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Little bit of back story. I hate doing these chapters. However it's more of a homage to Homefront so, best get rid of it.



Nick stops at the gate, watching as the Platoon comes in. They had sad faces, all of them. Tired, hungry, sad faces. He follows the final person in and barely notices as the gate slides shut with a loud clang!, he was back in base camp, but he wasn't off duty. As the Platoon Sergeant for Alpha Platoon, he had to write up the combat report, with details from the section leaders. Bravo Platoon made up the rest of Sabre Company.

There were two Sergeants, himself, and Sergeant Campbell. She led Bravo Platoon, above them was Lieutenant Neill, they should have some sort of CSM, but well...things weren't exactly regulation anymore. With a sigh, Nick trudges to the CIC, or Command and Information Center. All of Sabre's operations were controlled form the small cottage within the compound.

Taking a moment to glance around, Nick takes in the scene, a lot of the girls were crying, Lucy had been a popular member of the Company, the guys remained stoic, but beneath, they were just as hurt.

The compound had large metal gates, never opened more than one person wide, that led onto a concrete staging area. Beyond that to the north was the CIC and armoury, but the West were the barracks, essentially a large barn with several Portakabins within it. Each held around ten bunks.

Bravo Platoon were currently on Standing patrol, Nick knew their best shots were on the hill across from the compound, using a cliff face to the South to ensure their were no ambushes. They could monitor the road that Alpha had came back from, and to the other side of that-to the West, the T-Junction that went off into different areas of countryside.

Alpha would now take over that job, and Bravo would go out on attack. For now though, Nick had to see the Lieutenant.

Lieutenant. Neill was a funny man, he had been an officer alongside the Cadet Force before the conflict, and hadn't changed his spirits since. He was always honest with his NCO's and wasn't one to shy from the field.

Nick enters his office in the CIC, coming to attention with a salute, “Sir! Sergeant Ballantyne with Alpha Platoon”, The Lieutenant returns the salute, and Nick stands easy, “Nicholas, how many times? Enough with the ,Sir, yes sir! bullshit, please?”

Nick grins, “With respect sir, no sir”, Lieutenant Neill sighs, and chuckles, “How'd it go today Sergeant? Bad news? I don't hear much celebrating outside”, Nick shakes his head, Yes sir, we lost Cadet McDonald as we fell back to the FRV, We did manage to get all of the enemy though sir, blew up he Land Rover with some HE”

A growl from the Lieutenant, who stands and waves for Nick to follow, as he steps from his office to the staging area outside, “Nicholas, do you remember hos this all happened?”

Nick nods, he did, like yesterday.


In the year 2009, North Korea's leader, King Jong Il, passed away, his death caused by a lifestyle of alcohol, inactivity, and drug abuse. His son took power and with his youthful charm, wooed China, who made a pact with the North Korea to provide military support to each other. Using this, North Korea unified its country again, and soon The Greater Korean Federation was made, alongside allies China, and other smaller Asian states, The GKF began to annex the East.

It eventually came to Europe, the UK, and America. These countries did not fall but became split. In Great Britain there was no divide, but people were routed from the south upwards, the Territorial Army became the one thing holding the border between Scotland and England.

Eventually a decree was passed, everyone must fight for their country, and the Army Cadet Force became a fighting force. The Army was still functional, but the GKF had the support of most of the East.

That was two years ago.


Nicholas was still thinking of the past when he went to his bunk that night. The last thing he saw before drifting off was his rifle, leaning against the wall just an arms reach away.

© 2010 Niall "Dutch" Mulholland

Author's Note

Niall "Dutch" Mulholland
I hate my own writing. That's all.

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It's not bad, but a bit more detail would be nice. Read my stuff, and there is a bit of a similarity

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Niall "Dutch" Mulholland

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