapped in a bandage which was soaked with blood; I suddenly felt concerned for this complete stranger. I sat up so that it didn’t feel so weird to talk to Alex.
“Hey, I’m Jasmine. You look familiar have we met before?” He just kept on smiling; what the hell was he so happy about.
“No Jasmine, unless if you have been fighting with the Vampires in the realms. You may have met one of my brothers before, we all have the same hair and it’s our eyes that make us stand out.” He was so serious that I wanted to laugh and I was so close to laughing that it wasn’t funny.
“Can I ask one more question?” I made my request to Alex and he just laughed.
“Of course you can.” He replied and laughed again; he had the most amazing laugh I had ever heard, it was like the sound of an angel.
“What happened to me when I blacked out?” I wanted to know who the dark figure I saw coming towards me was, I don’t believe it was Alex but something entirely other.
“It was one of the rebelling Lycans, I have been leading a battle against the Lycans who have been entering and attacking the Vampire realm. It was coming to kill you when I saw him; he must have thought you were someone who was dangerous to the realms. I don’t think so though, you look to innocent to be dangerous.” He continued to smile at me; did he honestly believe that I was not dangerous in anyway? I was most likely the most dangerous creature in all the realms, well second if you consider my parents; they were just nasty.
“Well what do we do now? Stay in here all day?” I asked Alex; I didn’t even know where I was, let alone what I was meant to do here.
“Well I could introduce you to the rest of my family if you like.” Alex said simply, I wonder who the rest of his family was; he said something about him and his brothers all looking the same, which was something I just had to see.
“Yea okay, let’s go meet them.” I replied enthusiastically. He held out his hand to me to help me out of the bed which I took gratefully, Alex was a real gentleman and yet he was a Vampire. He lead me down a hallway, which was slightly similar to the one In the angels king’s castle, It had pictures of royal Vampire families there was one that took my eye in particular, It was of a mother and a father vampire and a vampire prince.
“Hey Alex, who is the prince in this picture?” He turned around to have a look at who I was talking about; his sky blue eyes were cautious as he examined the picture.
“That prince is Lucifer and I’m sorry that I can’t tell you anymore about him, it is simply forbidden.” Alex kept on walking down the hallway, I decided drop the subject for now and ask someone else later on. We kept on walking until we entered into a grand ball room, it was being set up with tables and looked like it had been recently dusted and moped. I could see three other people on the staircase discussing what was going on.
“Father, the girl has awakened.” Alex called to the man across the room which was now looking at us cross the room.
“Jasmine, this is my father King William the great.” Alex’s father was the Vampire King, which made Alex a prince; this must explain why he was so good looking, though he was strictly eye candy for my heart was already someone else’s. I curtsied to the king; not because I had to but because it was out of respect.
“Your Majesty,” I stood up straight again, so that I could look him in his silver eyes, In fact his hair was silver too and he had the pale white skin as any Vampire would. He dressed casually but in clothes that suggested it was far more expensive than they looked.
“Please call me William. I believe you have not been introduced to my wife Olivia and my adopted son Caleb.” He was right I hadn’t met Olivia before however I had met Caleb; he was the same Caleb that I met at the gates. He had the black layered hair like Alex but his eyes were a creamy golden honey instead of sky blue like Alex. Alex was right they would have looked exactly the same if it was not for their eyes and the frown that was on Caleb’s face.
“What are you doing here you winged beast?” Caleb accused me; he was showing his real side now; now that Able was not here.
“Alex brought me here.” I replied timidly; why was no-one stopping his foul behaviour.
“Do you not realize that you are an angel in the Vampire’s realm?” He was right Angel’s should not be in the Vampire’s realm but I wasn’t just an Angel.
“Caleb If you haven’t realized yet, I am not just an Angel. I am a Vampire as well.” They were all taken aback by this; I let out my wings and let my fangs grow. If they were going to allow me to stay here, they had to know who I was. Caleb’s fangs grew too; he must want a fight.
“What, you want to fight?” Caleb yelled in my face. I allowed dark Gaia to grow in my hands; if he wanted a fight I was not going to play nice. They were taken aback by this too but before Caleb and I could start a fight Olivia said some words in a language I did not understand, which made Caleb freeze in the place he stood.
“Mother could you please not do that. Can’t you see I was going to give this Vampiric Angel some welcome?” Caleb sneered at his mother; I was going to slap him for treating her like that but William sent him a glare which made him shake violently.
“Please William stop, can’t you see he is in pain. He wasn’t going to hurt me.” I cried helplessly to the king, He stopped and gave me a pain and confused look.
“You my child have compassion where your parent’s have none.” I didn’t understand what he meant by my parents, I never knew them; all I knew was that they left me at birth.
“I don’t know what you mean by ‘parents’, I don’t have any.” I was going to get this out of him, one way or another.
“Yes, I know you don’t know them but they are the very reason why humans fear Vampires, they are the very reason why Humans do not want to believe in Angels. They are the very essence of evil, with hearts as black as night. It is believed that there is no good left in the forbidden family and yet you exist. I have always wanted to meet the long lost daughter.” King William seemed to know many things about my father and mother but I didn’t understand why?
“Why did you call me the long lost daughter?” I asked King William but instead his wife answered.
“Because my child that is exactly what you are. At birth you were taken by an angel your mother once knew, you were to believe that this angel was your father. He wanted to make sure that your mother and father did not corrupt you because if they did they would have a powerful weapon in their hands and they would take over the immortal realms by force. We were told that one day you would come back to the immortal realms, you would go to the angel king for a place to stay and he would deny you and then it was said that you would come to the Vampire king and he would allow you to stay in his kingdom and when the time came, you would save us all from death, from the war that has been raging on for the past five hundred years.” Olivia explained to me what I needed to know with kindness; it was something that nobody had ever shown to me before, throughout all of my life. I wanted to hug her for being so kind to me.
“Thank you.” Was all that I could say to her.
“For what, my dear?” She asked puzzled that I was saying thank-you.
“For being so kind to me, no-body has ever been nice to me before.” I wanted to cry right there but we were surrounded by three males and they would have been uncomfortable from all the girly emotions.
“You’re welcome dear.” Olivia replied. Alex cleared his throat.
“I think it’s almost time for the ball, shall I show you to her room so you can get change?” Alex asked me handing out his hand again, Caleb scoffed and he must have found Alex’s gentleman behaviour ridiculous.
“Sure.” Alex lead me out of the ballroom to a beautiful room that was covered in red and white silk, with beautiful white and red roses for decoration, He showed me the wardrobe and left me to find a dress that I could be able to wear to the ball tonight; which I had just found out started at 6:30, which was within the hour. How on earth was I meant to find a dress beautiful enough to present myself to the whole Vampire race?
I couldn’t just walk out into the grand ballroom and present myself to her, believe me I wanted to so much but she would be confused as to why I am in the Vampire realm. She had already met Caleb at the gates; I could hear his mental voice cursing her inside of his head as he jammed to “the diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin. She had also just met Alex in the last half hour and she had recognized that they looked familiar to her but she could not remember who; again I found this out by listening to her mental voice. Mum and Dad absolutely loved her; they thought she was really something.
I stood here now in my bedroom looking at myself dressed in a black tux, she was in the ballroom at my family’s table she was sitting next to mum in Caleb’s seat; He wasn’t going to come out of his room for about another half hour because he was jamming to the new Breaking Benjamin album “Dear Agony”.
I check over my image again, I looked fine; I think.
“Aarow, can I come in.” I heard Alex coming from his mental voice before he even knocked on my door.
“Yea sure Al.” He opened the door quietly; he didn’t want to get caught by any admiring young girl vampires, they were just too annoying for him.
“What’s taking so long for you to come out?” Alex was obviously curious as to why I hadn’t come out to the ball just yet; he didn’t understand that it was because of Jasmine that I wanted to look perfect.
“I was about to come out, why are you not in there?” I knew why but I wanted to see if he would tell me the truth anyways.
“It’s just all those young girls out there; they are as annoying as a female Lycan.” He was referring to the fact that female Lycans always turned into dogs when things got to physical; it’s not like they did it on purpose, they just couldn’t help it.
“Yea I know what you mean, Alright I think it’s time we both went back out to the party brother.” I smiled to him and pulled him out of the room. It was time that I went and introduced myself to Jasmine; Yea she already knew me, well the person I pretended to be in the human realm but not the me that the rest of the Vampire race knew me as. Whether she accepted me or not, this was going to be along night.

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