Face the Side

Face the Side

A Poem by Foxemerald

Face the Side ~

Don't come in too close,

Don't roll over,

Don't kiss me.

So many rules, so confusing. 

things that I can't fully decipher. 
You're arms around my back, 
Don't get too,
Emotionally attached, you whisper into my neck,
As I listen to musical thunder, 
Pour itself into the drift, 
Between us. 
You told me you wrote me off, 
Because I had deep heart-wounds, made it, 
Too hard for me to love you, 
But my scars are those of a warrior in battle, 
Worn like an inner medal inside my breast,
Testament of strength, 
And I will come rolling back. 
Open the doors and close them down again, 
That is the, 
Mantra by which I have lived. 
Don't think too much, don't get too close, 
He'll hurt you if you grow to love him.
All men are the same. 
Use them, abuse them, before they, 
Have the chance to turn on you first, take out . . .
The knife, before they throw you away like a ragamuffin.
God knows, that I have tried to play, 
But then I have never been fond of games. 
My spirit is strong, 
Though my body and mind might seem weakened. 
I have played a game I have oft not wanted to play,
And have almost lost myself in the measure. 
Would that God might give me something better, something kind.
Maybe I should have taken a better course in acting, 
Done more when I tried to,
Let my dreams flow onto the page, and out of my mind, 
So as to keep reality and dreaming separate. 
Done a little less drinking on the way . . . 
It's a cold world, but then,
Maybe God made it so, so that we can prove what we are made of,
And maybe there are no reasons at all, 
Maybe it is all just a confusing whirlwind into which we have all been thrust, 
By some fluke, or Big Bang rhythm. 
Maybe we are just floating in this little tube in space, 
For no apparent purpose, and,
Maybe love is just a fake. 
But we learn the games and we practice up on them, until we . . . 
Become expert at playing. 
And eventually we find no purpose at all and the,
Ideas of old fade into whispered nothings lost in time anyhow.

Don't get close, don't come in deep, for I will,
Turn you over, so that your back is pressed into my chest,
And whisper sweet nothings into your ear, and you will have to leave, 
And turn your face to the side of me.


© 2018 Foxemerald

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Added on December 29, 2018
Last Updated on December 29, 2018




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