Chapter 4 � Just when I thought the walls were burning down, this happens.

Chapter 4 � Just when I thought the walls were burning down, this happens.

A Chapter by Forbidden

Chapter 4 – Just when I thought the walls were burning down, this happens.

“Adam, what the hell was that?” I screamed right at his day dreaming head, after I had to drag his sorry a*s away from James who was in a position with Adam I would rather not discuss. Adam had almost blown our mission which was to save Mary Alice. Adam had gone about trying to save Mary in exactly the wrong way.
“That was the hottest guy I have ever met Ed. You can’t blame me for allowing that hunk to have me.” Yea Adam had lost it; the only thought that was on his mind was James’ open chest. His mind was something that I promised myself I was going to stay out of from now on. In the meanwhile to get my mind off of the horrid scene I just walked into, I will go and find Gabriel and talk to him. I started walking away from Adam and walking down the dark halls that Gabriel had lead us down before to show us to our rooms, I was listening out for Gabriel’s thoughts.
“Oi Zackary. My, my, my, what a big boy you are.” Heather’s mental voice flowed into my head including the only thing she had her filthy eyes laid upon. Nope she wasn’t the person who I was listening for.
“Gabriel, we need to talk.” My Voice yelled above the echoes of the abandon hallway.
 “I’m in the girl’s room my boy, come in. Come in.”He was of course with the human girl, I could feel her heart beat race at an inhuman speed. Her breathing was ragged as well, what on earth was wrong with the poor girl.
“Gabriel, what is wrong with the poor girl. I mean listen to her heart race and the lack of air she is getting to her lungs.” Couldn’t Gabriel hear what’s wrong with her, even her thoughts were like fire; burning, painful. What was wrong with the poor girl?
“Edward, I can explain. Do you remember anything of your transformation?” Yea I remembered my transformation. Carlisle whispering to me that he was sorry; I was too sick to comprehend what he meant, although when he bit me I completely understood what he meant. The fire of the bite was all powerful, it burned like hell. It felt like you were being dragged into hell, you would wish for death the whole time during the transformation. I was lucky to still have Carlisle there when the transformation was over.
“Yes I remember but what does that have to do with Mary?” I still didn’t understand why he asked me that question for, unless...
“Edward, I turned her. As soon as you left me to go and help Adam stop James, I came here to change her so that James wouldn’t be able to hurt her, if you couldn’t stop him.” What the hell was going through this old man’s head. He must be as crazy as he looks, changing the human when we had everything under control.
“Well then Gabriel, It was nice knowing you. I guess our work here is done. Now about payment.” Our task here was to protect the girl when James came here to hurt her, now that she can protect herself (because she is a Vampire, like the rest of us) our task, our Job was done. There was nothing left for us to do.
“Well since, Zackary and Heather did nothing towards your Job; I will not pay them anything. For you and Adam however I will pay 2,000 each.” So that was 4,000 in cash, I wonder what Gabriel would have to say if I told him of Adams misadventure with James but I’d rather not risk Adam’s friendship with me, so I won’t tell Gabriel of Adam’s little fun time.
“Well thankyou Gabriel that is quite generous of you. I’ll just inform the other’s that it’s time to go. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” Now time to round up the hormonal babies and ditch this place. I wonder what on earth has been going on with my father.
Gabriel’s P.O.V
“Yes thankyou Edward for everything.” I quietly said as I watched the young gentleman walk out of the room, compared to his companions, his “Friends” he was nothing like them. Zackary, Heather and Adam were hormonal dogs, were as Edward respected everyone no matter who the person was. Now I just had to say my goodbyes to Alice before she awakes.
“Alice dear,” I whispered to her as I pushed the hair out of her face. “I’m sorry I must go, you can’t know who I am, for I know there is something greater out there for you than this old man. Alice you will be a greater person and you will met Edward again but not for a long, long time. Goodbye my child.” I kissed her on the check and rose to leave her behind, when Edward is with his father again; Alice will find him and she will be just like him, a Vegetarian; A vampire that does not hunt humans.
Edward’s P.O.V
The hormonal Babies and I just left the asylum. Heather and Zackary were making out with each-other, the two leeches couldn’t let go of one another and Adam’s mind was on James and how much he had enjoyed the position James had forced him into. I think Adam has now become gay because of the fact he couldn’t get his mind off of James. What was I meant to do now become their leader I don’t think so.
I pulled out the black sleek mobile that my father figure had given me a few weeks before I left him and dialled the one person I really wanted to talk to at the moment.
Carlisle’s P.O.V
“Clair De Lune” by Debussy, started playing from my mobile phone. I wonder who on earth was calling at this time of the morning, no human that was for sure. The Number was private, so I answered it a bit unsure of whom it could be.
“Hello, This is Carlisle may I ask who this is?” I waited a few seconds for the unknown caller to answer they seemed as much unsure of this as I was; I still wonder who it could be.
“Hello Carlisle, It’s Me Edward.”It was Edward; I still can’t believe he’s willing to talk to me after all these years.
“Edward Son, do you mind if I put you on loudspeaker. There is someone I would like to introduce you too.” Esme will be so thrilled to finally be able to talk to our son; She has always wanted a child and it made her heartbroken when her only child died at birth.
“Of course father, I will wait while you get them.” I put the phone down, so that I could call out to my wife.
“Esme dearest, Come down here. Edward is on the phone.” At the mention of Edward she was by my side in an instant.
“Okay Edward, I am going to put you on loudspeaker.”I pushed the one button that would change everything in Esme and my world.
“Okay you’re on loudspeaker, Edward I would like to introduce you to Esme.” I cued Esme to speak however she was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t; Edward’s voice cut through the silence that was in the room.
“Hello Esme, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Edward was the polite gentleman as always.
“Hello Edward, it is a pleasure to meet you too. I would really like to meet you face to face someday.” I was worried that Esme had pushed it too far, after ten years I really don’t understand what Edward may be capable of now.
“Yes, it would be an honour to meet you face to face as well Esme. Carlisle is Esme your girlfriend?” Edwards question confused me, girlfriend me and Esme never dated. I asked for her hand in marriage as soon as she awoke from the transformation and she accepted.
“No Edward, Esme is my wife and I guess she would be your mother, if you come back to us.” Edward didn’t respond for a few minutes, I think my request made him uncomfortable or something.
“Carl... I mean dad, I would like that very much but first I need to find a way to break away from the guys. Sorry Carlisle I have to go.” The phone cut out; He must have ended the call. I closed the phone and looked into my wife’s eyes, my son, our son was coming home. Esme threw her arms around me, filled with Joy; she now had a son. Yes, it was a truly joyous moment our son was coming home.

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