Chapter 6 -- The Grand Vampire Ball

Chapter 6 -- The Grand Vampire Ball

A Chapter by Forbidden

Chapter 6 – The Grand Vampire Ball

I watched Vampires of all age danced around the ballroom in a dance movement that could only be learnt in their realm, they danced to gothic instrumental music. They were dressed in gothic ball gowns which were black, red, white or silver; I was dressed in a black and white dress that remained in that gothic style. Olivia, William and Alex were with me half an hour ago; William had gone to speak to his other guest, Olivia was talking to the band leader most likely making a song request and Alex was dancing with young vampire girls until he too disappeared off of the dance floor, I was left alone in the middle of this party. I was seriously thinking about ditching the party and returning to my room, when I saw Aarow the hot jock from school from the “Human Realm”. He made his way to the table I was sitting in and take the seat next to me.
“What the Hell are you doing here?” I whispered angrily at him; I didn’t want to bring attention to myself.
“What? Am I not allowed in my own home anymore?” His home, how could the castle be his home?
“You’re a Vampire?” How could Aarow be a Vampire, he was with me in the human realm!
“Yea I am and I am also Caleb’s and Alex’s brother, William and Olivia’s son and your escort for the night if you want.” He said with a wide toothed smile; now I understand why Alex and Caleb looked so similar to Aarow, it’s because they are his brothers.
“Do you have any other family that I don’t know about?” I added in; I wanted to know if there were any other members of his already large family.
“Yes there is Fravadin and Pandora but they prefer everyone to call them Frava and Pan. Would you like to meet them?” He asked after he had stood up, he held out his hand for me to take; it was rather gentleman like of him.
“Yes I would like that.” I replied as I took his hand. He led me onto the dance floor to find Frava and Pandora dancing.
“May I?” He asked me as he bowed, He held out his hand again to me and I took it again. He started to lead the dance that everyone else was already dancing; it was an enchanting dance for it had the possibility to never end.
“You are a born natural at this Jazz.” He whispered softly as he looked down to me, his wide toothed smile never left his face.
“At what exactly, dancing?” I asked him; I didn’t understand what he was talking about, what did he mean by” I was a born natural at this”?
“No at being a princess, at being someone above the average class. Like me and like my family.” He led me out of the ballroom once the song had finished; He still hadn’t introduced me to Frava and Pandora, we couldn’t even find them before.  He took me to my bedroom balcony and went to lean over the edge of the balcony.
“When I left you, I didn’t know if I would see you again Jasmine.” He finally said after ten minutes.
“I know. What I didn’t know was if you would want to see me again Aarow.” My voice was barely above a whisper and yet he still heard me, he turned and walked towards me.
“Jasmine, I always want to be with you even if it kills me. Don’t ever think that I don’t love you.” He whispered to me, caressing my face with his hand; It wasn’t his words that convinced me but his eyes, I was drowning in his crimson blood tides and I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t break away from his lock, I couldn’t move my eyes away and I couldn’t move my body away; I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to either. He started leaning in towards me, I did not know what I wanted with him, I was sure if I was ready to be kiss by him?  But before he could Frava burst into the room.
“Aarow the castle is under attack from Lycans get your sword and then come help would you.” Frava ran back out into the grand ballroom. Aarow looked down to me and kissed me on the check.
“Stay here I will be back as soon as possible.” He grabbed a sword from the room and ran out to help Frava. I just stayed here on the balcony starring out to the star filled night. A dark figure flew onto the balcony; he had white wings like me.
“Who are you and what do you want?” I tried to say in my most threatening tone but my voice wavered and it came out sounding like I was terrified.
“I am Topaz and I have come to take you to Lucifer, the Forbidden King.” He wasn’t scared of me. He came over, grabbed me and flew off into the night sky, leaving behind us the family I had only recently come to know and love but most of all leaving behind Aarow, my closest friend and perhaps something even more.

Bonus Scene Aarow’s P.O.V
After at least half an hour of fight the Lycans (with no-one dying on either side) they retreated for no reason. The Vampires who were still here from our grand ball before were rejoicing, some had ran away when they heard that the Lycans were approaching. I did not care for rejoicing right now because I wanted to be with Jasmine again and that was exactly what I was going to do. I ran up to her bedroom to find that she wasn’t there; had I not told her to wait here on the balcony? As I turned to go back inside I found a note left on the door.
To Whom It Concerns
          I have taken the Forbidden Princess Jasmine, if you want         
        To have her back alive, then do not call for help. Call  
       042367891 and I will give you your next instructions.
From Topaz
Jasmine had been kidnapped and now I was being threaten that if I don’t follow his instructions then she would be killed. I ran down stairs to find my parents and tell them of the news.
“Mum, Dad? Anyone?” My voice raise above the noise in the grand ballroom; No-one could hear me; I kept on looking until I found my parents dancing in the middle of the ballroom. I interrupted their dance – which I knew they would forgive me for after – and they saw my panic wrestling on my face.
“What is it son?” My Father asked me, a little bit worried because I looked like a crazy old man.
“Dad, while the fight was going on Jasmine was kidnapped.” I almost cried to my father, Jasmine was my life and I could not just let her die in the hands of her kidnapper.
“Aarow It is alright, we will get Jasmine back. Please just go and relax for a bit because if you’re not thinking straight you won’t be able to help Jasmine.” My father explained to me, he was right; he was always right, that’s why he is called King William “The Great” because he is a great and wise leader. I knew with my father and family’s help we would be able to get Jasmine back.

© 2009 Forbidden

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