Present Moment

Present Moment

A Poem by Celie Rose

one day at a time.

Present Moment

she struggles each day
getting back to this moment.
coming back to present moment,
although it is tough. 
means wanting and owning it

support and encouragement 
from others who truly care,
she feels thankful they are there.
friends dislike seeing her miserable, 
in panic or experiencing despair.

nevertheless, being in the present 
moment is something she will
have to strive for herself, 
a lot of practice and hard work ahead, 
an enduring journey alone she will tread,
she may want to give up instead. 

she does admit…
anxiety of life run extremely high,
most of time for her,
pressure of life engulfs
happy moments are few. 
failure and achievement always 
compete and inevitably collide,
she did confess, reluctantly confide,
a relentless battle inside her reside.

do not be anxious about tomorrow,
tomorrow will be filled with it's 
own anxiety, entirely.
let alone the past.
may only cause grief and sorrow.
staying in present moment 
is the challenge, take advantage 
and see.

a helpful suggestion,
considered and mentioned
was sincerely given to her..
focus on the now, present moment, 
come back to the facts, 
they are what count,
when doubt and fear abounds.
present moment,
practice and live it.

combat those negative thoughts,
that prance about in the brain.
stop! get back! talk to the hand! 
get away from she, endure and 
oppose them completely.

wholesome advice supplied,
live your life one day at a time.
this may seem impossible.
acknowledging that is not easy,
but it is possible.
practice, practice, practice 
is the known tactic.

don’t get stuck in past or future.
moments of bad memories, 
or future life maybe's.
take one day at a time.
one hour at a time.
one minute at a time.
stay in the present moment,
do comply.

all-or-nothing thinking, 
always comes a-creeping.
ugly bubbles of self-doubt
floating all around 
in her restless mind.
she is uneasy, cannot calm down, 
relax or unwind,
panic episodes are on the rise.

stressful worry does bombard, 
encircle and surround.
it suffocates, overwhelms, 
consumes her thinking faculties,
making her feel lost and doomed.
irrational thinking subdues and 
controls her rational abilities.

she struggles each day trying
to stay in the present moment.
she wants this enough,
she continually practices and
although it is tough, she needs
it and is now important to never 
give up.

staying in present moment is
taking one day at a time, one hour 
at a time, one minute at a time.
apply this and make a positive 
difference in daily life.

© 2016 Celie Rose

Author's Note

Celie Rose
Please read my poem. Open to suggestion, comment and review.

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i have no suggestions because this is so well written. have dealt with many that suffer anxiety and depression and most do not have such a good push forward attitude. an excellent write!

Posted 2 Years Ago

I understand anxiety and depression, to live in the now is no easy task but it is great advice to those who do struggle...hard to get into that mindset when time seems on a loop, you have written about a real struggle that many would resonate with and find solace in this piece :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

i guess most of us will be there as well

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on October 6, 2016
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Celie Rose
Celie Rose

Syracuse, NY

My name is Celie. I mainly write prose poems and stories, but my focus is on short stories. I hope to publish my first book one day. I am learning so much. I appreciate suggestions and comments from .. more..

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A Poem by Celie Rose

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