Chapter 6 -- Chaotic Fire and Chilling Ice, Who ever said they couldn't work together?

Chapter 6 -- Chaotic Fire and Chilling Ice, Who ever said they couldn't work together?

A Chapter by Forbidden

Chapter 6 – Chaotic Fire and Chilling Ice, Who ever said they couldn’t work together?


Her wild chaotic crimson eyes enchanted and hypnotize me. It was as if she had the power to make everything revolve around her, as if she was the sun and I was a planet that orbited around her. Even her name gave her great power that she seemed to posses. This girl had me revolving around her within the matter of seconds; I no longer cared of getting my revenge with Edward over Adam. I had found a new mate more beautiful than any other that I had ever met. I was going to make this Victoria my mate, my queen and I will follow her; I will obey her every quim, her every wish.
Edwards P.O.V
We stood in the midst of chaos like Tanya had said before there were new born’s completely destroying her city, burning the buildings and feeding off of her humans. If this was called southern hospitality then I wonder what they were like when they were angry.
“Zack and Heather try and take out as many new born’s as you can. Tanya you and your sisters need to round up as many vampires as they can here. Adam and I will take care of the leader who is leading the attack.” I raised my voice above the roaring flames; this was chaos the work of a complete mad man. Adam was waiting for my lead for the first time I was actually being a leader and even amongst the chaos it was kind of fun.
“Come on Ed, what’s your move?” He thought knowing perfectly well that I could hear him, I looked at his face and at his eyes and then took off running faster than I knew I could run trying to save this city from complete destruction. I found the mad man or should I say woman, watching the chaos upon a hill just a little bit out of the city’s range. What I didn’t expect was that she had company, who was a new enemy of ours.
James P.O.V
I saw Edward and Adam racing towards Victoria; she was just smiling to me believing that she wouldn’t be hurt; I believed that they were going to kill her. Without me even thinking about it, I was racing against them trying to get to Victoria first so that they would have to kill me first before they would hurt her.
Edwards P.O.V
James was her unexpected company; great that meant I would have to fight the two of them without any help. Adam’s thoughts were already far from her focused on one particular part of James that I would rather not know about, Adam was being a gay hormonal dog, leaving me to defend the city by myself.
“Don’t you dare touch her Edward or I will have your head for this.” James was man enough to threaten me, I just laughed at his face; He was too quick to get over Adam and the punch I gave him for messing with my team.
“James stand aside I just want to talk to her.” I gently explained to the chaotic boy, I wasn’t going to hurt her unless if she was going to be difficult.
“No, you’re not going to hurt her. I will gladly die before you lay a finger on my Victoria.” James was growling at me like a dog, I just wanted to calmly talk to this ‘Victoria’ about the situation she was causing in the city. She laid a single pale white hand on his over sized shoulder, trying to make him be quite.
“Sir, I would talk but you see I have not committed a crime or the Volturi would be after me, I am just collecting food for me and my children so that we will not starve.” She had committed a crime but just because the Volturi wasn’t here yet, she believed she had done nothing wrong.
“Victoria have you not heard what the Volturi has made law, we cannot let the humans know about us vampires. You sending your new born’s onto the whole city is letting the humans know about us. Now please remove your new born’s out of this city or we will kill them off for you.” I was starting to get annoyed; she acted as if this was nothing. She acted like Ice cold and removed from everything around her.
“Fine,” she stated “Jasper, come here now!!” Her child-like voice shrieked out into the twilight sky, calling out to this Jasper. Out of the smoke that surrounded the hill below us, rose the boy that she had called out to. His face looked like it carried honour; He looked noble, he looked like he was someone who ran a military organization, which is exactly what he thought he was doing.
“How could I be of an assistance to you ma’am?” His southern accent carried out through his voice, he even bowed to the little kitty that was our opponent.
“Make these boys wish they had never come here to stop me.” Her child like voice sneered at us; her thoughts were all filled with venom and how she wished ‘Jasper’ would kill us.
“It would be my privilege ma’am.” Jasper would do anything for this woman; and his thoughts helped me to understand why.
“I wish Maria didn’t mean what she said. I wish there could be another way of life rather than killing all the time, but what are you thinking Jasper there can never be another way of life than this. How I miss my brother, well he is really my brother but he’s more than a good friend. I just wish he was here.” Jasper’s thoughts kept on going on, while all the time I just felt sorrier for him.
“Jasper look at me, do you think me and my friend here kill all the time. There is another way of life than the one you are living now.” Victoria sent me a death glare as if that would be enough to make me wither in pain.
“Jasper don’t listen to him, this is the only way of life. We were born to kill, do you really think that we are meant to treat the humans as our friends.” She whispered sweetly to him, her child like voice trying to convince him that she was the innocent one.
“Jasper look at how desperate she is for you to believe her, do you really think Maria would just hand you over like that. You are the one Maria favours otherwise she would have killed you like all the other new born’s she had. Victoria is no different to Maria. If you don’t believe me, then observe what she has to say, what she does.” Victoria growled at me and Jasper kept on turning the idea over in his head, he looked at her and then at me and back on forth he looked at me one last time and then spoke.
“Edward, I believe you.” He spoke so softly that I almost couldn’t hear it over the chaos that surrounded us. He come towards us and then turned to look at her. Victoria started to panic and squirm at the place that she stood. I could read in Jasper’s mind that he was concentrating on making her feel so sacred that she would run away. Victoria continued to panic and she shrieked as loud as she could.
“Edward I will get you for this.” She sounded like that would be a promise she would always keep, James looked at her run away and quickly followed after her. Probably upset that he didn’t even get a chance to fight me. I turned to Jasper then but he was gone also, I don’t know where but probably to think things over. This was a life changing moment for him, so he deserves as long as he needs to think things over. Adam and I need to go and speak to Tanya, the fire had almost destroyed everything there were a lot of dead human bodies as well and there were Vampires all over the place still trying to put the fire out. Tanya stood in the midst of five other Vampires none of them were her sisters.
“Gaston, Sam and Theresa could you please go and check out the area and report back to me about the damage and what needs to be fixed. Lucy and Allora you go and see how many humans we still have alive since I know I can trust you not to hurt any of the humans that are still alive.” All five of her company left her to do what she asked them to do; she just stood there taking a look around her city. I walked up to her slowly so that I would not trigger her attack mode and rested my hands on shoulder.
“Tanya, we took care of Victoria. She won’t be back to hurt you or your humans anymore. Please don’t be sad we will stick around and help you fix up your city.” I tilted her chin up so that she could see my smile and be reassured that everything will be okay.
“Thank you Edward for helping us. It would be completely destroyed again if you and your friends weren’t here to help us.” She smiled back at me and started to reach up to kiss me. Before she could kiss me on the lips, I gave her a kiss on the check. Yea it was a kiss but still it was better than on the lips, I would have been upset with myself if I had set her to believing that I may like her. I’m sorry for letting you believe there might be something here for us Tanya but it just can’t be like that. I stood there with her and watched the world collapse around us. There was no Justice in this tragedy, just pain and suffering for everyone. 

© 2009 Forbidden

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I LOVE THE PIC ITS SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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