Chapter 7 -- The Death of a Friend

Chapter 7 -- The Death of a Friend

A Chapter by Forbidden

Did James get his revenge on edward? Find out in this chapter

Chapter 7 – The Death of A Friend
The state of the damages to Tanya’s city was ridiculous, how much more damage could a few new born’s make to one city? Tanya has been trying to flirt with me but I kept on trying to find a way to get away from her when she tried to flirt. It was not the fact that she wasn’t beautiful, she was extremely beautiful but it was the fact that I did not want to lead her on because no matter what I was a gentleman and that was simply not what gentlemen do. I had almost finished repairing one of the buildings when Heather ran up to me, looking like she was about to cry.
“Heather, what is wrong?” She ran up to me and wrapped her arms around me, not something I was expecting because she wasn’t even thinking of hugging me; she just did it.
“Edward, you have to see for yourself. I dint think I can tell you myself without breaking down.” She whipped away her tears and then grabbed my hand and led me to Adam’s dead body. He lay on the ground lifelessly with a stake in his heart, which had a note attached to it.
Dear Edward,
If you are reading this then you have found Adam’s body. Don’t look too surprised, I told you I was going to get my revenge didn’t I? Now if you don’t want the other two dead you will do exactly what I say. I will call soon and when I do you will have to do exactly as I say or everyone you hold dear will die.
Talk to You Soon,
          You’re Buddy James.
I couldn’t believe the nerve of James, killing off my best friend. Heather looked at me wondering what the note said. She was just about to ask me when I answered her unspoken thought.
“James killed him.” I said emotionlessly, there was nothing happy about this moment I was a tragedy.
“Heather where Is Zack?” She pondered about it trying to remember what they were doing last; there was numerous flashes of them making out and then a flicker of them trying to find how many dead human and Vampire bodies there were and that was when she found Adam.
“The last time I saw Zack was before I found Adams body. I am sorry I don’t know where else he could be right now.” She replied sadly, I lifted up her chin so that she could look at me.
“It is okay, just help me find him. I don’t want you two dead as well.” She nodded her head in my hand; I knew she understood what I meant, so we took off to find Zack. I didn’t want two more dead lives on my hands not when I could do something about that. We found Zack making out with Tanya, Zack was on top of Tanya kissing up and down her body. When Heather saw what Zack was doing she slapped him hard, sending him flying for at least ten miles.
“Look Tanya, I am sorry but I have to take my team away from here. Adam’s already dead and I have a duty to protect Zack and Heather.” Tanya walked up to me put her hands on my chest, leaning in towards me.
“Tanya please don’t, you know that I can’t do that to you.” Tanya had one thing on her mind and I was too much of a gentleman to do that to her. I didn’t want to lead her on but I guess in the midst of getting caught up in her thoughts I didn’t realize she would push herself to get what she wanted. She laid her lips upon me, giving me something of herself that I would have never taken from her; a gentle kiss. She tried to push the kiss deeper but I pulled her off of me, looking into her eyes trying to figure her out without reading her mind. I turned away from her, now that Adam was dead I meant I was Zacks and Heathers leader now and that meant I had to protect them with my life. I saw Heather and Zack coming this way, we needed to get out of here before one of them died.
“Heather, Zack we need to go now!” They were instantly by my side waiting for my next command they also must have understood that I was now the leader because Adam was dead.
“So Edward Where are we off to.” I pondered that for a moment where were we meant to go, I really wanted to go and see my father and Esme his wife.
“Well guys I want to make a house call, if you want to come with me then fine, if not I guess this is where I say goodbye to you.” They were both considering what would happen if they went off on their own together, how they would survive. They knew that if we split up there would be no more jobs, no more killing of other Vampires. They didn’t know what would be going down if we stuck together but I knew I wouldn’t be killing anyone any more no matter what happened.
“Edward, I think it is time that we found our own way now. Thank you for everything.” Heather replied, wrapping her hand around my check and kissing me on the check; a simple custom that Russians did to say goodbye. Heather moved away and Zack wrapped me up in a man hug. I looked at the last of my friends; I knew it was time to return home to my father and mother, Carlisle and Esme.
“Goodbye, if you need anything in the future don’t hesitate to call. I will keep the same number.” I said to heather and Zack, two friends I had known in the last seven years; It was just Adam and I for those first three years, we saved Zack and Heather on our first job protecting them from a girl named Raven, in the early 1920’s. I knew from their thoughts that they weren’t planning on calling, ever. I turned away from them and started running back to New York to be with my father and my soon to be mother, I just hope that they are okay.

© 2009 Forbidden

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