LS - Prologue

LS - Prologue

A Chapter by FullMoonInk

Big raindrops were falling upon the window's glass trickling down on its smooth surface. As always, my finger followed their path downwards to the window's frame until they vanished among others.

It had rained all day. And to fill my time, I barely did anything more than daydream by the window. For all I knew I was on my way to becoming a successful personification of Sloth itself, but it was one of those days when I would simply absolve myself of all the blame just because I was able to. I wished that I could sleep until all the problems dissolved away and better even wake up when everything came back to normal. More than ever I tried to keep myself away from the family for a while, but we had already became to close to one another to let that happen.

I cared for them a lot. They were so good to me; always so careful of all my needs and problems, they became the closest thing to a family that I've ever had. Even the children acknowledged me faster than how I would've imagined. Simply being part of their daily lives was a blessing and we shared many beautiful moments together. Problems would sometimes occur on a weekly basis, yet they would never let the issues dig through and ruin their spirit. I never once felt rejected or unwanted, although I was perfectly aware that I was pretty much a burden. With three young and sick children, one more mouth to feed was close to the limit that their budget would permit to sustain.

  I remember a couple of yeas ago, Mrs.Davies was the one who cared for the children, while her husband was gone to work abroad. Their situation wasn't easy, but they weren't struggling.

 "The children are fine and we've got enough money to live without worries...If Mark were here, everything would be perfect."

 That's what she would say when Grandmother would ask about her situation. She had a peaceful and nostalgic look in her eyes and her smile brimmed with serenity.

 If she had wanted, she had the best opportunity, when Grandmother died, to try and take advantage of my condition. A depressed and scared little girl with no one else to turn to - I would have been an easy prey. She could have taken away, if not all, then part of what Grandmother left behind for me and use it in her own interest. Instead she took me under her protective wing and nursed my heart's wounds as best as she could. As time passed I came to realize that she was worthy of all my admiration. Once again I wasn't going to be left alone.

 Strangely, I cannot say that I've ever met the genuine feeling of loneliness. I've always felt as if someone has been constantly guarding me, guiding my steps through all the rough roads I happened to come across. Someone would always send the right person at the right time and place and comfort me at my times of need and sorrow. Knowing that that someone would by my side was my sweetest refuge.

 I was happy again.

 It had been almost three years since I was under their care and I regained the feeling of security that I clang to so much. I had them around; and put aside their seldom excessively caring attitude, I'd found myself a new center for my universe in the family. Still I must admit that I felt guilty of being the one that leeched on their saving.

 Soon, however, the company that Mr.Davies was working for went bankrupt and he had no other option but to come back home and search for another job. The family was forced through a tough period when there was so little money left that it became hard to provide good treatment for the kids' fragile health and even buy daily necessities.

 I was put in the middle of a struggle ,not sure of what I had to do and unable to help in any significant way .

 The situation started to become frustrating until the day when Mr. Davies received an unexpected notice from a company that proposed him a post.The job was offered by a company he hadn't applied to,but was directly associated with one of the corporations he had previously worked for. The letter he received stated that, in case he accepted, he would be offered a contract and that he would benefit of all-paid transport as well as an adequate rented apartment in case the family would accompany.

 He grasped the letter in his slightly shaking hands and anxiously shifted his eyes over writings over again. He then lightly shook his head and turned his sight to his wife's inquiring dark eyes that were starring at him in concern.

 "I'm not going to accept it.Don't worry,Ann! I'm positive there will be better answers to my applications."

 But there weren't any.A couple of weeks later we were deepened in debts even more, and it became worse as the tensions were starting to interfere with our own well-being and with the harmony of our home.The couple soon realized that, undesirable as it was, they had no other choice.The decision was delicate and problematic as it sowed contrary feelings amongst us all, but nonetheless necessary.

 They've been so good to me...They've done many sacrifices for my sake and they've supported me in anything I'd done. Still, now this obscure thought was starting to germinate inside.

 The silver sky was now pouring heavily over the beautiful outskirts sweeping the lonesome streets.I shut my eyes closed as I let the musical patter of the background seep into each of my body cells and tweak my soul's strings.It vibrated to the rain's natural rhythm. My mind cleared and soon my diffuse thoughts transformed into disorganized images and words.

 "Should I leave?" , I questioned the downpour as I slowly opened my eyes.

 But there was no answer.There was no sound to disturb the ceremonial chorus of the raindrops.

Only the muffled roar of the thunder seemed to keep mumbling and whispering in an ambiguous language, debating on the matter all through the night .

© 2010 FullMoonInk

Author's Note

feel free to point out any mistakes you've come across. Thanks for the read and I hope you like it.^^

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Added on July 8, 2010
Last Updated on August 17, 2010
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