Chapter 8 -- The Rebellion Begins

Chapter 8 -- The Rebellion Begins

A Chapter by Forbidden

Chapter 8 – The Rebellion Begins
I awoke to find myself in a large room, filled with the sunlight. I was chained to a post in the middle of the room, the floor was made of a white marble texture and the post was a polished metal. My skin was burnt to a charcoal black there was only a few hours before the sunlight would fully kill me. I couldn’t move and it wasn’t because of the chains either but because the sunlight had me locked in place. Once the sunlight touches a Vampire they cannot move away from the light which will slowly kill them putting them threw torture until they are dead and that was exactly what I was experiencing now. For every second hour since I had been here my capture, who I had found out was called Leon, came to see how I was going with the torture he had put onto me. He now stood at the door; he was a Death Element or more so commonly known as a Death Dealer. The Odd thing was that when he moved it felt as if you could fell his soul moving around outside of his body as if there were two of him rather than one. He was beautiful; he had a breath taking smile and dirty blond hair, which was straightened down, he also had teal green eyes which held so much depth and even though I saw so much beauty in him, he was as much of a demon as myself or at least who I use to be before I met Frava, who had the power to make me want to change who I was completely.
“Too bad you Vampires easily die in the sunlight, I would have made you my wife.” He let out one bleak laugh which really had no humour in it.
“I would never be your wife Death Dealer and not just because I am already happily married.” I was already happily married to Frava; he was my mate which went much deeper than marriage. When you have found your mate, it is very rare that you ever leave them. He walked up to me and caressed my face with his hand, he looked deeply into my eyes and then with his other hand he grabbed my chest. He laughed like a maniac.
“Really it is too bad; you would have made a wonderful bed toy.” He said turning away from me and walking out of the door, closing it behind him and leaving me to die. The only thought that crossed my mind was for Frava letting him know that I loved him more than my own life, He was my everything.
Jasmine’s P.O.V
I had just arrived to a coffee shop in Jared’s realm, which he explained was the werewolf realm and I quickly caught on that was why Justice had called him a pup. Jared had gone to his place to get a couple of things before he joined Darrius and me on a quest that would completely change this world. Darrius held open the door of the coffee shop for me, he had a few things to explain to me; like why was he still alive and how did he know where I was? Darrius lead me to an empty booth and pulled out the chair for me to sit down, most of the people around us didn’t pay much attention to us and the few that did thought it was odd for someone as young as me to be with someone as old as Darrius didn’t do much about it. He sat down in the chair across from me and called a waiter to order our coffee.
“Hello sir and madam how may I be of assistance to you?” The waiter asked us in a snobby tone. Darrius suggested for me to order first, so I grabbed the menu and gave it a quick scan over checking if they had hot chocolate because I could not stand coffee or tea.
“Could I have the hot chocolate please?” The waiter scribbled down my order as Darrius raised his eyebrow at me; he was thinking that was quite a funny request. He always use to make me hot chocolates when I was little for me to drink while he read to me in front of the fire place, the stories my father told me when I was little were like dreams to me, places that I thought could never exist and now I was living in those exact type of worlds.
“Of course madam and what would you like sir?” Darrius scanned the menu just as quickly as I did.
“Could I just have a white coffee with two spoons of sugar?” The waiter nodded his head and went to the coffee makers to place in our order.
“So what have you been up to all these years?” Darrius asked me; I mean seriously dad, you haven’t seen me for thirteen years and that’s all you ask.
“Nothing much, Dad what happened that night when the Arch angels came for you?” I had to ask him, there was no other place or time and I did not know how much longer I was going to be able to be with him. He let out a deep breath he knew that he would have to explain this to me sooner or later, I was a grown girl and I could handle it now. He rubbed the back of his neck with one of his tanned hands.
“Well I wasn’t entirely expecting them to come that night but I still knew that they were coming. That morning when I told you that I might not be home for a while I meant it, I knew the Arch Angels were coming to take me to Ashley because I had kidnapped you from their kingdom. You understand know that we are both fugitives, they have at least 500 people of each tribe in their kingdom, which they will send out into each of the realms searching us out. There is nowhere in the immortal realms that we can be safe!!” He harshly whispered to me, knowing that one of them could be in this restaurant listening in on our conversation.
“I understand father but I know one place they won’t have anyone looking out for us?” I had an idea and it was brewing fast.
“Where?” Was all that he could ask before I sent images Into his mind of us sitting in front of the fire place, watching the sunset on our old hill, playing hide and seeking in the forest that was in our backyard.
“My daughter you are a genius, of course they won’t have anyone looking back at home because they don’t have any followers that are from home.” He liked my idea; we were finished with our coffee. Jared was told to meet us outside of the coffee shop and we found Jared doing just that. I sent an image of Darrius and my conversation inside; he understood what we had to do. We could not get any more people to come with us otherwise it would have been suspicious. We didn’t fly all the way to the portal gates either because it would have been suspicious as well; luckily Jared had a sleek black sports car which could go over 300mph/s. Jared and Darrius allowed me to drive because I was less known in the immortal realms and if they had been spotted, well we could have easily been caught and handed over to the Forbidden King and Queen. We drove for at least a few days, we all swapped turns for driving until we reach the gates of the realm I was driving at the time we reach the gates and I was lucky to see a friend to greet me at the gates. He walked over and knocked on my window, I rolled it down so that I could easily talk to him.
“Hello Able” I flashed a smile to him and he smiled in return. He was a very good friend.
“Hello Princess, already going back to the human realm?” He asked trying to see who else was inside the car with me.
“Yes, the meeting went okay with the sky King as you can tell. I didn’t lose my head.” Able laughed out loud, I could see Caleb giving him a weird look until he saw me in the car and ran over to Jared’s car.
“Jasmine? What happened to you?” Caleb tried to push past Able while he asked me those simple questions.
“Yes Caleb it’s me, I got kidnapped by the Forbidden families but as you can see I’m fine. Please tell Aarow that I am going back to the human world and I don’t know how long I will be there for.” He looked hesitant; I saw flashes inside of his mind of Ashley as he knew of her sky and the dream he only had a couple of nights ago.
“Caleb, I saw her.” That’s when he really got interested in what I had to say
“Saw who?” He asked me, not really knowing who I was talking about since he couldn’t read my mind.
“I saw sky, they call her Ashley now but I saw her. Caleb she’s my mother, that’s why I remind you of her,” Caleb was awe struck, he didn’t understand why I was telling him this but I could tell that he was grateful for the information.
“Thank you Jasmine, I will tell Aarow where you are and not to worry, you will be safe with your father and friend in the back there.” I gave Caleb an odd look, how could he tell who else was in the car with me? He walked back over to where he was working before he came over here and I turned to speak to Able.
“Come with us, we could really use your help and I know you want to get back at The Forbidden’s for killing your family. Please come with us.” Able stood there for a few minutes as he thought over what the Forbidden’s had done to him, he use to have a wife and a very young daughter before the Forbidden’s sent a group of five men of different tribes to kill off Able’s family. He looked at me one more time and went to the passenger’s side of the car and got in. He was in this now and we had four members to our group. We drove out of the Immortal gates heading out to the Human realm. It only took us an hour to get to Darrius’s house, knowing that Justice was with the Forbidden’s now; I knew he had killed my Human mother and that the house would be vacant for our group to be able to discuss our rebellion to the tyranny of the Forbidden Kingdom. Able was our brains, he knew everything there was to know and a lot more. Jared was our weapons man; he knew how every weapon should work and what would be more effective in battle. Darrius my father, was our strategist, he knew what was going to happen, when, where and how and I was the leader I lead them into this rebellion and so I would lead them into battle, we would all have to recruit creatures from all tribes, we needed to get a few more people in on our rebellion so that we could get all tribes to help us. Jared was going to get recruits from the Lycans and shape-shifters, Able was going to get recruits from the Angels, my father was going to get recruits from the Elements he knew they were the toughest to get help from but my father was a well respected man, he was well known for his strength in battle and I was to get recruits from the Vampires. We had to get someone to get recruits from the fairies and the mermaids. The mermaids were rarely disturbed because they were so fierce that no-one wanted to mess with them, they weren’t the friendly type of mermaid like you would find in a Disney movie but vicious creatures who were more lethal than a shark underneath the water, they could help us by attacking the Forbidden’s from the sea and Fairies were no more nicer than mermaids when they were disturbed, that was why we needed people of their kind to help us out. 
Able and I sat in the middle of the forest, which was right were the wild flowers grew they were so beautiful it just reminded me of playing in the forest with my father. I soaked in the sunshine, while Able just sat there looking at me, watching me arch my neck to feel the sunshine on my face. He hadn’t said a word since we had sat down, I looked at him and he looked away and blushed, it was like soft silver filled his checks it looked weird but still beautiful.
“Able what’s up?” He looked into my eyes and slightly smiled, which I smiled back without even thinking about it.
“I was just wondering how on earth you knew about my wife and child, I never talked about them after their death and it just caught me by surprise that you knew about them.” He stated sadly thinking about how much it hurt to watch them die.
“Able I didn’t know about them, I didn’t hear it from anyone. It was when I mentioned the Forbidden Family that I could feel such hatred toward them oozing out of you. Jared, Darrius, you and myself have all been hurt by the Forbidden’s and I am sure many, many more but that is exactly why we are doing this.” I held his hand in mine, I didn’t love him like you would love your boyfriend but I loved him like a brother, although I had not known him for so long. Able stared into my gray eyes deeply and he started to lean closer towards me, we were inches away and I knew what he wanted. I pulled back, hoping he would forgive me.
“I’m sorry Able; I can’t do that.” I tried to look away but Able cupped my face in his free hand and made me look into his eyes again.
 “Why can’t you? Unless if there is someone else.” I sent him an image of Aarow and he understood, there was someone else that I loved more than my own life. He let go of my face and pulled away from me.
“It is alright princess, I understand. It was foolish for me to push that boundary. Now if you will excuse me.” He pulled his hand out of mine, got up and walked off leaving me there sitting in the middle of the forest by myself. I sat there until the sun set thinking about all the times my father, Darrius and I played hide and seek and other games in the forest here and why after the make-believe killing of my father I came here to mourn his death, to mourn the good memories we had in this forest and to mourn the lost relationship, the lost friendship he had taken with him when he died well at least that was what I believed at the time. The sun had set and already Darrius stood behind me, he put his hand on my shoulder. I knew his thoughts and I instantly wish I didn’t, he wanted to know something important and It was just icy cold memories that I didn’t want to relive.
“Darling, I was in the basement looking for some wine, when I came across an odd scent on the walls and floor, do you know what the stench is?” Surely he knew what the scent was, could he not smell it out of my skin right now? I wanted to know what his facial expression would be when I told him what the scent was, so I stood and turned so I could look into his eyes.
“Dad, the scent is my blood.” He was confused he didn’t understand why my blood would be on the walls or floor.
“Why is your blood on the walls and floor?” His hand was still on my shoulder but he was starting to grip my shoulder harder now.
“Because for the last four years since Mum met Justice he has been whipping me and cutting my skin.” He was gripping my shoulder even harder and it was starting to hurt, he was picturing the scene of Justice hurting me with his sick games inside of his head.
“Dad close your eyes for a second, I want to show you.” He did as I asked and I took off my long sleeve undershirt, and left my tank top on. He need to see it rather than just picture it.
“Okay you can open your eyes.” I made sure that he actually opened his eyes before I turned around and lifted the back of my tank top. I could see my own scars inside of his head, as he slowly looked over each scar. He traced his figure across the biggest scar on my back, the scar itself reached from my left shoulder to my right hip and was deep enough that at the time that Justice had cut my skin with the butcher knife I passed out from the lack of blood within my system. He traced over the little scars on my shoulders and on my arms, before he turned me to look at him.
“Who is this Justice that did this to you?” My father’s silver eyes looked hard like metal; he wanted to kill the person legal known as my step father. No-one could replace my father who stood before me.
“He is the man that was whipping me within the Forbidden kingdom.” My eyes searched my father’s own eyes, looking for an answer, would he kill Justice or would he allow me to gain my own vengeance.
“I’m going to kill him, I promise you that much!” His words were covered in malice, I put my hand to his chest and made my eyes as hard as stone, no-one was going to kill him but me.
“No, I am going to get my own revenge but you need to teach me how to fight.” He looked deeper into my eyes as if he could see right into what my very soul.
“No, I can’t. I don’t want anything else bad to happen to you. I won’t let you fight him.” I lowered my hand from his chest and made a fist, I wanted to hit something so badly because after everything Justice has done to me my own father want allow me to get my revenge for my own suffering.
“I am not a child anymore, I can protect myself. Don’t you think after everything he has done to me, I deserve to get revenge?” He looked at me with such misery; it was as if he was looking at the grave of a loved one. He placed a muscular tanned hand to my face which was as soft as velvet.
“Okay I will teach you how to fight my precious daughter, I can give you that much.” He whispered sadly to me, he took my hand and we started to walk across the old stone path that reached to our back door steps. He walked slowly hand in hand remembering our memories in this forest of playing hide and seek, having flying races threw the trees and other games. We walked in silence thinking our own thoughts, with our wings stretched out behind us. I looked up to my father, the very man I had missed so much from the age of five and whispered gently to him.
“I’ve missed you dad.” I said as I was looking up to him, he was still taller than me and that was just one thing I hated. The trees which were just surrounding us were now behind us and we could see our home right in front of us.
“I’ve missed you too kido.” He whispered to me as he opened the back door to our house, I heard the smash of glass and yelling coming out of the living room though I could not make out what was being said, I knew it was Jared yelling at some intruder. Darrius and I raced into the living room, which was a complete mess I saw Jared about to smash another vase on the ground and Able stood next to the intruder who was on their knees with his head bowed who just happened to be a curios; though which son of William’s it was I could not tell for they all look the same except for their eye colour which was different. I took a step closer to the intruder, whom must have heard me for they looked up to me allowing me to see their eyes the soft crimson eyes stared into mine and I realized who the intruder was, it was the same person I had grown to love since he came to my high school four years ago and the same person I had just turned Able down for.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I yelled at Aarow, he shouldn’t be here.
“You say that a lot. Can I please get up you winged beast.” Aarow replied to me and then spat at Able. He had such a short temper. I moved two fingers, indicating to Able to back off from Aarow, he did as I asked allowing me to move closer to Aarow, I bent down so that I was at eye level with him.
“That ‘winged beast’ as you say, has a name you know and that is Able and so does that one over there which happens to be known as Darrius, whom is my father.” His crimson eyes shown brighter than the sun, He stared deeply into my eyes and I stared just as deeply back. It was the wrong place and time to be intimate but then his eyes trailed down my arms examining my scars, I had forgotten to put my undershirt back on.
“What happened to you?” He asked.
“It’s a long story, which at the moment I don’t have time for. Able could you untie him please.” I replied as Able untied his hands and feet, Aarow and I both stood up.
“Now if you would like to stay that is a different matter but you have to promise not to let anyone know where we are.” I told Aarow, If he stayed he wouldn’t be allowed to tell anyone that we were here otherwise it could put us all in danger.
“I promise.” Was all Aarow said in reply, I turned to face my friends and family.
“Well then since Aarow is in this now, we will be able to plan the attack without being unsure if he will run off telling anyone. He will also be able to bring more Vampires into the rebellion since he is a very influential royal Vampire. Darrius I will need you Able and Jared to join me in the kitchen to strategise, Aarow you can join us if you want all though it won’t be necessary. ” I told my small group of followers, They all followed me into the kitchen and they took their seats as I grabbed another chair and the maps Able had provided for us to use. My father being the strategist unrolled the map and examined it briefly before explaining to me his plan.
“Jasmine, I suggest that we lead a surprise attack first before we do anything else. We will at least need 10 to 20 off every tribe except for the mer-flokes since there will be no water nearby they will not be much help. We can also get a couple of dragons, phoenixes and unicorns to use as well and perhaps we could get some help from other less known creatures that I came across in the barren realm such as centaurs, elf’s, witches, wizards, nymphs, giants there are lot more creatures that we could get help from besides the average element, werewolf, vampire or angel. We will start the attack from the north and south of the kingdom and try to take out as many people from the kingdom as we can. What do you think?” I considered his proposed plan and traced my finger across the map, as I imagined the attack inside of my head.
“Well father you are the expert, we will get as many creatures as we can. Like we discussed in the car before, we will get people from our own tribes, Aarow and I will get people from the Vampire realm, Able will get people from the Angel realm, Jared will get people from the werewolf realm and you Darrius will get people from the Elements. We will try and get someone to help us get Fairies on our side and then we will get whoever we can from the barren realm.” They all nodded their heads to the plan; which was all we need to know for now. Later when we have everything we need, Jared will debrief us on weapons and Able will inform us on anything else we needed to know.
“Jasmine, may I please speak to you for a moment?” Jared asked me, Jared and I hadn’t been able to talk since I was inside of the cell which was located inside of the Forbidden Kingdom which was in Pyrock, a realm which was created by Lucifer and Ashley.
“Sure Jared, come with me into the living room.” Jared followed me into the living room where we could talk more privately but we wouldn’t be completely alone. I was not unaware that I was in a household of three boys and my father.
“Jasmine, I’m not so sure that plan is going to work.” Jared told me dead flat.
“Why won’t it work for?” I thought that Darrius plan was fool proof, perhaps I was wrong.
“They aren’t idiots. They are expecting us to attack them; they will be waiting for it night and day.” I knew just as well that they would be expecting it, what they wouldn’t expect is how many creatures we will have on our side.
“Jared I know they will be expecting an attack, what they won’t expect is our numbers. They are just expecting fifty at the most, we will have plenty more.” I saw Aarow come into the room as I watched Jared walk out of the room.
“Can you tell me what happened to your arms now?” He asked as he wrapped his hand around my jaw, he stared into my eyes with such curiosity that I could not deny.
“I suppose so. Come with me into the basement, It will be better if I have a drink as I tell you the story.” I lead him to the door that stood in the wall right besides the flat screen. I opened the metal door and turned on the light which was right next to the large set of steps, which went far into the ground. The house use to be a small asylum before my mother rented out the place; the basement was used for all sorts of torture besides my own. He followed me down the stairs with his hand in mine, when we had reached the bottom of the stairs I let his hand go and I sat in the seat which was positioned right next to the bottom of the stairs. I watched him take in the basement; I smelt my scent inside of his head as he smelled the dried blood which he stood upon. I examined his every emotion as he examined the chains hanging from the roof and the blood stains against the faded brick wall and I prepared myself for his emotion as he turned back to face me with misery plainly written across his face. I didn’t need to know his thoughts to know how he felt.
“Could you please explain to me what this has to do with the scars on your arms?” He barely whispered to me, I got up and walked over to him.
“What do you smell?” I asked him as I covered up his eyes so that he could focus on the scents.
“I smell wine, beer, your blood,” He replied saying each word slowly as he smelt them.
“And?” I pressed on, he needed to smell the dried up blood and understand exactly what it was.
“And dried up blood, it’s a very faint scent as if it has been there for ages. I can’t pick up what it smells like exactly because it is very faint.” I moved my hands away from his eyes.
“Now look at the chains closely. What can you see on them?” He moved over to the chains and looked at the wrist chains more closely.
“I can see clustered blood; it’s old and very dry. It seems as if it is the blood that heals a wound. I still can’t understand what this has to do with your scars Jasmine.” He replied as he turned to face me, I was time to show him the biggest scar.
“Then come here and examine my back.” He did as I asked; He lifted up my tank top and became dead still as he saw the scar that reached from my left shoulder to my right hip. After a few minutes he gently traced his finger across my scar. I slowly turned around and lifted up the front of my tank top as well not to high that he was able to see my chest but enough so that he could see my other scars, which were caused from Justices daggers as well.
“Who did this to you?” It was practically the same question my father had asked me when he saw my wounds as well.
“Justice, my step father who is the man you stopped from rapping me in the forest just outside of this house. I am sure you remember.” I told Aarow as I had told my father who exactly had done this to me, of course I didn’t let my father know that Justice had tried to rap me, he wouldn’t have allowed me to get my revenge if I had.
“I remember. So he did this to you, in this basement and that’s your b-b” he couldn’t finish his sentence although I knew what that last word would be. He stopped talking so that he could wrap me into a hug, which would have been powerful enough to protect us from anything.
“Aarow, its okay I am fine see.” I looked up into his eyes, which was easy enough to do since he towered over me. I reached up and kissed him gently on the lips, twisting and flexing my fingers threw his hair. This is something that should have happened a long time ago. The echo of the basement door slamming above us reached us before a dark figure could, Aarow pushed me behind him, ready to defend me from the next treat that wanted to mess with my life.

© 2009 Forbidden

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