About a Girl

About a Girl

A Chapter by Ellie W. Montreal

Everyday is so unpredictable. You never know what'll happen, unless it's a monotonous sort of feeling. I never get that.

Yesterday as I was walking down the sidewalk, I saw two old women walking down the street and laughing so hard that their dentures nearly fell out. I took a photo of them. Then I went to visit my mom and she let me take plenty of photos of the kids she teaches. My mom teaches pre-schoolers. She was previously a painter, but after my dad's death, she couldn't bear to make another painting to sell it off. So she teaches little kids how to paint in their early years so that they'll have something to "fall back on". Which is okay too.

Today was like no other day. First, my Mathematics teacher Mrs. White announced that after twenty years of marriage, she is filing for divorce with her husband (and our American Government teacher), Mr. White; I took a photo of her expressing false joy, and she turned to me laughing and said, "Oh great, first a deadbeat husband and now I've got paparazzi to deal with!"

Then, two girls fought in the hallway over a guy. It was utterly proposterous how they were both willing to gnaw at each other's bones just to have his unnecessary and unrealistic figmentation of love. But I took a photo of them anyhow. The whole day went by with new things and little quirks to laugh about.

Afterschool, I saw her. The girl I've been trying to take a picture of since the ninth grade. She looked so gorgeous today -- with her light brown hair and blue-green eyes hidden behind intelligent glasses. And the scenery was just perfect; She was so quiet and serene, and everyone else around her was chaotic and loud. I just had to walk up to her and take a photo of her.

And when I did, she didn't get mad like Mrs. White did this morning (or last year). She just looked at me with a cute but blank face and asked for somewhat of a recap. I ended up rambling and said, "The scene just so happened to accentuate your.... Sexy face," which was stupid but true and she was even more confused.

So I told her my name. And to that she said, "Oh. Uhh, it's Lily Morgan." I ended up lost in her eyes which were a dark teal at the moment and said, "Lily... That's such a beautiful name..."
She looked behind her and there was a car parked with a woman inside. She turned back to me. "Right... Well my mom's waiting for me, so I'll see you around, Jared..." she said.

"Okay, Lily. I'll see you tomorrow, I hope," I told her.

She walked away and got into the car, her mom slowly driving away.

I think I'm in love with Lily, I thought.
"Hey, Jay Man." Just then, my best friend, Shaant Howard appeared.
"Oh, hey Shaant." He waved his hand in my face, trying to snap me out of a transe. "Oh, sorry."
"Who was that girl you were talking to?" he asked. "You saw us talking?" I was a little shocked that he didn't say much before she left, but that is something Shaant would do.
"What was intended for privacy would not be publicly displayed," he said, running his tan-colored fingers through his dark and skinny dreads. He always said the most inciteful things to me, always made me think.

"Yeah, you're right man," I agreed.
"So, who was she?" he asked again. "She was The Girl," I felt like one of the girls in the hallways gossipping to their friends about a boy who they think is "the cutest thing in the universe," but for some strange reason I felt like it was true.
"Oh, The Girl," he caught on, "Did she take some interest in you?"
"I don't really know.. But she said she'll see me tomorrow, so doesn't that mean she's interested?" I hoped, deep down in the darkest pit of my heart, that she was interested in me.
"If you believe so, man," Shaant shrugged. "What do you think?" I asked him. He never gave me his opinion until I asked for it; he only gave me advice.
"Honestly, man? I think you're a little obsessed, and I don't think she has a clue of it. But I think she's tuning in to you," he said. That made so much sense that I just had to yell, "SHAANT, YOU'RE RIGHT!"

"I know I am," Shaant chuckled. "Hey dude, I'll be in my dark room developing pictures. See you tomorrow bro -- After I see Lily!" I cheerfully said goodbye to Shaant and caught the bus home, too eager to take a photo of the bum on the bus. I ran down the block and into my house to develop the pictures in the roll of film. They had to be done before the next day came.

© 2009 Ellie W. Montreal

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Added on January 8, 2009
Last Updated on February 4, 2009


Ellie W. Montreal
Ellie W. Montreal

The Sunshit State!, FL

i'm Mychelle; you can call me Ellie, if you please, & i'd prefer you do. ツ i'm a poet. a really creative one. i also do photography. which i love more than anything more..