I Am

I Am

A Poem by Gabriel Eden

This is my heritage and what rest in my heart


I am…

The silence that takes your heart in its grasp

As you lay your head to sleep tonight

The wind in your heart and the pain in your bones

I am…

The people forgotten and shoved between hovle walls

choking on their own low worth and lost spirits

They pound the earth flat with there feet and

build their shacks upon the same ground

I am

The distant thunder and rippling chills across your skin

as you wander aimlessly through this maze of exaggerated glory

The cries of distant wolves

They scream for their missing copper brothers and sisters

I am the thrashing ground between your fingers

Don't tighten your grasp i’ll only fall through quicker

I am

The first breath of the dawn

Embrace me and hold me forever

but don't compare me to the beauty of the moon

For mine will be lost in her shadow

I am

The colored faces of grief

As we stumble along a path of white sticky roses

Our feet cut on thorns painting the trail red

Teras muddying the soil under our feet

I am

The first blow of war and the last shout of victory

The words of pericles

The purple flowing robes of alcibiades

The tragedy that was once a great people

Lost once in the white faces of people like yours

And again in the brown faces of people like mine

I am

The simple grace of an infant's first steps

The insidious shadow of desert trees

The mockery of concrete norms and

the held hands of those who stand against them

I am

A metamorphosed soul

A transient being

A creature lurking in the prayers of your fathers

I am the eyes of time and the witness of historical repentance

I am in the eyes of a friend and the wound of a foe

I am

The judge of angles and jailer of sins

The grinding of teeth

as a young child dreams impossible feats of terror

I am

The simple stillness

Before the hell rage of a storm

The color Unidentifiable

By the primitive cones and rods in our simple windows

I am

In your very existence

In your home

In your laughter

In your dreams

In your soul

I am

The simple state of fear

© 2014 Gabriel Eden

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I am impressed, in awe, and amazed.

I can't think of anything to say. I just loved it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

that was amazing!!!!! :) :) :) i really liked it :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on October 17, 2014
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Gabriel Eden
Gabriel Eden

waterbury, VT

wow i had a lot of typos in the last bio so i had to change it. I was diagnosed with Autism but am on the High Functioning spectrum, however My brother is too but we are completely different. My Autis.. more..