Nimble Originality

Nimble Originality

A Poem by paradise


Waking up to each morning

with my eyes red and sore

 my hairs shining in the sun

Nightmares No more


Monsters are gone

they are hiding for now

they wait for me later

when it comes down to how


Knees up Sitting

at the edge of my bed

winnie the pooh thoughts

so much going through my head


Glow from the sun

brightens the room

the prettier it gets

the sounds of boom


Snapshots pictures

so many untold

but my dear story

has started to unfold


Video game quests

can never compare

to all the touture

which happens out there


Nintendo 64

Vintage paradise

kicking it out

and rolling dem dice


Crewnecks on

fear off

walking down the steps

on the verge of a scoff


Going all out

Flying free

doing all that s**t

nimble originality


Comic Books stacked

hat tipped back

Open minded

screw turning back


Running till the end

down a long road

embracing the wind

who knows where it goes


Being silly as f**k

we got nothing to hide

playing childish games

we have our pride


I got my music loud

friends by my side

going all out

I have nothing to hide

takin our pics

side by side


Watch the sun go down

and stars come out

make wishes now

and start to shout






© 2012 paradise

Author's Note

I forgot to start posting my poems again I forgot how much i love writing poetry and know what IDGAF if you think my writings shit thats your opinion poetry is the only thing that helped me from commiting suicide, so next time you start stalking my profile and starting shit with me I hope you know that Im not gonna be bothered i will actually laugh at you, your just wating your time just trying to find something to trash me with. I think its time for you to get a life I got my own fucking originality and Im proud. If you dont hear from me for a while then you probably never will again cuz i moving on bitch :) Thanks to everybody who I actually like on this website you guys are fucking jokes and make my day XD

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Better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not. Do not let the antics of the ignorant bother you, dont even look down at thier level.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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