headlines and headcount

headlines and headcount

A Poem by Freder Fredersen (aka Grady)

like a nervous stomach ache and a fat lip



tortured flesh hangs a disfigured lipstick smile in futile protest


muted screams and blood-gurgles unheard

on the shattered blue U shaped phone who taunts,

“if you like to make a call, hang up and try again”


somewhere in the sudden crimson nightfall,

a crisp light appears,

but it looks more like raging fire

than welcoming warmth


violent conversation wheezes to imposing silence

and teary brown eyes glitter of safety’s sweet memory


desperate stares like batted eyelash touches drum cheeks

as air turns to gravel;

unperceived gestures with the force of disastrous slaughter


two jagged souls clang together in wicked sickness,

both clustered; both alone


one shivers limply like a bloody rag on the fence,

as the other rings the last drop of moisture

from the skinned red core of its beloved prey



buzzards parade in clouds of blue-red shimmer

and dance their awkward dance on hot black tar


picking slowly at the featherless turkey

on the dusty morning sidewalk

while the pink-toothed fox runs whimpering

through the brambles with its miserable life-lust

sliding away like a busy afternoon



love is broken, sanity strangles

and passion runs into a rusty sewer grate . . .

just instincts now,

and even they call for an unceremonious self-execution


an echoed shot rings through the orange hills;

a demon exorcised

and time doesn’t even hiccup, angels don’t cry

nothing has changed but the headlines and headcount

© 2010 Freder Fredersen (aka Grady)

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Added on May 4, 2010
Last Updated on May 4, 2010


Freder Fredersen (aka Grady)
Freder Fredersen (aka Grady)

Cleveland, TX

I'm as wired as a Kamikaze train wreck dance off in downtown Screamerville! When I write I try to leave this world behind and create a new dimension of words and other fresh organic ingredients. In ot.. more..