Chapter Four: Red Zen'ja

Chapter Four: Red Zen'ja

A Chapter by RawrAngel

Enter Roxy Nova's half sister by their father. Roxy adores her baby sister, but Nova hates her, but Roxy knows of the Hunter Hunter, and so Nova must swallow pride to see her, and ask questions.

The Red mafia village was a mess, covered with rotting houses, bottles, bullets covering the street and full of women dressed in seductive dresses, men wearing only pants with no shoes, drunk and out of their minds, with the sounds of guns going off, swords, clashing and people screaming to the top of their lungs. Men either had a woman in each arm, women, or were trying to hook up with one. The men that weren't drunk, were in alley ways or leaning against a house smoking, with a women inside with a child or two, if they weren't outside playing close to home. It was a surprise that a fire hasn't started or people haven't died with how much chaos was going on... there were no hunters, no one managing the people... In the trees outside of the village Esser and Lin sat in a tree with eyes wide, staring in awe, watching in confusion of why such highly respected Zen'ja act such a fool, with all the money they could want for their clan.. Lin looked up at Esser and with a very innocent expression asked a question. "Why do each Zen'ja act differently?" Esser jumped slightly from the sudden question, his mind was so focused on the mafia, he forgot Lin was right next to him. He turned to Lin with a straight face, blinking at her trying to remember what it was she asked in his, freak out mode, making a slight 'mmm' noise until realization came across his face. "There's a old legend that tells were each Zen'ja came from, and i guess that explains why each Zen'ja is different." He explained turning his gaze back to the town with a horrid look as something threw a c**k tail, just watching it exploded, with the flames almost touching the house with children inside, laughing widely like he had told a hilarious joke, but The man of the house didn't find it so funny. Stepping out of his home, he drew and held up a gun on the other man, shouting and yelling with a warning to get away from his house with that nonsense, but the other man was to drunk, and didn't comprehend when enough was enough as he pushed the gun away and then pushed at the man slurring his words violently. Esser gently covered Lin's eyes, as the men right away began to brawl in the middle of the street. "But what is the legend?" Lin asked trying to ignore the sounds as well, being thankful Esser was the kind of guy who was against unnecessary violence. "Its a dumb Legend." Nova's voice chimed in, cutting Esser off from what he was going to say, and continuing. "Don't really pay any attention to it." Nova bickered emerging from a few bushed in a short sliver robe decorated with a dragon on in, and white roses around the edges. Her breast popped out, hair was in a messy bun, and her legs were for once exposed, and no shoes to hide just how dainty her feet really were. Esser tore his eyes from the fight hearing Nova appear from the bushes, eyes blinking at her sudden change in wardrobe, wondering if it also changed her personality. He cleared his throat before he spoke giving the impression he would give a complement... till he opened his mouth. "I didn't know Nova had a good looking Twin." He grinned like the smartass he was, but his reward was Nova's boot to his head nice and hard, sadly not hard enough to knock him off of the tree branch. Lin giggled as Esser's hand slowly fell from her face for a moment, seeing Nova snapped her attention to the village with a 'hmph', making her away through the bushes and trees to view the town from the ground watching all that they were seeing with a slight shake of her head and a soft groan. "Entertainment waits for me..." "Don't worry Nova.." Lin whispered from the branch. "I put Denice's body into a cart so you can wheel him in." Nova's eye's widen as her eyebrow rose, slowly turning to look at the small Tiju that spoke, as Esser smacked his forehead in disbelief, moving away from her uncovering her eyes, showing her upset confused expression of her own, looking between them with shrugs in between each glance. "What? What did I say?" Esser opened his mouth to explain it to her as simple as possible, but Nova's voice interrupted him quickly before he did. "No time to explain Lin, just stay here and watch my back.." Nova sighed looked around finding the cart that looked like a delivery cart more then anything, with a giant box that she guest held the body inside as if she was delivering a package deal. She sighed walking over to the cart, taking the handle into her grasp,  and pushing it as she entering the town through the bushed she pushed to the side, then from an alleyway in between a fish shop and a barber. Esser and Lin, watched as Nova went from her usual walk of high authority, pride, and manlike, to walking, and acting as if she was one of the females of the town, swaying her hips to show off she had, some, extending each leg out to be revealed under the small little robe she had, on, and batting her eyes to each man that caught her eyes smirking instead of smiling, as she made her way through the village, with the only difference being her light blue fur and bright yellow eyes. Nova moved in the village, ignoring the hunger eyes all the men weren't worth of catching her eye, watching the way she walked, making private jokes to each other, and whispering on about what on earth they would do with a women like that, red or blue, but Esser could read from their mouths there weren't saying blue... they were saying.. kiht... As Nova reached the largest house in the town, she posed gently with the two guards, placing her hands on her hips and smiling at them, as she battered her eye lashes. "hello boys.. glad to see you again." She moved one of her hands from her waist to her hair, tangling a loose piece between her fingers as the two guards grinned at her, and stepped aside. "Rose... is expecting you..""I'm sure she is." Nova's smile dropped the minute they stepped aside, and quickly she hurried in before they stepped back into place bashing the door open with the cart, and quickly slamming the door shut behind her, leaving Esser and Lin to now wonder what was going on. Inside the small house, was full of money, gold artifacts, and different kinds of furniture, but everything like the town... was ruined, or scattered on the floor. Nova moved gently trying to avoid shattered glass and weapons that lied around, making her way more inside the home. A large red Zen'ja stepped into view. He was mug looking, perfect for the mafia, he was bulk, very bulk, like all men wearing only pants, with a single scar starting on his right temple and working its way down across his face, looking down at Nova with a glare that stated to try something, but Nova only replied with a wide grin, pointing at his face, cocky like. "Hasn't healed yet huh?" She asked loudly. The brunt narrowed his eyes, but she went on. "That might teach you some manners then. Next time you want to.. man handle a women like you did, you might get worse." "Man handle you? My Gip?" A female voice asked with a giggle. Nova and the brunt's eyes traveled to some stairs that stood against the back wall, as a female Zen'ja... a PINK zen'ja, came into view with a red night gown on, and dark pink hair a wreck stretching with a giggle and a satisfied moan as her back cracked. She had no piercings but a single tattoo on her shoulder of the Red Zen'ja mafia symbol, and had the same bright yellow eyes as Nova. "Gip man handling Lil Nova will surely get you killed." She teased at the brunt turning to Nova with a cocky grin. "You can manage to do it." She turned away and yawned stretching once more as she came down the stairs, slowly, but surely in a manner that gave away she was excited to see Nova. "Roxy-" "Nova darling why is it when you came you only wear white? Really?" Roxy motioned to Nova's choice in her clothing taking a glass of water from a butlers tray, and downing it in one gulp before tossing the glass back onto the tray and wiping her face of droplets. "You really should find other colors to wear." "Roxy this serious.." "Ahh! So there is a reason you've come by." Roxy said in a upset tone. "Nova you never come to see me or visit, and when can i meet Lin and this new boy you took in, Esser is it?" "Roxy you know as well as i, my duties as a hunter take up my time, besides, Lin is to young to be in this..... kind of environment." Roxy sighed looking at Nova, plopping onto one of the many couched in the room, not caring that she revealed the fact she sleeps with no under garments, not that Nova or anyone else was surprised, but Nova always found it awkward. Nova didn't bother sitting with the godmother, standing in front of her and beginning her interrogation. "Godmother Roxy, I've brought you Denice.. the man who sold out your 4 men." Rose eyes lighted up, and her lips curved into a smile, crossing her legs, and running her nails through her hair. "So the traitor has been silenced has he? Good work Nova, I knew you would catch him for me... after all." Roxy stood from her seat, standing in front of Nova, showing that she was about 6in taller then Nova, running a hand over Nova's cheek with a curved smile whispering. "After all.. you take after our father more between the both of us." Nova pushed Roxy off some with a warning glare, making the godmother shrug, walking over to the cart. "This is how you bring him to me? Very present like.. I enjoy that." Roxy opened the present up and smiled wide seeing what was inside, looking up at Nova. "And i enjoy more what is inside..." She slammed it shut keeping her eyes on Nova with a grin, snapping her fingers, as a butler right after rush in with a tray with a three little sacks on them, filled with gold coins. "As promised.. 300 gold coins." Roxy took hold of all three sacks, tossing them at Nova who caught them each with a single try, tossing two into her pockets, but keeping one out in her palm tossing it like a ball in her head, walking softly over to her. "How much for some information.." Rose raised a brow scratching her cheek gently with a thinking expression. "Depends on the information.." She stated running a finger over the crate with coy eyes. Nova kept a straight face but with the way she was dressed, she looked as if she was giving Roxy a tease glare. "How about a Hunca, 5'11" that owns a gun that the barrel-" "The Barrel spins, and fires like crazy, he doesn't speak, but his actions are loud enough to make your ears bleed, are you talking about that Hunca?" Roxy scuffed slightly leaning against the crate with a small shake. "Sense you gave me what i wanted in the first place, I'll only ask for 100 gold take it or leave it." "Take it.." Nova immediately stated, as she tossed the single sack back in front of Roxy, who sighed standing up straight, turning to Nova, but not moving an inch closer. "He's known as the Bounty Hunter Hunter, some claim he hates the government the Nyght's created." "But why? We are at peace and we haven't had any war's in 16 centuries.." Roxy looked around to see what everyone was doing, in the house, making sure it was absolutely safe to speak, watching each maid dust, each butler bring about food for the guards, that were to busy munching and stuff their faces. "Rumor has it that Bounty Hunter's failed to catch someone that killed his little sister Angel off 5 years ago, They say she was a 14 when she died, but others say he's being paid to rid the Nyght's." Nova sighed with a groan rubbing the back of her neck. "Well either way I guess I'm his next target." "Well why wouldn't you be? You are the best Bounty Hunter, and to top it all off your the only Zen'ja with baby blue fur." Roxy poked Nova's are motioning to her fur, but Nova only glared returning the remark."And you are the only one with pink..." Nova sighed "I better get going Roxy." Nova quickly brushed passed the Pink Zen'ja without a hug or anything giving her a hint she wanted to leave now and not sit here and talk on and on, but Rose's voice made her stop in her tracks. "Hey.. One more thing. He has multi-personalities. Torn into two people and used as one.. try to use that information.." Nova looked back at Roxy with a are-you-kidding look, giving her a light scuff rolling her eyes. "Gee.. thanks that will surely help me find him." and with that Nova dashed out the door, back into the streets toward her group. Roxy stood where Nova had left were, her eyes still glued to the door were Nova has exited out laughing gently putting a hand up to her mouth whispering to herself with a grin. "The pieces to the chess board are in place, and the opponents have sit to battle. Just how well will you play Nova?" She chuckles turning her gaze from the door finally, heading back to her room humming a lullaby as all eyes watched her from their corners.

© 2012 RawrAngel

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