Chapter Three: The Bounty Hunter, Hunter.

Chapter Three: The Bounty Hunter, Hunter.

A Chapter by RawrAngel

Denice demonically smiled up at watching those yellow eyes stare into his, watching her expression unchanged by his smirk, not really effecting her as she kept holding the gun with the barrel toward him, aimed right between his eye sockets with a straight face, keeping her well known poker face, that drove him crazy but in her eyes twinkled sympathy toward the creature, thinking he could have had a nice life in this world, and in this time, if he didn't have chosen to get mixed in trouble like he did, and with those thoughts, showing in her harsh stare of her eyes Denice found some comfort that at least he wasn't thought of as a complete worthless Bum.. Nova cocked the gun getting ready for the judgment of his crimes, and punish him for the people he had hurt, closing one eye gently making sure she was aimed right were she wanted to shoot. With her finger brushing against the trigger, Denice shut his eyes in a flinch, but the heat and graze of a bullet going across Nova's arm, certainly made her eyes wonder off to her side, and lift her finger off of the trigger, giving Denice extra time in this word then he deserved. As he eyes trailed off to the side where the bullet came from, she saw a Hunca male judged by the shape and height, at the end of the alley, with a larger gun then hers, that seemed to require two hands rather then one. With a heavy sighed, and not bothering to turn away from her prime target, Nova spoke to the rebel in a monotone voice but with intense warning that she will shoot him next. "Sir your interfering with Bounty business I will ask you calmly to step back and disengage at once." The man unfortunately didn't seem to want to obey, or got the hint and with Nova's head not turned to see the man, she couldn't get a good description on him to see if he was packing anything else or wearing any armor that would cause a obstetrical for her bullet's or other weapons that she held on her personal. Nova looked back to Denice who had his eyes back open, but was in a fetal position, praying to what she could tell, running his fingers through his hair like a mad man, and barring his head into his lap, crying for salvation, that she didn't want him to have the luxury of having again.. he wasn't going to escape and this... rebel wasn't going to change a thing. Nova turned back to the Hunca male whom had not moved from his spot, keeping his gun aimed at Denice with her right hand, but with her left hand sneaking into one of her pockets in her cargo pants, she began to pull out a magnet hoping that the plan she printed into her head would work, unfortunately, Denice perked his head up just enough to see the magnet and right away knew what she had planned, having seen it done before, and he wouldn't have her doing it again. Denice with the last resort to safe himself and his savior, lunged himself at Nova whom did not expect it, knocking her off balance, sending Zen'ja and Troll to the ground together, but in the mix, Nova had fire her gun, causing the Hunca male to react and fire his own weapon, wanting his target to be the bounty hunter, instead got the target of the target instead. Nova watched as the bullet from the Hunca's gun went right through Denice head, making his eyes go wide, with all color, and life being drained from them, as they slammed into the ground, her on her back, and Denice off to the side a bit, with his head ironically, turned toward her. However Nova didn't pay attention to him once she made her way to the ground, she quickly extended her right arm, holding out the gun, and firing away without hesitation or pause in between right toward the Hunca, as she quickly got to her feet, rushing to the nearest alleyway, while the Hunca, who was obviously wearing armor that was deflecting her bullets, got his own weapon ready and began to fire toward her. Nova ducked into the alley but not fast enough to dodge getting shot in her lower leg, making her grunt in pain, and grasp her leg, keeping low as the bullet's ran through the wooden house like nothing. With a quiet growl of annoyance, she attempt to show her hand back into her pocket, to grab the magnet as her last resort, but found her pocket, empty. "Oh Hell..." Nova looked back over to where Denice was laying on the ground, blood pouring out of his head slow, yet fast enough to make a pool around his head, and drown part of his head in the crimson red that rippled as each drop made its way down his head and off of his ear or jaw, but none of that caught her attention, what did was the magnet that was half way under his hand, that was extended toward where she landed on the ground, like he was giving it to her int he first place. "Great Luna!" She snarled under her breath dodging another fire that tore off a plank from the house, landing on her head gently, with saw dust and little chips of wood. She always got just retreat, the job she had came to do was done, but she didn't do the job herself, and she couldn't leave behind the only magnet she head out for someone else to steel and use for their own free will. That bugged her right down to her DNA, and with her pride, she couldn't let it happen. Keeping her head down, and body leveled with her head, she got in a perfect lunged position for her and her injured leg to make, taking in a deep breath, praying for something good to happen to today, as she didn't delay any further, and dashed right into the opening, ignoring the pain in her leg keeping her sight on the magnet. The Hunca widen his eyes in disbelief she was attempting the suicidal escape dashing across the open space of the back alley, with blood dipping from her leg that he had shot when she had eluded him before, holding up his gun grinning with joy of his opportunity at a clear shot of the blue fur-ball, holding his hand on the trigger as bullet's fired all over the place out of 8 circling barrels on his gun that he held in his hands, following Nova across the width of the alley. Even with an injured leg, Nova still managed to dodge the bullet's, stumbling every so often, but making good progress in surviving the "rescue" mission she planned up for her magnet, listening to where each bullet was coming from so that she didn't have to tare her eyes from her target. The Hunca sneered in disappointment that she still manage to dodge everything after all of that, narrowing his eyes and this time aiming. As she reached Denice body... the edge of the alleyway, Nova grabbed hold of the magnet in her hand, and the Hunca fired his weapon, Nova turned to face the Hunca, hoping to be able to use her trick, but instead she got a bullet to her left shoulder, with a incredible force that sent her flying a few feet back away from Denice, and land hand first on the ground, on her back with her eyes wide much like Denice, but color.. and life remained in them.. with a few tears that streamed down her face. The Hunca raised in a fist as he shouted with joy much like a hunter does when he finds food for his family and him for the whole winter, but was short lasted. An arrow quickly found it's way perfectly into the guns engine chamber that makes the barrel spin the way they do, making it exploded right in front of the Hunca, causing a smoke cloud to surround him, making him blind to whats around him for a few moments, but a few moments was all that was needed. The Hunca tossed the now useless gun out of the way turning to were he knew the arrow came from, coughing and wheezing with his armor blown off, and skin covered with black dust from the debris of the gun. "Who?" His voice was low, and rusty, giving the impression of a Prem, but the pale skin, and height difference, gave away that he was just a Hunca, that was obviously a tough opponent. The Hunca, attempting to wave the smoke cloud away to see, felt series of pain in his legs and abdomen, looking to see arrows much like that one that destroyed his engine, piercing his body, in a unknown order of which was struck first. The Hunca snarled taking out a pistol as the smoke finally cleared, aiming high in the tree's, but a surprise attack awaited him. A Brown male Zen'ja charged right at him from the ground with two swords drawn for battle, and a small Tiju behind him standing with a bow and arrow in hand... The Hunca had no time to redirect his aim to the two attacker's as the brown Zen'ja was suddenly upon him, landing feet first onto his abdomen next to where the arrows were, not only sending pain through him even more, but also sending him slammed right to the ground. "Get him Esser!!" The Tiju shouted running over to Nova while the Brown Zen'ja, whom she shouted as Esser, was knocked off of the Hunca and in a rolling wrestling match with him, fighting off the swords that Esser held in his hands. "F**k no a*****e!" Esser snarled, with a hiss, head butting the Hunca making him let go, and jumping back as he stood off the ground, holding his swords out with his legs spread out ready to either dodge or lunge and eyes on the Hunca. The Hunca however only stood slowly, while wiping blood for his forehead and pulling the arrows out of their imbedded resting spots with grunts of pain, gritting his teeth with each yank, which gave Esser some time to examine him without all the armor on, since Nova couldn't get a good glimpse from staring at the corner of her eye. The Hunca stood at least 5'11" with black hair that hung against his two horns, poking out of his pale skin. His eyes were hard to determine from him looking down at the ground, but he wore no shirt, only pants, and boots, though the shirt off was enough to say he was a buff Hunca, very buff. When the Hunca was finished with removing the arrows, and brushing himself off, he looked to Esser with anger in his eyes, but annoyance in his expression. Esser only shrugged with a smart-a*s grin, spinning his swords in hand, ready for an attack any day from this guy. The Hunca shook his head, reaching into a pouch that Esser didn't notice was around his waist, and watched him pull out a small ball that he smirked with a wink, getting ready to toss in the air. "Have fun with this one kid-o." He commented slyly, tossing the ball in the air toward where Esser was, but at the sound of a gun, the ball didn't even make it even half way to Esser as again The Hunca was caught in an explosion, causing a smoke cloud to surround not just him, but only consume Esser in it as well, but he didn't stick around long, rolling out into the clear air with a few coughs emitting from his throat, with his back slamming against the fence, and his head turning, seeing Nova sitting up with her body gently shaking in the Tiju's arms, but with the Tiju only being about 5'1" and Nova being 6", She barley had her arms wrapped around her, arm extended out with her gun sizzling smoke out gently, giving away she shot the bullet that save his life, but as the smoke cleared, it also revealed she gave the Hunca enough cover to get away from them. Esser sighed roughly sheathing his swords while he stood, making his way to Nova and the Tiju, kicking the ground in frustration. "Great Nova you let another one escape us." "Your welcome." he muttered, while the Tiju pulled the two bullet's out, and digging into a pouch of her own, pulling out medical supplies attempting to wrap Nova's wounds, dressing them appropriately, but adding in her own impute on the conversation. "Esser you should be a little more grateful that bomb could have sent you flying sky high, and we all know your the last one that should be flying." Esser glared at the shortie, giving her the hint to not even go there with that topic, plopping a seat beside them both with a groan, looking over to Denice, dry blood all over and around his head, wondering how he got shot in all that mix. "We need to bring him to the Red Zen'ja, to collect our bounty." Nova commented noticing where Esser's black eyes were gazing at. "Huh?" Esser turned to Nova seeing her look at him with a cocky weak smile, making him roll his eyes. "Yeah well I think we should all deliver him, your not in the best of shape to-" "But Nova is highly respected there... we're nobodies and that itself would be doing more harm then good..." The Tiju pointed out. "Lin is right.. plus i need to ask about the.. Hunca." Esser raised a brow in question, making Nova continue. "If anyone knows anyone is the Red Zen'ja's.. they know everyone, and i happen to know they will hand over information if they have it." Esser scuffed turning his gaze back to Denice with a slight shake of his head. "What makes you so sure those stuck up w***e's will tell us anything." Nova smirked as Lin finished dressing her wounds, flexing her shoulder to feel slight pain, but not enough to make her flinch or groan. Lin was the teams medic, & archer, and Nova would have no one else do her part in the team. "Trust me." he answered. "I know what I'm doing." Esser humphed, looking at Nova with a sarcastic look, but with a jokingly smile. "I hope your right." All three laughed, chuckled, and giggled, and went off with Denice's body... straight to Red Zen'ja territory. 

© 2012 RawrAngel

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