The Devil Took My Hope

The Devil Took My Hope

A Poem by Foxemerald

Would love it if you would read and send me a comment or line of support. Feeling pretty down right now . . . needs some formatting since I wrote it on my phone, but wanted to put it up anyway.

The Devil Took My Hope

The one I thought I knew
Is snoring like a grizzly in the
other room. I dig my elbows into my ribs, and brace myself to face the battle which I can feel begin to hiss. The pain is coming fast, like
Needles driving into skin. I pull the cotton wrap around me, much,
too tight. Too tight for comfort.
I used to go outside and think about
What could render any hope, but
Now my heart is somewhere
deep inside my home. I wander back inside and
put my hands together like
a temple that is rising from the blackness. The tears are coming like
a gushing faucet beaks, I barely make it to the desk and stand to grip the
longest edge in haste. I shake and tremble underneath
the weight of my torrential pain. The hope,
which drew me to the night
Where I once did search for love to someday write
Away the pain, in the days when I used
the notepad in my phone,
To tell this person so, whom as yet, I didn’t know, is
now inside the house where my heart did confuse it
With something that once looked to me like sun,
And is now a shadow, withdrawn, closed, and alone. A heavy weight hangs around his person. The one who stole away the darkness
In my life, has gone into the land
of shadows, and I cannot understand if I should
Go outside to write my rage, to the only friend who has ever
read it late, the Sky, whose face is blank, dark, and impenetrable at this time of night . . .
Who never judges me, or try
To find hope in this house, where I thought
A holy vessel, a gift that was bestowed on me from
Something in the Heavens, which I thought,
was my salvation, rock
Foundation went
Into a deep depression. How can I decide where I should
Look for love and hope, when the Devil took the one I
Thought was the balm bring used
by the angels, sent to me as
a rub, for my dying soul, who now walks in a land of ashen coal, just like the others I met . . .

Em ~

© 2022 Foxemerald

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Added on July 1, 2022
Last Updated on July 2, 2022
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