Chapter One: A Dark Moon

Chapter One: A Dark Moon

A Chapter by RawrAngel

Darkness Falls once more in the sky, covering it like a blanket in a abyss, with only the stars and the moon to shine, and dance across it, marking that night time had arrived. And now... they rise, to roam the earth. The wind howled across the land as humans laid their heads for a sleep filled night, but for one creature... the sun didn't set on his time.. the Moon rose. A male White Zen'ja stood in an opening of a forest floor that was circled by trees that seem to reach the stars above, his yellow eyes glaring into the distance of the forest, with a double bladed katana in his hand, and blood dripping down his forehead and his cheek, completing it's journey from his chin to the floor below. A red female Zen'ja stood behind him, a bit to the side, with a chain around her neck but not tight enough that it was chocking her, that held a giant metal ball at the end of it, with a few cuts and bruises, but held a stern look at the man, fixing her black hair behind her shoulder. The two stood still with him unable to meet her eyes, but she held her gaze on him perfectly like he was her prey. As a roar of a Ogres and screams of women and children echoed across the land, giving it's location with it, the male was the first to flinch his body with realization in his eyes and body language of where they were coming from, wanting to run to them, but the females voice cut him off, making him hesitant as she shouted at him as quick as he reacted to the sounds. "You are really going to go to her!?" She hissed keeping her focus on him. Her eyes narrowed more, taking her chain into her hands and off her neck when he made a stance to take off, hoping it would stop him for good. "You'll die if you go, is it worth dying for her?!" She cried out, wanting him to answer, pleaing for him to give her a reason... but alas. The man took a deep breath like he was ready to respond to her question, not looking at her, but keeping his sight in the direction of the scream he heard.. knowing where it was, and wishing to go and save her... but no one believed he should. Shaking his head with what seemed to be not toward her answer, but in disbelief she even asked the question itself as he chuckled lightly, and standing up right, but still not motioning toward her, as he ran his hand/paw through his long white hair in wonder if she really would try and kill him if he went. The female began to grip the chain more in her grasp, preparing to throw the ball right at him if he dared to move from the spot he was in, but slow he turned his head toward her, not fully, but enough to where his eyes caught her's and the two stared at each other in deep sorrow, and endless rage. They stood once more in silence, until the male spoke in a tender voice, but held with more meaning then it seemed. "Take care of Roxy. She'll be the next Godmother after all." And with a wink and those words the white Zen'ja disappeared into thin air without another word from either of them, leaving the women there alone, with anger in her eyes and heart, and a tear drip down her face. "You idiot..." she whispered. "YOU IDIOT!! VINCENT!"

Toward the direction of the scream they heard moments ago, a blue Zen'ja village was burning in bright ember, as home's fell to the ground, from the fire weakening it's support, as women, children, and even men ran in terror as the Ogre's ambushed them all, helping the fire's destruction, by slamming clubs into the home's, and shooting fire arrows, the cause of the fire in the first place, into the village, toward the other part of the village, roaring in warning to either move or be killed. A women wearing only a night gown like all the other women, hid behind a shack and watched the horror from the corner, not daring to let herself be seen, by the army, holding a bundle in her arms, against her chest to ease her child's cries, watching as one by one, her people were escaping, or dying. Buildings fell onto a couple trying to dodge the army in a alley way, a women trying to catch her child was grabbed by an Ogre a*s he chuckled, pushing her onto the ground and bashing in the head with a club crushing her scull in without effort leaving no head behind.. only blood splattered across the  ground, but the Ogre with sympathy.. if you can call it that, left the Club there where her head was so the pieces of her skull, crushed brain, and demolished skin wouldn't be visible, but that wasn't even the worst of it. The women shut her eyes, finding the strength to tare her attention from it all, dashing into the forest wanting to escape no just the Ogre's, but the visuals. As the screams became dimmer as she distance herself from it all, she didn't seem to slow down, but kept running as the visuals kept flashing. The child's cries did to dim down as they were away from all the death and screams of the people, but The women knew they weren't out of the hole just yet, not until they had reached the one place she knew would be safe for her baby. When she knew they were a good distance away and the visions became just small replays that she grew used to, she began to slow down her pace, and take a risk, looking behind her to check if any had follow her, and was glad to find her back was just filled with tree's, and bushes. She sighed in relief with a small smile looking at her child's sleeping expression, turning her gaze in front of her, but what she came face to face with, made her skit to a halt, and widen her eyes in fear, and gave new visions.. but visions of what might happen rather of what did. Backing up from a creature that was a black as tar, scales that were razor sharp, no eyes that were visible, but she knew it didn't have to see her to know she was there, it's nose sucked in a deep breath and baring his carnivore teeth and claws, it inched toward her with it's tail bashing about, knocking tree's over and crushing logs around them. An Ogre chuckled from a saddle on the thing, patting it's head gently to try and calm it's blood thirst, looking down at the Zen'ja women with pleasure. "Looks like you thought you could run away from us." He spoke with a harsh mocking tone, and a nasty grin, that gave the women an impression of a cowering snake. "... Raxen.." she whispered looking at the Ogre with a intense look, pressing her back against a tree off to the side. The Ogre chuckled shaking his head, laying his chest against the creature using hers arms as support with his grin following into a frown. "I'm no longer Raxen Lil' Zen'ja... Its Pico, and well.. i don't even need to explain what this little cutie is." He patting the creature's head again with a smile. "A Karanite..." She whispered with a gentle nod. "Yes... I know of that creature.." "Then you know it was HE who sent me..." "..Ja'Hal." Pico sat up from his position, looking at the women with a sad expression but keeping a stern look in his eyes. "Hand over the baby Katrina, i don't want to hurt you." Pico extended his arm out for her to place the small bundle into his grasp, but the women he named Katrina, held the baby close to her, glaring her eyes at him with a deep hatred in them, as tears build up slowly. "How could you Raxen.. you were better.." She spoke with harsh tone, but Pico didn't budge from his position, he only sighed. "Katrina..." He began slowly, but was interrupted by her making a sharp yelp in pain falling off to the side, as an arrow pierced her hip right above her pelvis. Pico's eyes shot open, turning his gaze toward the arrow, narrowing his eyes with a growl, seeing another Ogre riding a Karanite, chuckling on his mount, with a bow in one hand, and grabbing hold of another arrow in another. "Cease fire you idiot! We're not suppose to kill her!" Pico shouted at the Ogre, but it was to late for that, another Ogre shot an arrow, hitting Katrina right in her arm, ripping through layers of skin and muscles, letting her blood paint her blue fur red, as it splattered. "Damn it! Cease fire!" Katrina held her bundle close, using aa her might to jumped to her feet and take off into the woods, pulling the arrow out of her side, and tossing it as she did the same with the one in her arm, trying to make sure she was going a way that it would be hard for the Karanite's to follow, or Ogre's. Katrina's eye's dripped with the tears that had build up, holding her child close. The Karanite's behind her, bashed through the path she had chose to take, following her scent easily through the tree's. Katrina could hear the sound of the destruction they were making in their wake, but Katrina still kept moving without stopping, confident they could not catch up to her so fast, but fate was not on her side tonight. She jumped over a large log of a fallen tree, holding her night down so it would not fly up as she reached to top of the log with a single jump, but before she could jump off of the log, and continue her escape, a Karanite swung it's tail at her from on the log, grabbing her in midair, and tossing her back onto the log, making her fall to her side, and slide into a still standing tree that stood at one end. The baby wailed from her mothers chest from the shock, with Katrina spatting blood from her mouth, looking to the Karanite, and seeing Pico on the creature with a angry, but disturbed expression. "Just give us the baby Katrina! That's all he wants!" Pico shouted opening his arms to their surroundings as if the forest was him. Katrina held her baby close and shouted at him louder then he. "Never!" The Karanite acted at the word and roared at her, and began to open it's jaws to bite down at her and the baby, with both of them screaming in fear. As the jaws came down on them, the white Zen'ja appeared, quickly leaping from the top of the tree's with his sword drawn. "Katrina!" He shouted as he landed onto the Karanite's head, running the blade through it's skull, and killing it instantly, saving Katrina and her baby. The Karanite fell to the side off of the log as Pico and the Zen'ja jumped off the karanite in unison, the male with his sword, landing beside Katrina, and Pico landing on the opposite side of the log. "So..." The male began. "He coaxed you to his side huh?" Pico stood with a growl seeing the White male, stare him down. "Vincent.. I swore i would kill you myself for doing this to Katrina." Pico drew his long sword, as Vincent spun his in his hand. "Too bad Katrina knew all this would happen." Vincent mocked. Katrina held her crying baby close itching to get away, or being given a signal to run, but neither man moved.. but Vincent spoke. "Go Katrina.. get to the Hold... i can take fat boy." Vincent stopped spinning his short sword in his hand, holding it tightly in his right hand, as Pico told hold of his long sword in both keeping his eyes on Vincent, as Katrina took no hesitation, dashing off into the forest once more, looking back at Pico for just a second, but quickly looked away disappearing from their sight. Sounds of metal clashing rung in her ear as she continued on, not knowing which clash or splat belong to who, but she knew either one could win, and depending on who wins, will determine the out come of this whole situation. Katrina ceased running, as she entered a open space under the trees, with just a few patches of grass, some twigs, and flowers, but no one was there. Katrina looked around trying in a effort to find someone, but saw no one. Panic washed through her expressed, as she looked back the way she came, and heard a horde of Ogre's coming closer to her location. "No.. No no no no.." She whispered to herself, as she used a last resort to escape, by climbing up the tallest tree, and hiding in it's branches, and leaves, crouched with her baby in her arms, with fear and concern... no one was in the opening, and the Ogre's caught up quicker then she anticipated... would she die here? Would he baby die?... Question's wrapped her brain, as her heart pounded against her chest, but she knew she needed to calm down.. but it was impossible at this point for her.. impossible. Katrina tried to stay as quiet as she could with her breathing heavy and body shaking, but with what they dragged in, she couldn't stay quiet, she could stay passive. Pico walked in after the horde did, cut up head to toe in gashes, and bruises all over, dragging in a dead body.. Vincents dead body...Katrina laid her baby down on the branch concealing her in leaves and kissing her head. "Forgive me my baby..." She smiled to her infant, as the baby girl opened her big yellow eyes and rubbing her hand paws across her light blue fur. "Mommy and daddy love you.. be good to your new mommy." Katrina leaped out of the tree with a loud roar, with the baby watching, and not freaking out on where her mother yet, hearing strange sounds of clashes, and yells, with names, and commands, of words she didn't understand, but she did know.. everyone who understood her.. and would understand her.. was gone...

© 2012 RawrAngel

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