Chapter 8 � A Happy Ending for Everyone?

Chapter 8 � A Happy Ending for Everyone?

A Chapter by Forbidden

This is a fanfiction of Edwards years when he is out hunting human blood. It takes place before twilight. Its a story about death and how edwards makes his way back to Carlisle.


A/N: Just Warning You Guys Towards the end in Rose's P.O.V It gets more aldutish. So for younger readers you have been warned the ending isn't for those with sensitive minds, sorry but I am trying to keep this as true to the diverse cullen stories and to do so I have to keep true to the facts. Okay Now thatyou have been warned here is the chapter ENJOY!!!





Chapter 8 – A Happy Ending for Everyone?
September 18, 1945
It has been a few months ago that I had left the asylum and for the first time for many years I could see again. I was able to figure out what the “vision” of the family it was about. It was meant to be the people I would call my family, at least that’s what I believe. The vision seemed to be incomplete as if there was something missing out of the picture and that was what I could not understand, I knew I would have to hunt like they did, thanks to other vision I had of them hunting and drinking the blood of animals and I had been practising just that, In the time that I have been doing that it seemed to be getting easier and easier. Standing inside my small apartment that I had been renting out not knowing how long I would have to stay here, I walked into the small bathroom I had and took a hot refreshing shower. I lathered the soap over my body as I sang my favourite songs I had been listening to more and more, since I had gotten out of the asylum. I felt my lungs close up and my eyes close as I saw a handsome young man outside of a diner not far from here. He had blood red eyes and halo blonde hair, his face was built with high strong check bones and his blood red lips smiled as his eyes beckoned me to come. I opened my eyes again and turn off the water, feeling an odd sensation that I had never felt in my life before. Somehow I knew that this man in my vision was the missing piece of the Cullen family, I had to find this man and bring him with me too meet the Cullen’s and then who knows what the future holds?
Edward’s P.O.V
I stood outside of the two story house my father Carlisle Cullen owned, looking at the place I would soon also call home if my father was able to accept me back into his home and life, However before I could move back in with my father, I would have to talk to him and that was a thing I was regretting knowing that I would have to tell him what evil I had done. I ascended the stairs and knocked on the wooden door and waited for someone to answer. The door creaked open and a small pale heart shaped face with beautiful gold eyes and pale cream pink lips peered around the large door. This wasn’t a girl but a women, she saw who I was and opened the door more and as she did this I saw more of her, perhaps this was whom Carlisle was talking about, perhaps this was Carlisle’s wife Esme?
“Hello, may I help you?” Her silk like voice spoke up as her gold eyes continued to stare at me.
“Hello, I am Edward. I am looking for Carlisle.” Her eyes grew a bit larger as she heard me speak, she slammed the door close on me and I just stood outside wondering what to do now.
Esme’s P.O.V
I slammed the door close on Edward and run upstairs to Carlisle who was busy working inside his office trying to find a cure to the virus that had shown up about three years ago.
“Carlisle, love, you won’t believe who is here?” I squeaked excitedly; I pray he was still standing outside.
“Who is here my dear?” Carlisle called out to me from inside of his office; it was locked so that I could not go inside. He knew I preferred it this way; I didn’t like seeing all his sharp tools he uses for his work.
“Edward.” Was all I said and then in the blink of an eye, Carlisle had unlocked the door and was standing right in front of me.
“Really?” He asked and I nodded his head in reply, He rushed down the stairs and I stood at the top of the stairs, excited to see the young boys face again.
Edward’s P.O.V
I was just about to leave when I heard the door silently open and the voice of my father call out to me.
“Son, you are home?” It wasn’t a statement but a question, he wasn’t sure if I was going to stay or take off again like last time. I turned to face my father, in so many more ways than just one.
“Yes Carlisle, if you are still willing to have me back?” I replied back with a small bow of my head.
“Of course my son. Come inside." He told me and I obliged, we walked inside into the entrance; to the left was a dining room, which I knew was just props and to the right was a living room, with a large bookcase on one wall, a fire place and multiple lounges.
“Esme come here dearest so that I can properly introduce you to Edward.” Carlisle called out to the beautiful women at the top of the stairs, it was the same beautiful woman who had first open the door to me and so I had guessed right this was Esme, her thoughts were overfilled with joy to finally meet me and to have a son.
“Edward this is my wife Esme.” Carlisle announced as he wrapped his arm around her waist. I took her hand and bowed to her as I gently kissed her hand.
“It is an honour to meet you, Esme.” I stated as I stood up straight again.
“Esme this is my boy Edward.” Carlisle announced proudly. Esme curtsied to me and then stood up straight again.
“As it is too meet you Edward. Come let us sit in the living room as it is more comfortable in there and since we have much to discuss.” Esme’s silk soft voiced spoke, Carlisle walked with her into the living room and they sat on the loveseat as I walked into the room and sat on the other couch. Carlisle tried to speak and then could not think of what he wanted to ask first, nor did Esme know what to say either. So I decided that I would be the one to talk first.
“Carlisle, I need to ask for your forgiving. I have done man things that you would consider as wrong or sinful. I have drunk human blood and killed our own kind.” Carlisle’s forehead creased as his eyebrows furrowed into each other. Esme looked to her husband with such distress and I felt bad for bring this onto them but if I was going to live under their roof I needed to get Carlisle’s forgiveness for these things.
“Son, I am not going to lie. You know that I don’t like those things that you have done. But I am not going to hold these things against you. For even though you are not my son by blood, I still consider you as one. I think I speak for Esme and myself when I say, I forgive you my son.” Carlisle and Esme smiled to me and they beckoned me to come to them and so I did they embraced me in a big hug and we just sat back on the lounges and continue to talk and talk the whole day long, until the night when Carlisle told me he need to go and work.
Somewhere in Texas
“Look Jazz, I know you like a brother, you need to get out of here! You need to get away from Maria, she is making you miserable! There are so many more options of life out there Jazz, I mean look at me and charlotte we haven’t had to fight anyone for the past five years. Please jasper just consider the possibilities.” I looked into the face of the one man I did not kill, the one person I consider more as family than anyone else I had met. My friend’s name was peter and his partner was charlotte and they were the only two people I did not kill out of respect. The night Maria had told me to kill charlotte peter helped her escape and I felt... averse to kill him.
“Peter, I believe you. Come on show me the way out.” I begged him; he smiled and pulled me by the hand. He had charlotte by his side and we ran and ran past the desert and into the north. I was excited for a new way of life and I was wishing that Maria would not come after me. I did not want to die at her hands nor did I want her to die at my hands, I did not want anymore killing to happen between myself and any other vampire.
In a dark alley-way in Rochester, New York
The Five Drunken men pushed me further into the enclosed alley-way; they all smelt of vodka, they all disgusted me.
“Ey look at this prett’e dolly. She’s got big ones on ‘err, ‘ey boys.” Said a fat little chubby one, his words were slurred from all the vodka he had drunk. His friends all laughed with him but one. They guy who didn’t laugh just smiled smugly at me, his blue eyes shined brighter than the moon, on this dark night.
“Just as well that I know this pretty gal well enough isn’t that right Rosie dearest.” Royce’s voice emanated from the guy who smiled smugly, it was no wonder why I knew his smile so well, that I knew his eyes the way I did; Royce was my fiancé. Royce ripped my jacket off, and saw my see threw top underneath. His smug smile grew wider as he unbuttoned my shirt, I tried to fight him off but I was no match compared to his strength. As soon as he knew I wouldn’t give in without a fight he called over his friends and they started touching me in ways that I never would have allowed anyone to touch me. They stripped me of my clothing and they each grabbed onto me. Royce went behind me and undid his pants and started plunging his thick, hard penis into my a*s. The fat tubby one come up at the front of me and undid his pants and started plunging his thick, solid penis into my vigina. I had never been so sexual offended in my life, another one of the men came up next to the tubby guy and grabbed my face and start kissing me roughly and passionately, another joined Royce and start plumbing his penis into my a*s as well, making it more painful for me. The last guy came up next to the tubby guy and grabbed one of my breast and started licking, sucking and nibble on my n****e. They were going faster and harder at the same time moaning and groaning as they went.
“You like this ey baby.” Royce said as he pushed as far as he could into me.
“Yea Royce, you were right she is a naughty girl.” Another one said.
“God, I’m going to cum.” The other guy who was plunging with Royce into my a*s screamed as he pulled his dick out of my a*s and shot his hot cum all over my back. The one, who was kissing me, pulled his dick out of his pants and grabbed me hand and placed it on his dick.
“Pump it for me Rosie.” The guy said and I did as he wanted me too. I pumped his dick slowly first, as I also massaged his balls. Then I went faster and faster.
“I’m going to cum, Good God I’m going to cum.” The guy screamed out and he shot his cum all over my breast, neck and chin. He licked it up and he started kissing me again. His cum was hot and salty on my tongue but it also tasted well.
“Kevin do you want a go on her a*s.” Royce asked the one who was still go with my breast. He bit down on my n****e one last time and then he also undid his pants and entered his thick wet dick into my a*s. Royce came over and started sucking and nibbling on my breast. The guy I was kissing swapped with tubby and started entering his dick into my virgina as tubby got me to give him a hand job. They all pumped into me, as I pumped tubby. The faster we got the better it felt. One after another we came and they shot their seed into me, tubby shot his seed all over my breast and Royce liked it up. Tubby started kissing me as I gave Royce a hand job. Royce stopped fondling on my breast and whispered into my ear.
“You Rosie are one bad girl. You like this don’t you? You have never had so much attention from more than one guy before.” Royce whispered in my ear and then licked inside of my ear as I moaned a yes to him. He smiled then and he shot his seed all over my breast, the guy who was pumping himself into my virgina liked up Royce’s cum from my breast and then sucked my n****e as well. When they had finished with me, the guy name Kevin pulled out a knife and cut my legs and wrist so that I would be in too much pain to move. They had raped me and left me to die. Before I could close my eyes to sleep for all of eternity, I heard the voice of an angel.
“Just hold in there Rose, I promise you will make it through this.” That was all I heard before I felt the searing pain of fire engulfing my body. I imagined that this would feel like if you were burnt at the stake. If I made it through this, I promise you Royce you are going to regret what you just did to me.


We have come to the end of edwards story in "bloodlust" but I am thinking of continuing the story of the cullen family and how they came to be in a squeal. What I want is for you guys to tell me if you want me to write a squeal and what you think it should be named. Thanks, From Miss Forbidden

© 2009 Forbidden

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