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Chapter 9 � Allegiances for the future and Stories of the past

Chapter 9 � Allegiances for the future and Stories of the past

A Chapter by Forbidden

Chapter 9 – Allegiances for the future and Stories of the past


The body of the dark figure that stood at the bottom step of the basement looked similar to Aarow who now stood before me trying to protect me from the person who had intruded on our privacy. I looked into the jade eyes inside of the pale face that looked right back at me; I could only see his right eye as his left eye was covered up by his long black fringe. Who was this man that had intruded on our privacy? I just had to know.
“What are you doing here Frava?” So this was Frava, the brother of Aarow’s that I had not yet met; He looked intriguing, like the prince charming that came out of an old mythic fairytale. A prince charming that appeared to not be as charming as people would say.
“Caleb’s got Pandora back. I just wanted to tell you that face to face. I’m sorry if I intruded on anything.” His jade eyes looked sorrowful and yet blissful at the same time, as if he was happy for one reason and sad for another. Aarow’s crimson eyes looked, uncertain as if Frava’s news could be a bad thing.
“Is she alright? You would not come into the human realm for anything. Is Pandora alright?” Frava looked even sadder now as if there was something horribly wrong with Pandora.
“She has been put in the sun for several hours; her skin was a charcoal black when Caleb found her. It’s been healing very slowly,” Frava’s head bowed in sorrow and Aarow went and hugged his brother in one of those really manly hugs. It was to comfort for his sorrow, I didn’t understand why he was so sad for, Pandora was a Vampire that had been in the sun; so what was the big deal?
“She would have been killed if Caleb had not found her in time. Aarow I almost lost her. I don’t know what I would have done if she had been killed by that Death Dealer.” Frava whispered to Aarow so softly that I had almost missed it. Now I understood what the big deal was, Pandora was on the verge of Death from the light of the sun. Aarow looked to me, his crimson eyes just as sorrowful as Frava’s.
“I don’t know what I would have done either if I had lost someone I loved, someone like Jasmine.” Aarow’s thought filled into my head; it was so strong that I couldn’t block it out. Nor could I block out the images that swarmed into my head after his unspoken thought.
I could see the arena of the Forbidden Kingdom, inside it seemed that every creature of the immortal realms were there cheering and roaring as the walls were lit on fire. In the middle of the arena, I saw eight other people around me and they weren’t just some random people either. They were the people I consider as my friends and family, there was Aarow, Alex Caleb, Frava, Able, Jared, Darrius and Pandora and then in the middle was myself. William and Olivia sat in thrones with my “Family” or should I say the royal Forbidden’s. Their eyes looked like they were made of glass and they could not see what was going on around them clearly, they simply looked out to their children and did nothing to stop their deaths from coming.
I closed my eyes and open them again to find that I was lying on my bed. I sat up slowly making sure that this was not a dream, As I got up to get out of my bedroom, I heard a soft snoring coming from outside of the door. I opened the door to find my father Darrius asleep on a wooden chair just across from my door on the other side of the hallway. I went downstairs; knowing that no-one would be asleep in my mother’s room. I heard three different patterns of snoring, Believing that all the boys were sleeping I entered into the kitchen to gather myself a midnight snack. I opened the fridge door and felt the icy cold breeze flow out onto my face as I looked for a clear bottle that had my name on it. The liquid inside of the bottle was a thick crimson, I knew exactly what it was but I didn’t like to think about it; Being reminded that you were a monster wasn’t always the best thing, I closed the fridge door so that I would not be wasting power and turned towards the pantry cupboard, looking for a bag of chips. I found what I wanted easily and turned to see Frava sitting at the Dining table it surprised me to see someone awake other than myself because I thought that everyone was sleeping. I walked over to the dining table and sat down in the chair across from Frava, this was my chance to actually get to know the guy.
“Having trouble sleeping?” I asked him softly, I didn’t want to get on his bad side if he even had one.
“Yea, what are you drinking?” He whispered, so that he wouldn’t wake anyone else up.
“Donor Blood, would you like some?” I replied gently, he did look kind of thirsty.
“Sure why not?” He replied, I left my food and drink at the table and grabbed another bottle of blood from the fridge for him, I came back over to the table and handed him the bottle.
“So why are you up for?” He asked me, taking a slow sip from the bottle and looking back into my eyes. His jade eyes shone oddly in the dark room, as if they betrayed a dark secret.
“Just getting a snack, it helps me to sleep. Why are you having problems to sleep, nightmare or something?” He let out a soft bleak laugh.
“I wish,” He breathed “I just can’t sleep, most Vampires can but some like me just can’t.” He let out another soft laugh.
“Like ever?” I asked softly but still intrigued, we had to be quite because there was a house hold of sleeping immortals that we didn’t want to wake up.
“Like never. So what are all of you doing here in the human realm?” Of course he would ask the one question I could not answer. If only I had the guts to keep quiet, Frava intrigued me and I wanted to get to know him better and better.
“I will tell you but you have to promise not to tell anybody.” He looked deeply into my eyes and I stared back. He put to fingers to his heart.
“I promise, I will not tell anybody.” He vowed to me with such sincerity.
“Okay well we are planning a rebellion against the Forbidden Family and their kingdom. We are going to bring the Immortal realms peace again.” I informed him a little too excited; he got out of his chair and kneeled to me on one knee, taking my hand into both of his translucent hands.
“Are you the long lost daughter?” He asked me and I didn’t know what to say.
“I am.” Was all that I could say, I didn’t know about their legends or prophecies.
“Then to you I vow my life. I will do everything in my power to help you do what you must to save the Immortal realms for the tyranny of the Forbidden’s.” Frava just vowed his life to me, no-one had done that before and now we had another person on our side. If Frava was on our side then Pandora would also be on our side and so would Caleb and Alex for they would not a-banded their brothers to fight in a war that did not involve all of them, at least that was what I believed. I looked into Frava’s jade eyes which shone with ferocity.
“Thank you Frava but if you will excuse me, I will be heading back to bed.” I left Frava kneeling on the floor to go back to my bedroom and go back to sleep. The Dream that awaited me was odder than any other dream that I ever dreamt before.
I was in the middle of a large field that stretch from as far as the eye could see and surrounding the field was trees that stretch into the sky and it seemed as if the clouds floated around the trees rather than above it. The sky was the darkish gray that came after the sunset but before the night and I was standing in the middle of the field. In front of me stood a long line of creatures of every kind that you could think of, beside me stood my father Darrius and Aarow who now seemed to be in every dream I had. My father would ask each creature their name and then present them to me and each creature seemed to say the same thing,
“Are you the long lost daughter?” they would ask
“I am” I would reply
“Then to you I pledge my life.” Was the main thing they would say, although they all said it in different ways but the one who asked the one question no one asked hardly seemed to be a question at all and yet it seemed to be the most important.
“If I shall die for you, for our realms then what am I dying for?” The centaur asked, the top half of him was man and the bottom half was a horse which was how all centaurs appeared to be.
“You will not die but what you all risk your lives for is freedom, peace and justice. To be free from the tyranny of the Forbidden’s, to have peace and no more war within the immortal realms and to have justice for the crimes that the Forbidden’s have done to all of you, for that is why you all have pledge your lives for this rebellion. If we die, we die with honour and respect, knowing that we died for a great cause.” I replied to the centaur but before I could know what else the wise and noble creature would say, my sleepy eyes were awakening to Aarow softly shaking my body.
“What’s up?” I asked sleepily, whishing that he hadn’t tried to wake me up. I was having a good dream.
“You won’t believe how many people are inside the forest. Your father is trying to calm them down but they want to meet you. You have to get up and get dressed quickly.” I did as he asked, knowing that this was a big deal for our rebellion and hoping in the mean time that they weren’t here to kill me. He left the room before I quickly slipped on a pair of gray skinny jeans, a white undershirt and a large black t-shirt with the words “when other little girls wanted to be princesses I wanted to be a Vampire” printed across the front in white and the word Vampire in red. I slipped on my black chucks and quickly brushed my hair, I checked my reflection in the mirror and I thought myself presentable. I exited my room and Aarow had his jaw hanging open like a puppy dog.
“Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to show me where they are?” He shook his head and instantly closed his jaw.
“You look good.” He finally managed to choke out; the sound of his voice was as if he was talking for the first time after someone had choked him. He got out of the paralysed state he was in and started walking towards the location of where all these creatures were. We were walking for at least ten minutes before I started to catch a glimpse of what he was talking about, there were at least a hundred or two people there and perhaps even more, it was just so difficult to count them all. I found my father amongst the middle of it all and I saw everyone else trying to get them to line up by the tribe they belonged to.
“Good morning daughter, it’s good to finally see that you are up. I need you to be prepared for a long day, somehow all these people heard that you were in the area and wanted to meet you.” The words my father spoke were somewhat odd, they reminded me of the dream I was just having.
“Okay so who do I start with?” I asked Darrius, who seemed to be in charge of all of this at the moment.
“Well Able, Frava and Jared are sorting them out alphabetically by tribe. So I guess we will be starting with the Angels.” He replied to me, okay the angels were an easy one to start with since I was one of them. I let out my wings and stood to the right of my father, which so happened to be in the middle of the field.
The first of many creatures approached me when everyone had been lined up; Darrius addressed the angel first of all.
“What is your name winged one?” Darrius’s voice rang with perfect clarity; his voice would have been heard from the back of the line.
“My name is Delilah,” The Female angel responded to Darrius with as much clarity as Darrius had.
“You may approach the long lost Forbidden daughter.” Darrius replied to Delilah, indicating that she could now approach me.
“Are you really the long lost daughter?” She asked me timidly, pushing behind her ear a few strands of her halo blond hair.
“I am,” I replied to her
“Then I will pledge my life to your every need your highness.” She curtsied to me like a graceful ballerina.
“Thank you Delilah.” I replied to her. She stood up tall and walked away as the next creature approached me. He asked the same things but in his own way and so did the next creature and the next. It was exactly like my dream, creature after creature pledged their lives to me. What I was waiting for was the one in my dream that stood out from the rest of the creatures, the centaur who took a bold stand to me.
Eventually after everyone had left, I was disappointed to not see the centaur from my dreams, Jared, Able, Frava and Aarow were sitting around in a circle just joking around and I sat at the foot of a tree exhausted from the day that meant a lot to the work we were all doing to save the realms. Darrius approached me with a clear bottle in his hands, it was the same type of bottle that I had drank from last night.
“Thanks Dad.” I undid the cap of the water bottle and drank the crimson red liquid inside.
“Excuse me is this where the long lost daughter is?” I looked up to see the centaur from my dream, the man half of him was beautiful, long thick black hair like bundles and bundles of vines threaded together and his skin was tanned from being in the sun for too long. His eyes were a soft hazel and his smile was like a sunset, breath-taking. For being half horse, he didn’t look that bad.
“Yes, I am the long lost daughter.” I replied to his question, I stood up so that I could communicate with him face to face.
“I heard that you were here and I wanted to see you for myself. They say that you are leading a rebellion against the Forbidden’s is this true?” His words were perfectly clear but it still reminded me of my dream last night. I suppose this was the centaur that had appeared so randomly in my dream.
“It is true, centaur. If I may be so bold, could I please know your name?” If I was to talk to this centaur then I had to know his name, so that I could stop calling him by the creature he was. We walked a bit further into the forest to talk more privately.
“My name is Rajule (Ra-jule). I presume many creatures have pledge their lives to you today without knowing that they would be fighting in a war. If I was to pledge myself and my men, what would we be dying for?” It was like the question he asked me in my dream, only different and yet still similar. What would he be pledging his life for, what would he be pledging the lives of his men for. The answer to that was something I knew he needed to know.
“Rajule you will not die. The Forbidden’s will be the one to suffer at the end of our blade but what you risk your life for is freedom, peace and justice. To be free from the tyranny of the Forbidden’s, to have peace and no more war within the immortal realms and to have justice for the crimes that the Forbidden’s have done to you. If we shall die Rajule, we will die with honour and respect, knowing that we died for a great cause.” Rajule bowed to me, out stretching one arm before him and slightly bowing his head to me. He then looked into my eyes again and his hazel eyes shone fiercely.
“Then my men and I will follow you to the death princess. For us centaurs may be stubborn creatures but we know when there is a leader worth following and you my lady are a leader worth following.” Rajule said before he ran off into the cool night, leaving behind him an imagination that seemed too unreal to be real. I shivered from the chillness of the night sky but it wasn’t just the night time air that was cool but the fingers of the Vampire that slowly pulled his fingers up and down my arm that stood right behind me.
“Love, your hands are like Ice.” I breathed as I turned to face Aarow, who else would be gently caressing me like he was.
“I’m sorry. I can’t help it.” He smiled his breath-taking crooked smile and it was like seeing the first sunset on earth, it was completely amazing.
“I know,” I replied “We have the centaurs on our side.” I softly informed Aarow; his smile grew wider and now became full.
“You did well love. Let’s return to the house, you feel very cold.” I let out a little laugh and then followed him into the house, which we weren’t that far away from in the first place. I hadn’t realized that while I was talking to Rajule that I had walked so closely towards the house. I entered into the kitchen to find that Able, Darrius and Jared were all drinking hot chocolate, I laughed out loud at the idea of all of them drinking the same thing my father use to make when I was so little in this very house. Frava had warmed up a cup of blood and Aarow quickly got to the fridge to get himself so blood to warm up as well. I went over to the cupboard to get myself a cup as well to make myself some hot chocolate.
“Father, can we have stories around the fireplace like we always use to?” Darrius seemed to think the idea over but it really didn’t need too much thinking about because I knew that he wouldn’t be able to refuse telling his daughter one of his famous stories about the immortal realms.
“I don’t see why not, let’s go into the living room and I can tell you one of my stories from when I was very, very young.” I smiled widely and ran into the living room, pulling Aarow by the hand to get the good seats before anyone else could. Everyone else slowly followed into the room as well and sat down to hear one of my father’s famous stories. Darrius waited for everyone to sit down and be settled before, he lit the fire place. The fire was what made his stories more enchanting, as if the story itself was alive in the fire.
“Well were should I start the story,” He said more so to himself then to us, his audience.
“Well I was about 100 years old when my tale starts. Way, way back to when I was only a young adult and it was in the time of phoenixes, dragons and horses made of fire.” My father started to say, I was completely listening to his story as I watched images of the phoenixes, dragons and horses appear in the flames and disappeared as he continued with his tale.
“When I am called to slay something, I always go alone to do the job but back then I use to take full teams or just a partner depending on how big the job was, sometimes the people I take with me on the bigger tasks were killed but it was at one particular time that I decided to not take partners with me on the jobs anymore because I lost the one partner I had made an oath to not let them get hurt and that partner was my wife, Who usually worked separately on different task given out to us, my wife Samantha was a phoenix. Phoenixes are not just birds but a person who could shift into the fire bird and shift back but that’s not the point of my story. That day Samantha and I were sent to slay a vampire who was killing too many immortals to feed himself well he wasn’t so much as feeding himself but gloating on the immortal blood. He was in the elementals realm feeding on the blue blood of the elements, when we stumbled upon him in a dark alley feeding on a female water element, she was beautiful and it was easy how you could see the male vampire could have attracted her. The Vampire we were meant to kill was named Demetry but as he dropped the lifeless body of the element he turned to Samantha and latched his teeth onto her neck before I could even know what he was going to do. I turned and grabbed him off of Samantha and threw him against the back wall of the alley-way and flew over, punching him as much as I physically could. I ended up killing him when I staked his heart but as I got back to Samantha, she had died from the loss of blood that pooled around her dead body.” I had just watched the story play out in the fire and when my father stopped speaking. I just can’t believe how sad his story was.
“Did you find out who the Vampire waslooking for?” Jared asked Darrius as nicely as he could.
“He wasn’t looking for anyone; He was just a Vampire who craved immortal blood.” Darrius replied.
“Then what is your agenda against the Forbidden’s?” Aarow now asked.
“My agenda with the Forbidden’s is that Ashley was the only person I was meant to slay that got away. The reason she got away was because I took Jasmine away from them taking it into my own hands to protect her from their control. You do understand what could happen if they get her hands on her?” My father asked of Aarow, everyone didn’t understand what could happen if they had me on their side, tyranny forever. No freedom and no justice.
“They would have the most powerful weapon in the whole immortal realms. It is forbidden for angels and vampires to be together BECAUSE if they produce offspring they will have the powers of both the most powerful creatures in the immortal realms, their offspring will become a super-race. That is why Jasmine is the most powerful creature; she has the angel and vampire powers inside of her, let alone all the powers of her dark parents such as dark Gaia, mind control, magic and a lot more.” My father screamed with joy and anger. Everyone’s heads slightly turned to me, eyeballing me as if for the first time they actually understood what they had here which was me.
“Is there anymore questions?” My father asked, indicating that this was the last chance that they had to ask him any questions for the night.
“Yea I have one.” Replied a strong but sweet voice coming from the entrance to the living room, as I turned my head to see who had replied to my father’s question, I could not believe who else had showed up to our little party.

© 2009 Forbidden

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