Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

A Chapter by Gabsikle

 Milo had taken Xana’s laptop. She had all of her things backed up, so her parents got her a new one.

            Milo traced the IP addresses from the messages. They bounced around public places. He also found out that someone had accessed her webcam, which explained how the person knew what her room looked like.

            There was no way to trace any of it to James even though Milo’s gut knew he was behind it. It was too much of a coincidence that James was in town and Xana was getting threats. It was a shame James was so slippery, because Milo wanted to take him down. The guy had gotten away with too much as Milo’s research had shown. James would find loopholes, and clearly had others do his dirty work for him, which was why he always walked away clean.

            There was no way Milo was going to let James get away again, or hurt a young girl he had known since she was a baby.

            Milo knew it wasn’t exactly usual to get close to any of the Supernatural people he was supposed to be policing. But the Chambers family and Jacobs family had become almost like his family. They never treated him with aggression like most Supernatural people did with Night Investigators, and Milo could admit to himself that he was lonely"it came with the life he chose.

            Milo wanted to protect Xana. She and Roxy were like the nieces he never had, and would never have.

            “So we can’t just go after these guys now?” Jeremy asked as he dealt with one of their regular private investigation cases. He was compiling evidence of a woman’s wife cheating on her.

            “There’s no solid evidence of him doing anything against Supernatural Law. So it’s difficult to get a Kill Order.”

            Jeremy ran a hand through his curly hair. “How difficult is the process to get a Kill Order?”

            “First we need evidence"solid evidence"of him breaking Supernatural Law. I’d have to meet with other Night Investigators in the state as well as Vampires, Shifters, and Weres. A majority must approve the Kill Order.” Milo studied Jeremy. “Why do you care so much?”

            Jeremy lifted a shoulder. “Because I just care? Christ. These girls. The constant worry. I mean, Xana had enough mind to catalogue all the incidents of threats. She’s in high school. She shouldn’t be prepared for a stalker.”

            “She never had an ordinary life. You can relate.” Milo knew he could.

            “Well, yeah. I’ve been taught how to fight and kill since I was young. Hunters have to train their kids. Train kids to kill. It’s fucked up. Supernatural kids are all fucked up, but they shouldn’t have to be afraid.”

            “Too late now,” Milo muttered, but felt the same.



            Xana was relieved when her dad came home from the Vampire meeting without any incident. When she was in fifth grade, a Rogue Hunter group tried to kill all the Vampires meeting in New Hampshire.

            Now she had to go back to worrying about herself. Xana wasn’t used to worrying about herself. She was used to worrying about her dad’s life, or Roxy’s problems. Like how Roxy had stress about someday leading the Pack, or trying to get Roxy to ask Larry out. Xana had gotten used to worrying about whether or not Charlie was going to be found again by Marco. She worried about her mom being scared for her dad. She worried about Max spending his life alone. She worried that Milo worked too much. But she never worried about herself.

            Her mom had barely let her leave the house while her dad was gone, and texted her during school. Milo and Jeremy would appear before and after school. She also noticed Roxy keeping her eyes and ears out.

            Xana wondered if she was really going to get killed or raped. The thought of it made her feel ill. Should she start carrying a weapon? She knew she wasn’t strong enough to pierce a Vampire’s heart, or stab someone to destroy the brain. It wasn’t like she could carry a gun around. Hell, she’d never even touched a gun. Should she learn how to shoot a gun? Should she start working out? Should she have Milo teach her some Supernatural self-defense stuff?

            She also just wanted to plan her birthday evening without having to worry about any harm coming to her. She realized that shouldn’t have been her priority, but it was going to be her eighteenth birthday. She wanted to be able to celebrate. Max had pre-planned to have under twenty-one night at Midnight on her birthday.

            She’d be safe at Midnight. Max was like her big brother, and he was part of her dad’s Clan. Vampire employees were also members of the Chambers Clan. They’d protect her.

            Xana decided to go plead her case with her parents. It took a lot of begging, and some whining, but her parents agreed with some conditions. The security at Midnight had to be upped for the evening. Max had to assign a bouncer to watch her and her friends. Milo and Jeremy had to be around to keep an eye on things.

            Xana was fine with all that. She got to have her birthday celebration.



            Charlie had grown to like Xana’s home, and not just because it was a castle. It was big enough that each member of the family could have their own space, but they still spent time together. Xana and her mom always had breakfast and dinner together, and the family would watch TV together every night, and talked. They also had a movie night every week, and a game night every month. Sometimes Roxy and her dad or Max would come over those nights. Charlie was always invited, but her mom would sometimes b***h about her leaving home so much.

            Charlie was also getting more used to being around Vampires again. Mr. Chambers and Max were always very careful around her. They kept a distance, and never touched her. If she seemed uncomfortable, they’d leave the room.

            Therapy was also helping Charlie. At first, retelling what she had been through over and over had been horrible. But talking it out helped. She was starting to almost believe what happened wasn’t her fault, and she was learning to cope with the trauma. She still had her issues, though, like the nightmares and moments of panic when she relived some events. But it was getting easier.

            She hoped being at a club owned by a Vampire wouldn’t be too much. Xana told her Vampires weren’t allowed out of the VIP section on under twenty-one nights since sixteen and seventeen year olds would be there. So she didn’t have too much to worry about, even though a Vampire bouncer would be following them around for Xana’s safety. But he’d be focused on her, and not Charlie.

            She was in Xana’s room preparing for the night with Xana and Roxy.

            “You can borrow some jewelry,” Xana told Charlie. “If you want. I have no idea what you’re wearing.”

            “A red dress,” Charlie told her. “Nothing special.”

            “I have a diamond and ruby necklace.”

            “A real one?”

            Xana looked embarrassed. “Yeah.”

            “I’ll see after I put the dress on.”

            Roxy came out of Xana’s large closet where she had been dressing. “Borrow Xana’s jewelry. You’ll look terrific.” She was wearing a velvet blue corset shirt, tight black skinny jeans, velvet blue heeled booties, a stack of black bangle bracelets, and the ring Xana gave her on her birthday. “She has so much.”

            “My dad likes to buy me pretty stuff,” Xana said with some shame.

            “When we had money, my mom would only bought herself nice stuff,” Charlie told Xana. “And sometimes for Casey on special occasions.”

            “Your mom is such a b***h.” Roxy fluffed her hair. “Has she always had something against you?”

            Charlie shook her head. “I would always rather read than socialize. I’m not country club material.”

            Xana made a disgusted face. “Who would want to be? Those people are snobby.”

            “Well, so is my mom,” Charlie said. “You wanna change next, Xana?”

            “Sure.” Xana skipped away to her closet.

            Roxy took a seat on Xana’s couch and crossed her legs. “Was your mom a b***h about you spending the night here and going out?”

            “She doesn’t know I’m going out. My dad does. He’s only letting me go because Milo will be lurking around.” Charlie leaned back on Xana’s bed. “I don’t know what will happen if she finds out you guys aren’t exactly Human.”

            “Then don’t let her find out? It’s none of her business who your friends are.”

            “My last group of friends ruined her life.”

            “But were they really your friends?”

            Charlie paused for a moment. Ashe hated the pain she felt when she realized her views of the past were wrong.  “Angela was. She tried to warn me away, but I was too stupid to listen. She always tried to protect me when Marco was at his worst. She attempted to take my place a few times, but a lot of Vampires prefer Human sex toys.”

            “He’d been doing it to her too?”


            “But isn’t she his sister?”


            “What an a*****e. I hope she gets away from him.”

            Xana stepped out of her closet. “If Milo find Marco, he’ll get her away from him.”

            “You have a lot of faith in Milo,” Charlie stated.

            “I do. He keeps us safe.” Xana spun. “How do I look?”

            Xana was wearing a pink shirt with white polka dots, a black skirt, white fishnets, and black wedged booties. She had on a pink pearl necklace with a bracelet and earrings to match"Roxy’s birthday gift to her. Her hair was up in a messy bun, and there was a white bow under the bun.

            “You look great, birthday girl,” Roxy said. “You’ll be slaying the guys tonight.”

            Xana snorted. “Yeah, right. I’m fat and obnoxious. No guy wants that.”

            Charlie was shocked to hear Xana say something like that about herself. She always seemed so sure of herself. Charlie had always thought Xana was one of those classic beauties from period romance novels. She had a curvy figure, and pale skin with the rosiest cheeks. “You’re really pretty, Xana.”

            “You’re just saying that because it’s my birthday.”

            Charlie got off the bed. “No.” She walked into Xana’s closet to change. As always, she was impressed by it. The closet was like its own room. At the end of it were three mirrors like dressing rooms had. Once wall had a bunch of dresses, skirts, and general nice clothes hanging. The other wall held shoes, purses, and a bunch of jewelry.

            Charlie put on a red halter dress, black leggings, and black pumps. She left her hair down. She scanned Xana’s jewelry, and grabbed a ruby ring with a white gold band.

            Charlie noticed there was no silver jewelry, and realized that Halfies must have an aversion to silver like Vampires and Weres. She wondered how much it really affected Xana. She’s have to ask at some point.

            When Charlie left the closet, Roxy let out a whistle. “Damn, girl. You’re gonna be beating them off with sticks.”

            “I’m not interested in enticing any guys. I just want to dance with my friends, and see how I do in a crowd since I haven’t been in one for a long time.”

            Xana smiled at Charlie and promised, “We’ll keep all the dudes away from you.”



            “There will be kids from ages sixteen to twenty,” Milo informed Jeremy on the way to Midnight. “Kids need a driver’s license to get in.”

            “I know,” Jeremy said with amusement. “I went there sometimes on under twenty-one night. Me and other young Hunters would practice sniffing out Vampire employees, as well as the occasional Were or Shifter.”

            “Like Rogue Hunter kids?” Milo asked.

            “Some. My mom kinda wanted me to be one of them after my dad died. But being a Night Investigator is more official, and you have more resources.”

            “And we don’t just kill any Supernatural person we cross paths with,” Milo added.

            “Yeah,” Jeremy agreed with a nod. “My mom tried to paint them as evil, but a lot are just so normal. Like Xavier. He’s a husband and a dad who watches stupid sitcoms. The ones we get Kill Orders on are actually a danger to others. They’re who we should focus on. If all Hunters worked this way, we’d actually be able to stop them all.”

            “Well. Maybe most of them.” Milo pulled his car into a parking spot.

            They got out of the car, and walked to the employee entrance in the back.

            Jeremy looked up at the stairs that led to the second floor VIP area. That was where all the Supernatural people and approved Humans hung out. They weren’t allowed downstairs on under twenty-one night.

            Milo knocked, and a bouncer let them in. They headed straight to Max’s office.

            “Are the girls already here?” Milo asked instead of greeting Max.

            “Yes. I have Berto watching them, and told the guy in the security room to keep an eye out as well on the camera feed. No suspicious activity yet. Except some guys leering at them.”

            “Have any guys come up to them?” Jeremy asked. He didn’t want them to freak Charlie out, or have the girl feel pressured. And imagining guys all over the other two didn’t sit well with him. “Would you want us to push guys away?”

            Max raised his eyebrows in surprise. “No. Not unless they’re being hassled. Mostly just watch out for suspicious characters.”

            Milo gave Jeremy a sharp look. “We’re just watching the crowd for any shady people.”

            Jeremy nodded. “Right.”



            Xana was having a great time despite having to keep one eye open. She hoped the Internet creep wouldn’t try anything in a public place. Could she easily be taken and disappear in a crowd?

            She tried to ease her nerves while she watched Charlie and Roxy dance. It was nice to see Charlie have a good time in a crowd of people. Xana figured it was good for Charlie to be out in public. Usually, Charlie just stayed in a bubble with Xana and Roxy.

            Maybe Xana and Roxy needed to get out more too.

            Xana felt a tap on her shoulder and jumped.

            “Sorry!” Jeremy said when she turned. “Just, uh, wondering why you weren’t dancing with your friends.”

            Xana sipped some of her mocktail. She found herself wishing she was twenty-one so she could get drunk and forget her problems. “Didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself.”

            “Kind of difficult,” Jeremy muttered. Xana was a bright spot of color in a sea of darkness with her pink top. “You look nice.”

            Xana smiled a little. Guys rarely complimented her. Even though Jeremy was just being kind, it made her feel good. “A girl has to look fabulous on her birthday.”

            “Then go out and have fun on the dance floor, birthday girl.”

            “I’m having fun watching them have fun. Charlie needs a normal life, and Roxy needs to know there are other guys in case her whole Mate thing doesn’t work out.”

            Jeremy looked at the other girls before turning back to Xana. “I wonder what that’s like, knowing who you’re meant to be with.”

            “Well,” Xana said with a breath, “when the other person isn’t Supernatural, the one who is happens to be constantly terrified about what will happen if that person finds out. Roxy doesn’t want Larry to think of her as a monster. Because she’ll have to tell him if they want to spend their lives together.”

            “But still. It’s better knowing than the constant wondering and dating around.”

            “Do you even have time to date with your current job?” Not that Xana cared if he dated.

            Jeremy blinked with shock. “Well. No.” He couldn’t tell her he hadn’t ever been on a date. That would seem lame. “I need to focus on this first case right now.”

            “Finding Marco?”

            “And whoever’s harassing you. Keeping you--both of you--safe is important.”

            Xana chuckled. “You just feel all important and manly protecting poor, helpless girls.”

            “I have no doubt you can handle yourself, Xana. But everyone needs support. You don’t have to go through this alone.”

            “I just don’t want people to think I’m weak and pathetic.”

            “Are you sure you’re not trying to prove that to yourself?” Jeremy asked.

            “Maybe.” Xana watched a guy walk up behind Charlie, and start to grind against her backside. She saw Charlie jump, and with genuine fear, push the guy away. But the guy grabbed at Charlie, trying to force her to dance with him. Panic reached Charlie’s eyes.

            Xana tapped Jeremy’s arm. “Go help her before Roxy breaks the guy.”

            Jeremy looked away from Xana to where she pointed. “Well, s**t.” He stalked off.

            Someone immediately took Jeremy’s place, and Xana could smell how this guy was different. She looked up at the tall guy. He was model good looking with black hair and eyes the same shade of grey as storm clouds.

            “Vampires aren’t allowed down here on under twenty-one night,” Xana told him.

            The guy smiled. It was a good smile. Xana imagined it made girls melt. “You look just like your dad, but act just like your mom. A lovely woman, Maggie is.”

            Xana felt a deep chill fill her body. “How do you know my parents?”

            “I used to be in a Clan with your dad. But then he killed our leader Isobelle. The woman who Turned us. That’s a grave sin.”

            Xana took a step back. “You’re James. Get away from me. Milo!”

            “I’m going to get revenge on Xavier. It’s way overdue.” James dashed away with the graceful speed Vampires possessed.

            Milo got to Xana. “What’s wrong?”

            “James.” Xana stared at Milo, wanting him to make it better. “He talked about revenge on my dad being overdue.”

            Jeremy, Roxy, and Charlie joined them. Charlie was clinging to Roxy.

            “What happened?” Jeremy asked.

            Milo looked around the room. “Where the f**k is Berto?”

            “Here.” A Vampire with a purple Mohawk and British accent joined their little group.

            Milo glared at Berto, his face red. “And where were you when James came over to Xana?”

            “I was breaking up a fight between a group of idiot teen boys. Your boy was next to Xana before I went over to settle it. I specifically checked to see she wasn’t alone before I handled it.”

            “Xana asked me to help Charlie and Roxy out with some a*****e,” Jeremy put in. “He had some attitude, and Roxy’s eyes went all wolf-like, so I tried to calm her down.” He looked at Milo. “Where were you?”

            “I saw someone who fit Roger’s description,” Milo hissed. “It was just some dumb kid with unfortunate orange hair. Similar build as Roger. From behind I swore it was him. And he was heading in Xana’s direction.”

            “So everyone screwed up,” Roxy pointed out. “Brilliant.”

            Jeremy noticed Xana was shaking a little. He put a hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

            “I wanna go home,” Xana said.

            “Not without us escorting you,” Milo told her. “And I want to see the security footage. The guy monitoring it should’ve warned Berto.” He made his way to the back with Roxy, Charlie, and Berto following.

            Jeremy moved his arm so it was around Xana. “You’ll be fine.”

            “And I was having fun. Sort of. What a way to spend my eighteenth birthday.”

            Jeremy gave her a light squeeze. “You’ll get home, do that sleepover s**t girls do, and have a great time. You’ll eat junk food, talk about…boys or something.”

            “We usually talk s**t about people,” Xana said with a hint of a smile. “Let’s go see what the cameras say.”

            Max nodded at them when they entered the security room. “This arse Bill was f*****g some chick instead of doing his damn job.” Max shot a deathly glare at the Shifter who usually watched the cameras. “You’re fired, you know that, right?”

            “Sorry, sir,” Bill mumbled.

            “And now I’m gonna have to hire two damn people to work in here to prevent this s**t from happening again.”

            “Just show us the feed,” Milo said. “And I’ll want copies for the whole night.”

            He and Max watched the fast-forward of the last few hours.

            “Oh, look, Bill,” Max said, “there’s your f**k buddy.” He watched the woman with purple and pink hair prowl the club.

            “Those are the kids who fought,” Berto said.

            Jeremy nodded. “And the guy bothering Charlie.”

            “And this woman spoke with all of them,” Milo said. “Must’ve been planned. Was she a Vampire?” he asked Bill.

            Bill nodded. “Yeah.”

            “So she’s probably with James,” Jeremy commented.

            “Give me the copies tomorrow,” Milo told Max.

            “I’ll have someone deliver them to you as soon as possible,” Max promised. “Now get these girls back to Xavier’s house. Keep them safe.”     

© 2015 Gabsikle

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