Dreaming of a Demon

Dreaming of a Demon

A Poem by Forbidden

In The dark of the night, One arises to taste the fire.


Dreaming of a Demon



In The dark of the night,
One arises to taste the fire.
Born of shadows,
And darkness,
The demon of the night,
Hides in the dreams,
Of the dreamers.
Hides in the shadows of the mind,
Demon of dreams,
Enjoying the taste of the innocence.
Demon of the night,
Razor sharp talons,
And Incisor sharp teeth,
Chalky skin,
And black hair,
Clad in nothing but darkness.
Demon of the night,
Spare me your lies,
I know your secrets,
And they illuminate your lies for what they are.
Spare me your morals,
For I know you have none,
And most of all,
Spare me your love,
It poisonous depths,
I shall embrace you in my dreams,
But never more from there.
Demon of the night,
I shall meet you in my dreams,
Where blood and water entwine,
In an endless dance of dominance.
Oh, Demon of the night,
Meet me where our passion meets,
Where our love is never ending,
In the dreams of the innocence.
Steal me away,
Demon of the night,
Happiness is not waiting for me here,
In the land of the waking,
Only disappointment,
And despair.
In the land of the living,
Dreams can never be,
But in the land of dreamers,
Is where I long to be.
Because I know that you are there,
Demon of the night,
Haunting the innocent,
But loving me eternally.
I shall meet you once again,
In my dreams,
Demon of the night,
You are no more to me,
You are now my love and my friend,
My husband be damn,
I want you eternally.
In the dark of the night,
One will arise,
To haunt the dreams of the innocent,
But In the early light of dawn,
Two shall descend,
Into the darkness,
They share one bed,
In their fantasies,
Love is eternal,
For the demon of the night,
And his mistress,
The goddess of his dreams.

© 2012 Forbidden

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Added on April 14, 2012
Last Updated on April 14, 2012
Tags: demon, lover, dreams, sleep, haunt, human, kiss, romance, bed, sin, evil, forbidden



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