History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself

A Poem by Foxemerald

History Repeats Itself ~

Soulless. Dead eyes popping out from,
Dark smudge bags
An unfinished pot pie sits, ...
At my elbow, with a fork driving out of,
The center like a spoke,
Into a heart,
As I watch the people pass,
Into a gold yellow,
Puddle, walking into a hazy unknown,
Fading into some land far distant as they pass over the line,
Which marks off the World Trade Center,
An eerie spectrum. A historic emblem that carries a past,
Embracing the streets and the New York City scene,
As people disappear into its bosom-
In a steadfast march towards the mystical unknown mist,
Sinking beneath the skyline gripping the edge,
Of the trade center building- and disappearing.
Like ants running into a hole disposed of,
By whatever Art of Creation had designed for them,
Dropping off of the city street,
One, by one, they are,
Giving the impression that,
History can leave a mark. That history carries about it a spirit, and,
One wonders if it knows,
What happened on Fulton Street on 9’11,
And if it has a malicious intent behind it,
To begin again.

© 2019 Foxemerald

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history does tend to repeat...hopefully 9/11 will not...such a tragedy...I watched on WGN as the second plane hit...tore me to pieces....being a native New Yorker...my dad worked in the Chrysler Building...it was so frightening...seeing as you put it "people disappearing into its bosom" which is a fantastic line...
Malicious intent is rampant around the world these days...no one feels completely safe...
a powerful write with really stark imagery...

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Hi. Thanks again for your thoughts. The World Trade Center is a beautiful building, and every time I.. read more
That's pretty deep:) Anyone I ever read writes about 911 sets with me. It has heart and soul and is never forgotten. I had a friend he went worked ground zero and I almost went with him but deep down something pulled me back that I couldn't shake. He was there 4 months and when he came back something wasn't right about him. It was just all he saw. It what he took inside and that took his life among many more. I really enjoyed reading this:)

Posted 10 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Hi. Thank you very much for your comments on this. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I am not a n.. read more

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