Demons and Coffee

Demons and Coffee

A Poem by Foxemerald

Demons and Coffee ~

Large woman sits down beside me.
Leave me alone to nurse my depression.
As angrily I stab at my rice, with my fork-...
Something bigger than this will surely drown me,
But something lesser than this I could not think.
I leave my seat without warning, and,
Walk the first flight of stairs.
You come to a point at the tip of a crescent.
Where courage means nothing, and it hurts to,
Even try. And causally look over the,
Endless coffee. Even if it is your sixteenth time that day reaching,
To grab a cup. Trying to pull back,
The ache and the sorrow that lives behind,
The surface, hidden underneath the hat, which you put on,
Decisively that very morning,
To try and cover up the demon which lives beneath, with as much,

Deliberation as the,

Indecision with which your hands now ache towards that,
Hideous cup of coffee.
Before, reflexively, you clench through the middle,

And it starts to spill over weeping the,
Pain of regret, which is bleeding out from your soul-

Suddenly you scream. Toss the cup to the side without turning back, and flee the market,
Ignoring the shocked looks of the baggers from the,
Inside venue.

© 2019 Foxemerald

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What a delightfully chilling write....

I am not sure whether your "hanging" punctuation was accidental or deliberate, though with the narrator being rather fragile, it is possible that the odd commas at certain places could, even though grammatically odd, give an interesting hint at the stop-start thought process going on.

And, being a coffee lover, I'm now tempted that it's not really my own lust but that damn demon living in my darkness ;)

Delightful poetry.

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Thank you! Appreciate your thoughts.
wow...always that idea that a cup of coffee will solve the problems of the world...of the speaker in this instance...but we wake up with our demons, our past, our trepidations of future...and even in a crowd want to be the stranger, left to our own thoughts...and we try to put on a good face but it can't last...our demons catch up to us just before we let out that scream, silent or not...and try to flee ourselves.
another really strong write...can't understand why there are no reviews of this...such a thought provoking piece of writing.

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Beautiful review! Again, thank you for your words and well considered feedback.

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