Chapter 3 -- The Human

Chapter 3 -- The Human

A Chapter by Forbidden


Chapter 3 – The Human
“Adam, what are we doing here?” I asked Adam, We were meant to hunt humans not save them.
“We’re doing our Job Edward so pipe down. What’s the worst he can ask of us? ‘Please help me to save a human’?” Adam’s cold blooded laugh filled the early morning air, something wasn’t right here. I could just feel it in my guts.
Thank god they are here. They need to be quick James is almost here and if he finds her he will kill her.” The old timer’s thought swirled through my head, who was this James that his thoughts spoke of.
“HELLO,” Adam’s voice filled the air. “IS ANYONE THERE?” He called for the old man that had first called us. Out of the shadows crept the old man, He balanced himself with a walking stick and walked slower than time. Whoever had changed this old man must not have been thinking very well at the time.
“Hey Adam, I think I see someone.” Zack spoke softly thinking that the old man wouldn’t hear him.
“Young Lad, I may look old to you but I still have every ability that you have including strength and super hearing. However you Zackary, probably would not fully understand that now would you, Calculating the amount of blood in your system I can tell that you are a new born, Who is only a year old as well as the girl, you three call heather. Your leader Adam, fears that he will never find the one thing he is looking for,” By the time he had said all this he was now standing face to face with me. “And you my boy want a most peculiar thing. You want your father to be able to accept you as you are after all these years. Edward, you should go and be with your father if you feel this way.”
His yellow gold eyes stared into mine and I could see the face of my father in this strangers face. He knew all about my friends and me, I did not know how, for I could not read it in his mind.
“Now down to business, what I called you here for. I’ve asked that you four come and help me protect a human. Now please hold your tongue Zackary, let me explain. I see in this human a rather amazing gift, it is somewhat similar to your gift Adam but it doesn’t tell her what she wants to know but rather what is going to happen due from people’s decisions. I wanted to study her gift more but I’m afraid that a nomad named James is after her and that’s where you four come in. I want you to kill this James before he can kill my human.” Adam looked to me, indicating that he wanted a conversation inside of our heads.
“Edward, what do you think of this?”
“I don’t mind doing the job, no matter how strange his request is.”
“Yea that is what I was just thinking, so we’re going to do it?”
“Yeah sure why not?”
“Sure we’ll do it.” Adam stood to shake the old man’s hand; it was just something he always did when accepting the job presented before us.
“Great allow me to show you to your rooms and then later if you would like, I’ll show you the human girl.” The old man started leading us into the same shadows that he emerged from, leading us down a dark and dusty corridor to the rooms which we would have to spend the next couple of weeks, it was all depending on how long this James character was going to take to get to this location.
I was just laying there on my bed wondering what the hell I was meant to be doing. Adam was on his shift of protecting the human girl, which Adam and I found out her name was Alice Marie and that she was at least twenty although some people may think otherwise because of her size.
Knock Knock “Great who could that be I thought sarcastically.”
“Hello, Edward are you in there?” It was the old timer, which I had also found out was called Gabriel.
“Yea Gabe, I am in here. Come on in.” The Door creaked open but Gabriel zoomed into the room.
“Edward quickly you must hurry, Adam is fighting James on his own and the new born’s you take around with you are too interested in each other to help him out.” Adam was in trouble crap I’ve got to run out there. I gave him my word when we first met that I wasn’t going to let anything hurt him and I was a man of my word.
“Don’t worry Gabe, I’m on my way. Just make sure you get that human girl’s of yours out of here, go now.” I zoomed off to the main area of the asylum were Adam was on guard, I heard a large crash in that area and I prayed I wasn’t too late to save Adam again.  I pushed myself even faster to try and get to Adam’s side before it was too late; I wasn’t going to let this James guy take Adam away from me.
“ADAM!!!!!!!!   Where Are You??” I screamed as loud as I could before I touched the Main room doors, what I saw beyond these doors was extremely unbelievable.
Gabriel’s P.O.V
As soon as Edward left the room to help Adam stop James, I raced off to Alice. If they were too late to stop James, I would change Alice before James could drain her dry. I found Alice asleep in her room, she looked like a... well I just can’t describe her beauty with words. I swept her hair aside from her face, she wasn’t going to have to suffer in this place anymore in the next few days she could be free.
“Alice I’m So sorry, I don’t want to damn you to living a life alone but I’m not about to let James hurt you either.” I whispered so softly to her and gently gave her a kiss. The thud that came from the Main room in this hell hole scared me; I didn’t know what the hell was going on out there. So I had to do this now before it was too late.
I leaned in closer to her neck kissed the vain that I would soon be biting in too, licked It so that it softened the skin, so it wouldn’t hurt her so much and then I bite her making sure that James would never be able to hurt her again.

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