The Unknowing

The Unknowing

A Chapter by GabbyJSLee

This is where you get the background of where Serene comes into play, how she is what she is.


It was as silent as ever, no crickets making a sound, not a single gust of air bothered the night. It was just me and one other, he was like me, a hunter. As a child my father was in the lab trying to create new ways to bring back life from deceased beings, he tried with every molecule in him to try and change the way humans were living. It was a horrible incident, an outbreak occurred causing the government to shut his lab down. My mother was the first to suffer this plague, she was exposed to it the night my father had made his mistake causing him his life later on. He loved my mother so, that he couldn't find it in himself to free her from the pain. She was already pregnant with me, inside her womb , the infection seeped into my blood cells and that's why I am unique. When I was born my father ran tests over and over that would have killed a normal child but I was different, my DNA patters were different, my genes were mixed. Such things to happen afterwards is what my story is about. There's no such things as 'A Happy Ever After' in my story, it's sick and twisted with darkness around every corner.  My name is Serene Jackson and this is the story of how I survived.



xX Chapter 1: New Birth Xx


     "She's here, she's coming!"

     "Doctor, doctor we need you over here, it's not good."

Beeping sounds filled the area, screams, shouting, and the motion of squirming and running as the blurred vision became clearer and clearer.

     "DOCTOR NOW!"

     "I know, just let me.. GAH! What is it Greene?"

     "It's heartbeat is way above what it should be sir, the blood pressure is low, doctor I've never seen anything like it.. what should we do?"

     "This is incredible, She's still alive.. how is-"

The sound of a dragging beep overlapped the yelling, causing a shift in events. It felt cold, nothing was moving and nothing was clear... it was only black.

     "No! Greene hook her up to a machine now! get her going again! I can't loose her!"

     "Doctor she's one of them, they'll kill you if you save her! It's no use sir, she's gone."

     "No, I'll save her you'll see! I won't leave her! We have to bring her back."

The sound of shuffling filled the sound barrier, then everything felt tight like a strong constriction. 

     "Sir the child is still in there, we need to get it out now!"

     "Give that to me Greene, go check the monitor. This child will be born"

The darkness faded and was accompanied by the sound of flesh being sliced open, then all felt colder. Cold air, the blurriness faded as well making it possible to see now. 

     "Get the child out of here Greene, I'll take care of my wife. Take care of the baby and take it to the office where you and the child will be safe, now GO!"

    "But sir what about-"


Greene ran with the child in her arms out of the room and into the hallway, she paused at the sound of footsteps and the sounds of guns clicking against dog-tags. She held the child close to her hiding behind a wall, taking a deep breath she ran over to the side door just in time that the footsteps came near. She shut the door and waited silently till they went away.

While in the lab, Doctor Elliot Jackson worked on his wife, beating her chest to pump blood through her heart to make any signs that she were to come back but nothing happened. With tears in his eyes and sweat at his brow he persisted. He finally hit the last straw and gave up with one last pound to the chest of the dead carcass that was once his wife, falling to his knees at her bedside he broke out crying. The door to the lab opened as the footsteps grew closer to Doctor Elliot's back side. The guns were cocked, Elliot knew his fate as he pulled out a picture from his lab coat and looked at it, it was a picture of him and his pregnant wife smiling. He smiled too.

Greene was rocking the child back and forth panicking and then gun shots were fired knowing that her boss and greatest friend had been murdered. She busted out in tears holding the child tighter to herself. She took a few moments to recollect her thoughts and decided that she would raise the child on her own in favor of her friend.  She looked down to the baby in her arms and noticed it was a beautiful baby girl, though something was unique about this baby. The baby's eyes were orange and yellow with a black slit for a pupil, her skin tone was pale sky blue with navy blue veins stretching from the ears down to the collarbones. Greene smiled knowing that any child has a life to live no matter who or what they are. She glance at the child's eyes and knew what she had to do, taking her chances at risking her fate and the baby's, she snuk out of the lab/hospital to a safe spot knowing some day they'd come for her and the child.

© 2013 GabbyJSLee

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Hi I'm Gabrielle but I you may call me Gabby. I am always happy to write, whether it be random ideas or be for a friend. I do a lot of dedications so if you would like one, let me know and I'll try an.. more..

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