All 'Splodey - Part 1

All 'Splodey - Part 1

A Story by Froticlias

Part one of a Firefly 'Verse based story. Anything in italics is phonetic chinese.


   “This is a stupid plan.” Jack clicked a clip into his rifle. “I mean, I get the whole part with the shootin'. Make's all kinds of sense. What I don't get is why we stop shootin' and then start sneakin'.

    “I don't conjure that you would get the finer details of this stunning plan.” Zeke was strapping his pistol on, and brushing his hair out of his face. “You want me to run through the gorram plan again? 'Cause, I got no notion of shootin' up a place when there be no need.”

   Jack grunted and slung another rifle onto his back.

    “Look. We come into the boat on this here shuttle. We take out the guards at the door quick and silent like. Which begs the question as to why you've got two large and sightly rifles strapped to your back.”

    “Wanna be prepared.”

    “Fine. We come in on this shuttle, and we take out the guards, and then we get into the cargo bay, strap on some bombs to the Alliance cargo, and then we get back to the shuttle and head back to the Sun for supper.”

    “Not any food in that floatin' luh suh.”

    “I would thank you kindly not to talk about my ship like that. Not 'less you feel like stayin' here and being blown into itty bitty bits. 'Less you want to take a walk around the 'verse in nothin' but what you're wearin'. Now, keep focused, and we'll get paid soon enough. Mil, how far out are we?”

    A female voice came out of the cockpit of the shuttle. “Thirty seconds, captain. And, captain, please, my name is Milly, not Mil.”

    “I'll start calling you Milly when you stop calling me captain.” Zeke said quietly to himself. “Alright Jack, remember, quiet like. No loud shootin', just a couple silence pops. Shiny?”

   “I've got it.” Jack grunted.

    There was a light hiss as the docking clamps latched onto the Aardvark class freighter. Jack tucked in his t-shirt and readied a rifle in each hand. The ship rocked lightly and it settled against the hull of the large ship beneath them. Then everything was silent.

    Zeke looked over and Jack and Jack returned the gaze with a nod.

    The captain reached out and touched a control on the door. A pneumatic hiss could be heard within the wall of the ship and then the dull sound of gears grinding.

Zeke could feel his heart beating hard against his chest.

    Jack was grinning and rubbing his fingers lightly on the triggers. He started to mutter to himself. “Come on, come on. Open damn you.”

    The grinding became worse, then there was a clunk, and the door shudder a little, opening about an inch and a half. Zeke let out a small yell of frustration and slammed his hand against the panel. The door fell open with no support, banging against the ground.

    Two guards were waiting outside the door, but with a couple small pops, they dropped to the ground.

   Jack looked over at Zeke. “Yeah. Nice and quiet like.”

© 2010 Froticlias

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Added on August 10, 2010
Last Updated on August 10, 2010
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