Chapter 1 -- Bloodlust

Chapter 1 -- Bloodlust

A Chapter by Forbidden



As the twilight speared across the setting sky, my body craved for the one source of food all vampires craved for Human Blood. I am sitting atop the snow covered roof of a Russian church, watching humans leaving work and returning to their homes. I was listening out for Adam, Heather and Zack the other three people that made up our so called “coven”. We’re just a bunch of nomads, wondering around the Russian cities. Just as the night had settled in the sky Heather came up to talk to me.
“Hello Edward.” Heather was Russian; her accent was flowing into her English words. She had the pale white skin (like the rest of us vampires); she had black hair, as black as the sky was turning into now. She was quite beautiful however I did not care for the girl, she was just a friend. In fact I did not care for any girl, no girl that I had ever met held the key to my heart, not that they did it would matter to me for I was perfectly fine without having anyone to love.
“Hello Heather, How are you tonight?” I gave her a little smile indicating that I was trying to be nice.
“I am well Thank you. Adam says that it is time to hunt if you would like to join us.” Adam was the Head of our group and I was in second command. Whenever Adam wasn’t around to be in charge, it meant that I had to take lead while he was gone.
“Tell Adam that I will be down in a few minutes I just want to finish watching the sunset.” At this she left me to tell Adam, that I would be joining them for the weekly hunt. They usually liked to have me around, so we could find a group of four humans to torture before we fed.
My attire for the night was a Leather Jacket, an open white shirt and black skinny jeans. The outfit usually attracted the women, although I did not care for them they found me attractive, so I usually had a bit of fun before I fed on their delicious blood.
Adam, Heather and Zack waited for me outside of the churches doors. Adam was dressed in black leather pants, a trench coat and no shirt underneath. Zack was similarly dressed like me, he was wearing skinny jeans and a leather jacket but with a red open shirt underneath, red was Zack’s favourite colour. However Heather was not dressed like the rest of us, she was dressed to bring attention to herself. She was wearing a short sleaved white T-shirt that revealed a lot of her cleavage, a leather red mini skirt and knee high black boots. We were all dressed to attract the humans but we all knew it was tonight that Heather would bring us our feed.
“So Edward, are you ready for this?” Adam asked me, out of respect of course. Adam and I went way back, I knew him from the year I entered into the war. Of course I was under my father’s wing at that time, Dr Carlisle Cullen my father figure was a vegetarian. He tried to make me a Vegetarian like himself but I was never going to get the hang of hunting animals instead of our natural source of food, The Humans.
“Yea, I’m ready for this Adam. Have we got any calls recently for our special job?” Our special job was one we put onto our self, kind of like how the Volturi placed it onto them-selves to be the Vampire ruling class, to hunt someone down when they break the one rule of our world and that rule is not to reveal our identity. We placed it onto our selves to hunt down other vampires, when someone was in danger from other vampires.
“No not yet but the night is still young. I’m going to see if there is anyone in particular that we can hunt down tonight.” Yea, Adam had a gift. He could see the future. Zack could control other people’s feelings, and Heather had the gift of mind control, she could make anyone do whatever she wanted to do. I, myself had the gift to read other people’s minds. This is the reason why we placed our special job onto our self, the only other coven I know that every member inside of that coven had a gift was the Volturi.
“So anything?” I asked Adam, becoming impatient. They all knew that I just got a little bit snappy when I hadn’t feed in a while. Secretly I was becoming repulsed by this way of life, hunting humans I mean. I think it’s because I feel slightly sorry for them, I’ve been able to remember a little bit more of my life before I became a Vampire, I remember my mother the way her voice sounds and I can remember her face. It’s hard for a vampire to remember anything of their human life before they became a vampire and I was no exception to that.
“Yea we have a bunch of three girls in the club dancing and a guy with women surrounding him. Sound good Ed?”He was talking about all of them for all of us, but he asked me directly if it sounded good to me. Because I was second in command, Adam and I had a really good connection. It was a very strong friendship.
“Yea sounds good, where’s the club over at?” I kept my eyes locked with Adam’s. His response was inside of his head so that Heather and Zack couldn’t hear were the club was.
“Edward the club is in New York. Isn’t your father living around in that area?” He seemed worried for me that we might run into Carlisle. It didn’t bother me though. I gave him a slight nod of the head to say yes.
“Come on lets go already, I’m getting more hungry by the minute.” Was Zack’s response to all this, He was impatient like myself. Heather just looked bored. One other thing about Zack’s gift was that it was not his only gift; He could teleport anyone around him (that he wanted to take with him) to any place in the world.
“Guy’s we are going to New York. Zack do you think you could take us there?” Adam announced our destination but first off we needed to know if we could get their through Zack’s gift.


“Yea easily, just make sure you hang on tight.” So at Zacks word’s we all grabbed onto a part of Zack. Adam and I grabbed onto each of Zack’s arms and Zack wrapped his arms around heather. Her thoughts were indecent; she was thinking of grabbing onto a particular part of Zack thankfully she did not do so. Heather was the biggest s**t you would ever come across. In a few seconds after heather’s dirty thought we were inside an ally way next to the club we were going to be going to tonight. We all let go of Zack, tidied ourselves up while we head towards the club’s front doors. Adam being our leader was in-front with his hands on the club doors, Zack still had Heather in his arms and I was just standing behind them. Tonight was going to give me one hell of a headache, all of those neurotic voices inside of my head. As Adam opened the club doors for us, we couldn’t believe the sight we saw inside of the club.

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This is very good and you are defiently A talented writer!
Well done,
Can you please Reveiw my Renesmee's Story if thats ok?
:) Good Job, Again.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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