Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Gabsikle

Charlie Jones--no, Palmer--was in a car with her family. She had to get used to the new last name.  

            The car was the third her family used for the trip.

            The newly named Palmer family was moving. Abandoning everything of their old lives. And Charlie knew it was all her fault. She got them mixed up in some bad business.

            Charlie’s whole life had been spent in Maine. She was raised in a nice beach town. It was an upper class area, and a lot of rich people vacationed there. She never really fit in with the country club life her mom and sister Casey loved. She always preferred the company of books. Fictional characters never judged her. So she never really made any close friends.

            The summer before her first year of high school, she turned fourteen. And she met a guy. He had moved into a house with his sister and some friends. He only lived several blocks away from Charlie.

            His name was Marco. He was charming, and could make a person feel like they were the only one that that mattered in the world. He knew Italian. The first thing he said to her was that she was beautiful in that language. It thrilled her. No one had complimented her looks before. Casey was the pretty one. Marco didn’t treat her like she was a child. He talked to her about real things. He asked her opinion on subjects, and never held back when answering her questions. He had no problems correcting her when she was wrong either. Though he would try to correct her when she was right too. He would twist her words to make her think she was wrong, and she wouldn’t realize it until later. She should’ve seen that as a sign, maybe.

            Charlie ended up becoming close friends with Marco’s sister Angela. Angela always tried to discourage her from hanging out with Marco. Charlie couldn’t understand it at the time. Marco was wonderful. He took her on dates at fancy restaurants. He bought her expensive gifts, and even wrote her poems. He was the first guy to tell Charlie he loved her. She loved him too, but he wanted her to prove it in a way he could believe it. That was how she lost her virginity, even though she wasn’t quite ready yet.

            Her first time wasn’t what she thought it would be like. It wasn’t some kind of magical experience. It hurt, and never felt good. She thought that if you loved someone, it was always amazing. Marco said it was because she didn’t try hard enough. He told her it would get better with practice.

            That same night, Marco showed Charlie what he really was. He, Angela, and all their housemates were Vampires. He showed her his fangs, and even drank her blood. At sunrise, he stepped outside for a brief moment to show her his skin burn. When he stepped back inside, the burns instantly healed.

            Charlie knew she should’ve been afraid. According to Angela, they were monsters that could kill her. But Charlie found it amazing. Marco, Angela, and the others were things that shouldn’t exist, but did. It gave Charlie a feeling of magic in the world"something she hadn’t experienced since she was a kid. And Vampires loved forever. Marco promised her he would.

            After dating Marco for six months he asked--well, told--her to do something.

            Vampires would sometimes come to Marco’s house to visit for a time. Marco made Charlie have sex with them. She didn’t really want to, but Marco said it would help keep his Clan safe. And he said it turned him on to see her with other people, so she did it. For Marco. She got used to it, even though it was often unpleasant. Sometimes the Vampire men and women would be too rough during sex, leaving lots of dark bruises on her body. They never cared if she was comfortable, and sometimes drank so much blood from her she’d pass out.

            But she endured. Doing that proved her love for Marco, and her loyalty to the Vampire Clan she would someday be a part of. Marco had promised to Turn her after she graduated high school. Then they would leave Maine, and she’d be away from her demanding mother and perfect older sister.

Unfortunately, by her sophomore years of high school, her dad caught her with Marco. He didn’t know Marco was a Vampire. That had to be kept secret. He just made a huge deal about Marco being older"he had been Turned when he was twenty-seven. Her dad screamed at Marco, called him a pervert, and threatened to call the police if Marco didn’t stop seeing her.

So, Charlie and Marco pretended to be broken up. She started skipping school to hang out at Marco’s house during the day. She would also sneak out at night.

Charlie’s dad eventually caught her sneaking back in one night, and grounded her. He made a police report, and threatened to send Charlie to an all girls boarding school.

The cops sent to get Marco disappeared. There was no proof they even went to his house, but Charlie knew something was up.

Then her dad started receiving death threats, and bad things kept happening to him. Someone crashed into his car on the road, totaling it. It was a miracle he hadn’t been seriously hurt. He got robbed at knifepoint, and was stabbed. The knife just missed his kidney. He was shot in the shoulder by a stray bullet.

Charlie loved her dad dearly, as he was the only family member that didn’t treat her like a freak, and was mad that he kept getting attacked. She contacted Angela, begging her to get Marco to stop. Marco ended up getting mad at Charlie for questioning his actions.

After that, things started happening to the rest of Charlie’s family. Her mom was beaten up after work. Casey disappeared after school, and was later dropped on their doorstep with massive blood loss and no memory of what had happened. The family dog was killed, his head cut off right in their back yard.

Her parents attempted to file another police report. They knew who was responsible, but apparently didn’t have enough evidence to support their suspicions.

At the start of Charlie’s junior year of high school, some of Marco’s Clan broke into their house late at night. They aimed to kill the entire family. During the struggle, her mom was knocked unconscious and had bites in her neck. Casey had several bones broken. Her dad shot a Vampire in the head, killing her. Charlie called the police, and the Vampires fled.

Charlie’s dad was shocked and even more scared when the body started to quickly decompose, as Vampires did. Charlie had to explain the whole situation to her family later at the hospital.

A week later, a man and woman showed up at their house. They called themselves Hunters, or more specifically, Night Investigators. They promised to assist the family with their Vampire problem. The pair helped them quietly plan a move, including new identities, while slowly taking out Marco’s Clan in the area.

Marco and Angela fled before they too could be killed. Angela left Charlie a letter saying Marco would not forget and forgive. He would get back at Charlie for ruining his Clan.

Once Charlie’s junior year of high school was finished, her family was packing and moving.

Charlie stared outside the car window as they passed a sign welcoming them to Delaware. She sighed inwardly. She was far from her home, and wasn’t allowed to contact any acquaintances or extended family. She was forced to live in a boring state, and had to start anew.

Her mom and sister were also supremely pissed at her for causing all their problems. Charlie knew she brought it on herself.



The newly named Palmer family pulled up to a small brick house around sunset. Two men were waiting outside for them.

The older man with greying brown hair walked up to Charlie’s dad and shook his hand. “Mr. Palmer. How was your trip?”

“A little stressful,” Mr. Palmer answered honestly.

“The only time he let us take bathroom breaks was when we switched cars,” Casey complained.

Mrs. Palmer scowled at the house. “Was all of this really necessary? The switching cars? Moving states? Not owning a house? Casey putting off college, Mr. Whatever-Your-Name-Is?”

“I’m Milo Vinni, and this is Jeremy Commings,” the older man said. “And Vampires have a lot of connections, Mrs. Palmer. Especially ones that have been alive for a really long time. If precautions weren’t taken, it would be simple for Marco to find you. We want to make it difficult for him. We have people who will be feeding his connections false information. Abandoning most of your things, not owning a house, and your oldest daughter putting off college helps. Changing your last name helps. You have all your new documents, which no one will question.”

The younger man, Jeremy, spoke up, “Also, if your daughters want to be part of any social media, I suggest they never post pictures of themselves, mention where they live, or use any screen names or handles similar to old ones. Obviously they shouldn’t post on any old accounts. And really try not to have your pictures taken.”

“Are we even allowed to have friends?” Casey asked bitterly.

“Just be careful with how you choose them,” Milo told her. “Anyone you meet, Jeremy and I can find out if they’re Supernatural or not, and if they’re a danger.”

Casey glared at Charlie.

“Your house is already furnished,” Jeremy said. “Some other things are still needed, though.”

Milo nodded. “We bought two cars for you. When you pay rent, you’ll send it to me, and I’ll give it to the owner. We can also help you find employment and a school for Charlie, though we suggest homeschool or a GED.”

“But I want to go to school,” Charlie stated. She didn’t want to be stuck at home with her mom and sister all day. She could always feel the hate radiating off of them. And they wouldn’t talk to her either. The loneliness would be crippling.

Milo must’ve seen the urgency in her eyes. “I know a school. If you can’t afford the tuition, I know someone who can loan you the money.”

“We have never borrowed money,” Mrs. Palmer spat.

“Do you want your daughter safe or not?” Milo asked.

“We do,” Mr. Palmer answered before his wife could speak.

Milo handed Mr. Palmer the keys to the house and cars before leaving with Jeremy.



Milo Vinni felt bad for the teenage girl he just officially met. Her mother and sister clearly blamed her for their predicament, and not the Vampire who took advantage of and abused a young, naive girl.

Milo had heard of Marco Matti before. Marco had done the same thing to many teenage girls. He Turned them then dumped them, or killed them if they decided they didn’t want to be Turned and if they left him. The Night Investigators have had a Kill Order for Marco for decades.

Night Investigators played a big part in the Supernatural world. All Night Investigators were Hunters. Hunters were Supernatural themselves. They moved faster than Humans, were stronger, and healed slightly more quickly than them. They couldn’t heal up completely when hurt so that they could blend with Humans easier. They had a better sense of smell and hearing than Humans, but those senses weren’t as strong as other Supernatural people. They could sniff out Humans, Shape Shifters, Were-creatures, Vampires, and other Hunters. But the other Supernatural people couldn’t sniff out Hunters. They smelled Human to the others.

Night Investigators were a specific group of Hunters. They worked with Vampires, Weres, and Shifters to uphold Supernatural laws. Each group had their own set of rules meant to keep Humans safe, and hide the Supernatural world from general public knowledge. If someone broke major laws, a council featuring a few people from each group met to discuss whether the lawbreaker should be killed. A regular prison or psychiatric hospital couldn’t hold them. And sometimes continuing to let them live could be very dangerous to unknowing Humans. If the council agreed the lawbreaker should die, a Kill Order would be issued. Night Investigators around the world would be informed.

Some Hunters believed all Supernatural people"other than Hunters"should die. They felt all Supernatural people were dangerous. If they found a Supernatural person they would make plans, and kill them. They didn’t care if the Supernatural person never caused harm to anyone. These people were called Rogue Hunters.

Many Night Investigators got involved with law enforcement or became private investigators like Milo. It was easier for them to deal with the Supernatural if they had the law, and all its resources, at their sides.

If two Hunters reproduced, their children would also be Hunters. If one Hunter had children with a Human, the kids would still be Hunters. Hunters mostly got together with each other, their kids raised with the knowledge of what they were, and were trained most of their lives.

Milo and his apprentice Jeremy Commings knew all about that.

Milo was currently on his way with Jeremy to talk to someone about Charlie going to school. And since it was dark out, that person would be awake.

In the passenger seat, Jeremy’s blue eyes widened. “Are we going to Xavier Chambers’ house?”

“Yup.” Milo had never wanted an apprentice, but he knew the kid’s parents. They were both Night Investigators, but his father died when Jeremy was twelve, and his mother retired a year later.

A Vampire Clan killed Howard Commings when he went to fulfill a Kill Order. Marissa Commings retired instead of joining a Rogue Hunter group like she wanted. Instead she tried to convince her kid to be one. Luckily, Jeremy was smarter than that.

While being a Night Investigator wasn’t an actual job, when a Hunter retired or died, the leaders of some Vampire Clans in the areas would get money together for the family or person"a decent sum of money to show their appreciation.

“Xavier isn’t one of the bad ones,” Milo reminded Jeremy. Because of Marissa, Jeremy developed a slight mistrust of Vampires. Milo hoped Jeremy would be able to get rid if his prejudice.

“But isn’t he pompous?” Jeremy asked. “Look at his house!”

The house was hard to miss. Xavier Chambers owned several acres of land, and his home was the only one around. A stone wall surrounded the property. Milo pulled up to the black iron gate and rang the buzzer.

“Yes?” a female voice responded.

“It’s Milo, Maggie. I’m here with my apprentice. We need to talk to Xavier.”


The gate opened, and Milo began the trip down the long driveway, which was lined with dogwood trees. The driveway ended in a loop with a fountain in the center.

The house itself resembled a castle. Milo had to admit it was kind of cliché"a Vampire living in a castle. And it may have been kind of show-offy, but Milo knew Xavier had it built for Maggie. Most of it was actually designed by her.

As they got out of the car, Jeremy asked, “Are they all home?”

“All three of them? Yeah.” Xavier lived in the house with his Human wife Maggie and their daughter Xanadu.

Xanadu was what people in the Supernatural world called a Halfie. She was half Vampire and half Human. She needed all the things a Human needed to survive, plus blood. A decent amount of blood in her system meant that if she got hurt she healed much faster than Humans, and never got sick. The blood also made her stronger. Just being a Halfie made her hearing, smell, and sight better.

Not many Halfies existed. Most romantic partners of Vampires were Turned before they could have children. And Halfies usually chose to be Turned themselves at adulthood. Xanadu showed no signs of wanting to be Turned. So if she had children it would be interesting to see how they ended up. 

Milo knocked. There were wooden double doors, and the one on the right had a speak easy door on it.

The little speak easy door opened, and a young face appeared on the other side of the black iron bars. “You here to see the wizard?” the girl asked.

Jeremy snuck a peek at her. She had a round face with rosy cheeks standing out against pale skin. She also had bright brown eyes that sparkled with amusement.

“Very funny,” Milo said. “Let us in.”

A few locks were turned after the speak easy door closed, and the front door opened. The girl stepped aside to let them in. “Who’s that?’ she asked, pointing at Jeremy before she closed and locked the door.

“My apprentice Jeremy,” Milo told her. “Jeremy, this is Xana, Xavier’s daughter.”

Jeremy was kind of surprised by how Human she looked. Her paleness did not meet that of a Vampire’s. Her brown hair was up in a bun, and she had a smart phone in her left hand. The only thing that made her seem other than Human was that her scent had an edge of Vampireness.   

“I thought you never wanted an apprentice.” Xana liked Jeremy’s blue eyes and curly dark hair. She reminded herself to text her best friend Roxy about him later.

“I knew his parents. Where are yours?”

“Living room.” Xana led them to one of the large rooms to the right of and behind the huge main staircase.

Milo noticed Jeremy watching Xana carefully. “She’s seventeen.”

Jeremy raised his eyebrows. “Okay?”

The scene that Jeremy walked into struck him. Xavier and his Human wife were sitting on the couch watching TV. Xana plopped onto the armchair and started texting. Xana looked a lot like her father. She shared his dark brown hair and eyes, and round face. Meanwhile, Maggie had lighter brown hair that had hints of blonde and hazel eyes. Xana seemed to share the curvy body shape with her mother.

It was all so normal. Jeremy’s mom always acted like Vampires were the farthest things from normal. She said they were incapable of an average life.

Xavier stood up in one graceful motion, and shook Milo’s hand. “What brings you here?”

“Have you heard of Marco Matti?”

Xavier scowled. “Yes. He’s a piece of s**t. What has he done now?”

“Seduced a young girl, and when her father wanted it to end, tried to kill him on several occasions. Eventually he tried to have the whole family killed. They got new identities"same first names, new last name"and moved to Delaware.”

Xana dropped her phone on her lap. “He hasn’t been killed yet?” she asked Milo.

“He’s a good runner,” Milo told her. “And has some loyal followers. Well, the ones who are alive are loyal.”

Maggie spoke, “How is the family?”

“All living,” Milo informed. “They lost a lot of money in medical bills. They’re renting a house that Arthur Jacobs owns. They may need help finding jobs. And the girl, Charlie, wants to finish high school.”

“I actually don’t blame her for wanting a break from her mom and sister,” Jeremy put in.

Milo nodded. “Those two act like it’s all her fault.”

Maggie frowned. “They think it’s a girl’s fault that an older, crazy man took advantage of her? How old is she?”

“Seventeen. She got involved with Marco at fourteen.”

“How can we help?” Xavier wanted to know.

“You’ve donated a lot of money to Xana’s school.” Milo continued after Xavier’s nod, “Could you manage to get her a spot in Alpha Omega’s senior class?”

“Most likely,” Xavier said.

“And the family may need to take out a loan to afford the tuition.”

“No problem,” Xavier told Milo. “And if any of them really need a job, I could get them a spot at any of my hotels.”

“Good.” Milo looked at Xana. “You and Roxy will have to keep an eye out. Call me if anything strange or unusual happens.”

Xana gave him a thumbs up. “Any shady characters, call you. Got it.”





© 2015 Gabsikle

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