A Chapter by GabbyJSLee

I ran full speed taking my blade and in one swift motion, it cut through flesh. My screen showed red for the bodies present that were my men, and a dull blue for the infected ones. Something had grabbed my shoulder harshly pulling me, I turned around slicing off the arms of an infected that had grabbed me. The blood was black against my blade watching the infected person squirm on the floor, blood pouring out it's mutilated arms. 

"SERENE!! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!! WE NEED TO GET OUT NOW!" A harsh and panic tone rose up.

I could only assume that it was one of the Corey twins but my helmet was pouring black thick blood over my screen. Finding no need for my swords anymore I seethed them, a yell/cry for help shouted and I acted off impulse. Taking my desert eagles and fired it in the way of the scream. I walked over to the one that was screaming and it was Andrew, I stood there briefly giving him a content nod to continue on as he walked quickly away; out of breath. I looked down at the body as it was shaking and gasping, coughing up blood, it looked back at me. I took my gun and pressed it to it's head and pulled the trigger, it was dead. 

All the infected that swarmed the room were dead or close to being dead, my men were out of breath and in serious shock; I had to get them out of here. They were new at this and it takes a while for that to go away in the fields.

Walking to them I put my hand on David's shoulder and giving him a push towards their cables that lowered them down here, he complied by walking to them quickly and hooking himself up to it. The rest of the men followed David because he seemed to be the biggest one and played the role of 'leader'. I didn't mind that because I don't see anyone as a leader, it's just a word to me, or a meaningless title. 

The men lifted themselves up the the opening and waited for me by lowering a cable for me, but I refused. I started to walk the original way before we got attacked by 5 infected. That wasn't it, it couldn't be it, usually a swarm consisted of 7-10 infected in it. 

It seemed to get darker the deeper I went into the tunnel, the water started to get shallower and soon it was only up to my ankle. Suddenly I felt a hot pain in my stomach making my hands got to cover it. I could feel it spread and soon my skin felt as if it were melting; I could not figure what was happening to me. 

This feeling in my stomach was strong, it drove me forward eventually making my walk turn sluggish and slow. My mind turned fuzzy. I've only had two episodes close to this one before, and that was when I was a young-ling. I couldn't recall it. I walked a little bit then caught on my screen a huge dull blue cluster on the other side of the wall. There were at least dozens upon dozens in the next room. 

I didn't want to have to risk the lives of the newbies if I said I needed back-up in a battle that's 50 to 4 ratio. I started to back up slowly knowing that the infected were asleep because they hibernate during the day. I kept backing up till I ws at a safe distance to turn my back to the cluster of blue; running into something. It was an infected. 

I took my two swords out backing away so there was distance between the infected and I. This one was different, I usually would have just cut off it's head no question about it but this one had something about it. I couldn't see it full because my screen was set on heat vision but from what was visible was that it held up it's hands. 

I watched it, lowering my blades a little bit questioning this one but from the seems of it, it didn't look like it would attack me. The infected turned around and started to walk the direction I was going to get out of here, so I followed cautiously behind it, my eyes not leaving it's back side. We walked for a bit until it stopped before the giant hole with my men waiting for me. 

In a flash I pulled out my gun and shot the infected next to me, I have no time to lose because of un important things. I was trained well, to think everything was meaningless until the job at hand was done. Forgive the child stories of meeting a monster and getting gooshy, that's not what happens. After the dull blue on my screen faded out I grabbed the last cable and was pulled up. 

Reaching the top I nodded to my men who walked themselves back to the waiting helicopter and strapping themselves in. I got most of the gear packed up, what was left was still in the tunnel but no use of it now, it was getting dark out. The sun was setting at 3 o'clock now, time zones are different now, much different. As I reached for the railing to hoist myself into the helicopter, a hand was offered to me. I rejected it. 

What happened in the tunnel stirred in my mind, it wouldn't go away until I figured out what had happened to my. I stared out the side of the helicopter looking at each burning building, car, rubble, broken dreams, lives.. it was all gone.

"Come one Serene, think. What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to-"

"Don't say it. Think it."

Words repeated in my head as if it were a flash back of some sort but I shook it off. Then it happened again.

"You're doing good, don't stop running."

"Wait, wait wait."


"I have a serious question."

"We don't have time for questions Serene."

"Why am I like this?"

I lowered my head slowly in despair seeing past events through images, or a slow playing movie that when you get to the good part it suddenly leaves you hanging. This is one of those movies. The voices echoed through every nerve of my body, causing it pain and misery. It had take a few minutes to realize that we had landed back to the safe house where I was staying to protect me. 

I know what I am, I just don't know what to do with myself because of what I am. Everything seemed in slow motion getting out of the helicopter and walking into the large building. There I saw my mother sitting anxiously, standing quickly once I was in her presence. I could hear a sigh of relief escape her, but I didn't seem to be bothered as i walked by her harshly pushing her out of the way to my room. 

I could feel the stares I had gotten, for one I was trailing blood, and second I had disrespected the one person that saved my life. Something was more important though, for her safety I had to be harsh, it's only best for my mother. 

Walking into my safe room and the steel door had shut and locked I started to remove my gear swiftly. Every movement of mine was nimble. Taking off my helmet I threw it on the floor in anger. Mood swings, but not just any normal mood swings... were these based off of hunger? I kept thinking to myself before pulling out a blood bag and sinking my teeth into it. I punctured the bag with my dull teeth yet sharp enough to make gaping holes in the bag. 

I had drained the back dry throwing it over next to my helmet before I caught a glimpse of my reflection. Walking over to where my helmet was thrown I picked it up and looked at myself. I was frighting, no wonder my mother wanted to hide me, no wonder I was shielded from the outside world. I was one of them, or at least half of me was corrupted by them. 

You see my father was a scientist who was working on a big project, he figured out an equation to bring back the deceased. Well my mother was dying while she was carrying me inside her, so my father used her as his lab rat. Something apparently went wrong exposing my birth mother to it and infecting her like a rapid spreading disease. Well I was taken out of my mother just as only little of the infection came into her womb. There I was exposed to it. 

Nothing makes me wish more than to go back in time and kill my father for doing this to me. It was he who made all this happen, he who did this to his wife, and his daughter. My adoptive mother took me in and raised me from there onward, training me to be prepared for a day she might not be around anymore. Her rules are simple, control your ways. Well I was technically never in need of learning to be in control of myself besides the fact I had break downs and need to feed every now and then. 

There's where she draws the line though, and I as well. No matter how bad I wish to feed on humans, I must not do so. 

Taking off the rest of my clothing I put on a long sleeve jacket and some sweat pants to cover my skin and a mask to cover my face. I lived behind a mask my entire life so it was no offense to me. Walking out through the steel door and out my room I head for the training room or combat room. Here I can be myself. 

I look around and see a whole bunch of weapons on a wall, lined biggest to smallest which made me nod in acceptance though no expression was one my face. Not intrigued by the weapons at choice I just settled with using my fists for now. There were 5 infected chained up by the necks at which I set free to fight against. 

One of the infected had lunged at me with its mouth open wide and aiming for my face, I put out my hand, grasping it's throat in my hand and tightened my grip. I clenched my fist together crushing it's wind pipe and yanking on it pulling it's neck out and spewing blood everywhere. The body limply fell to the ground and it's head rolled the other direction. 

The other 4 infected groaned and let out a snarl like sound. Standing there breathing heavily I scanned one by one wondering who would be next. Then one jumped at me, distracting me for the other three to pile on my sides and back. One of the infected ripped off my mask as I threw them all to the ground letting out a roar. I took my foot and flinched it making a blade appear out of the heel of my shoe, swinging my foot around I caught the side of the infected's head and knocked it off. More black blood oozed out onto the mat and sprayed over my clothes. 

 Wasting no time I took a few steps towards one of the infected, kicking it's knee outward hearing a snap proving the bone was broken. I grabbed it's head and twisted it around snapping its neck in the process. One of the two infected left had managed to bite my bare arm but I hadn't realized it. In a frenzy I snatched my mask and placed it back over my face to the sensitive light. Now I could see better. I thrust-ed my hand upward and jabbed one of the infected's face making it fall, taking the other infected and bash it's head into the wall. 

Blood splatter was everywhere including pieces of skull against the wall until I threw back to lifeless thing of a body hearing it smack the floor and watched a pool of blood form under it. Walking over to the one I jabbed in the face I stomped on it's neck crushing everything and braking it's neck as well, and using my other foot to deliver a kick. The momentum from the kick ripped the neck from the shoulders of the infected and in a few moment it would be dead. Blood was everywhere at this point, on my clothes, face, room, walls, you name it. At this point I was tired so I reached down and grabbed a hidden knife blade in my shoe, grabbing it by its blade and swiftly throwing it into the head of the infected with the broken neck from earlier seeing on how I didn't fully exterminate it yet. 

The sounds of gasps for air had been silenced by me, I was done with this. It was time to clean up, well the bodies anyway. I like leaving a signature for others to know who or what they're dealing with. I grabbed the dead mutilated bodies and threw them in the fire. Now it was time for me to clean up myself, on the way to my room there were people looking at me with fear in their eyes, maybe it was the loads amount of blood on me. 

Once in the shower and cleaned off I was stopped in front of the foggy mirror, taking my and I swiped it across to see my reflection. Orange fiery eyes with a black slit for a pupil, pale lavender skin, raven black hair,  and blue or black veins under my eyes and around my neck. I was truly a monster in hiding. 

Before I left the shower room I had placed the mask over my face once more to shield from the sensitive light hitting my eyes. I walked down the hall to my safe room which seemed to pass by real slow, the door was open but no lights were on. It seemed as if you were going into a dark abyss. I walked in the room and turned around as I saw a few people stare at me, I closed the door to silence their thoughts about me and there, in the pitch black, I slept thinking.

© 2013 GabbyJSLee

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Hi I'm Gabrielle but I you may call me Gabby. I am always happy to write, whether it be random ideas or be for a friend. I do a lot of dedications so if you would like one, let me know and I'll try an.. more..

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