Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

A Chapter by Gabsikle

After being on the road for fifteen minutes, Xana’s captors parked the car in the driveway of a house in a heavily wooded area. There was another SUV with tinted windows in the driveway, this one tan.

            She only caught a glimpse of one other house.

            The Were to Xana’s left got out of the car first. He walked around to the other side and opened the door. The Were on Xana’s right grabbed her and pulled her out of the car.

            Xana began to struggle. She tried to kick the best she could with her ankles bound. The other Were took hold of her feet, and sunk his claws into her left thigh to stop her from moving. Xana screamed, but the duct tape muted it. She was panicking, and knew she had to calm down. It was the only way she’d be able to get herself out of the situation, or at least keep herself alive.

            She was shoved into the backseat of the new car, once again sitting between the two Weres.

            The Human woman got into the driver’s seat of the car Xana was in. The Human man took off in the black SUV.

            Xana took a few breaths, and waited for her heart rate to slow down. She started to observe.

            The three in the car with her were wearing hats, and Xana thought she remembered the man they parted with wearing one too. A look at the woman’s hands showed she was wearing surgical looking gloves. She glanced to her right and left. The Weres had the same gloves on. Though the one to the left had the fingers ripped on one glove. He must’ve been the one who clawed her.

            Xana went to memorize the features of her captors. The Human woman had tan skin that didn’t look natural. Her skin was closer to orange. Xana could see blonde hair peeking out of the hat. From the few times the woman turned her head, Xana noticed she had a tiny nose, full lips, and a pointy chin.

            Xana looked to the Were at her left. She decided she hated him the most so far. He had a very long and straight nose. His tan skin looked natural. He had a round chin, and stubble on his face. He looked like a guy who spent a lot of time at the gym"very fit and muscular. He had dark hair.

            The Were on Xana’s right was large in all ways. His body took up half the backseat of the car, and his head almost touched the car’s roof. Unlike his two companions, he was pale. His arms and face were covered with freckles. His nose was wide, he had bushy eyebrows, and a rust colored beard.

            Xana would never let herself forget their faces. Not until they were imprisoned or dead.

            Xana watched the woman take an exit. It looked like they were taking the route that led to Delaware’s beaches.



            Charlie sat on the Chambers’ living room couch, and watched Roxy and Maggie pace. Roxy moved probably three times more quickly than Maggie. She practically flew across the room.

            When the buzzer for the gate went off, Roxy was there in a flash. She opened the gate then waited by the door, her right foot tapping. She opened it before Milo or Jeremy could knock. All three were in the living room after what only seemed like seconds. Charlie hadn’t been aware Hunters could move so fast.

            “What’s going on?” Milo asked.

            “No one knows where Xana is,” Maggie said. “It’s been over an hour since she left Charlie’s house.”

            Charlie saw the panic in Jeremy’s eyes, but Milo’s face remained cool.

            “Did Xana say she was going anywhere?” Milo asked Roxy and Charlie.

            “She was just going home,” Roxy told Milo. “I was just staying at Charlie’s until I had to meet Larry.”

            “Was she acting weird at all?” Jeremy asked.

            Charlie shook her head. “Everything was normal. And I know about acting weird and lying. She wasn’t doing that.”

            Jeremy bit at his thumbnail while Milo continued to question, “And she wouldn’t stop at the mall or somewhere on the way home?”

            Roxy scoffed. “Not without telling us or her mom.”

            Maggie nodded. “She’s responded to all my worried messages these past few weeks. She complained, but answered. Not today, though. I thought she let her phone die, and was still at Charlie’s.”

            “Are you sure you’re not--"

            Maggie cut Milo off, “I am not overreacting. This is my child we’re talking about, and as her mother, I’ve got a bad feeling. A sick feeling. My baby is in danger, and we’re wasting time with all these god damn questions!”

            “She has a find my phone thing,” Jeremy spurted out. “She told me the other day. If her phone is still on, we can find it.”

            “Don’t you need a password or something?” Charlie wondered.

            Jeremy nodded. “She gave me the username and password.”

            Roxy ran off and came back with Xana’s laptop. “Fine her phone then.”

            Jeremy started working.

            Charlie went over to Maggie and held her hand.

            Roxy was looking over Jeremy’s shoulder. “That’s the Wawa near Charlie’s house.”

            Jeremy looked at Milo. “Want me to check it out?”

            Milo nodded and tossed him some keys. “Take my car.” He took a deep breath as Jeremy ran out. “I’ll make a call to a detective I know who’s a Hunter and Night Investigator. He and his Shifter partner do missing people cases. If they’re free, they’ll take this up.” He took out his phone, and went to the front room to make the call.

            “I’m gonna call my dad,” Roxy said. “Then Larry to cancel our date.”

            Maggie rubbed her forehead. “I should wake Xavier. Charlie, could you put down all the sun blocking shades? There’s a control panel in the kitchen that’ll do it.”

            Charlie went to the kitchen glad she could do something.



            Jeremy got to the Wawa. He figured Xana would’ve come in the back entrance, as that was the easiest way to get in the parking lot from Charlie’s house. Most likely, she would’ve also parked in the back.

            He found he was right. He parked right next to Xana’s car.

            Jeremy got out of Milo’s car, and inspected the cherry red Mustang. He peeked in from the passenger side, and saw Xana’s phone in the cup holder. He walked around the back of the car to the driver’s side. A spilled over cup was on the ground, almost under the car. He looked under it, and saw a wallet and a set of keys. Jeremy picked them both up. He opened the wallet, and Xana’s license picture greeted him. He looked at the keys. Obviously Xana’s keys. Her house key was set with a pink and black leopard pattern. There were also key chains related to her favorite movies and TV shows.

            Jeremy stood up, and his eyes scanned the car. There was a dent on the rear door of the driver’s side. A dent that hadn’t been there before.

            He got out his phone and called Milo.



            “Yeah, she’s had an Internet stalker,” Roxy said into her phone. “But, um, it had stopped, so we weren’t too worried.”

            “Do you want me to come over and help?” Larry asked. “Or, you know, be moral support?”

            “No. It’s just gonna get crazier here. I’ll text you updates, though.”

            “I hope they find her soon,” Larry said.

            “Yeah. Me too.” Roxy hung up and watched the action around her.

            Milo ended one call to start another. He rattled off an address, and said something about needing security footage.

            Xavier was awake and on the phone too. He was contacting his whole Clan, and any people he had ties to. He wanted eyes and ears everywhere. One of them had to be able to find his daughter or the ones who took her.

            Roxy’s dad was doing the same.

            How could this have happened? Roxy wondered. It seemed like just yesterday everything had been normal. Back when it had just been her and Xana in their own little world. Then a new friend came along, and Roxy got to date her Mate. Things had been bumpy, but they ended up good. Until now. How had things gone so wrong? They never bothered anyone. They kept to themselves. They were good girls. Xana didn’t deserve this.

            Roxy feared what could be happening to her friend. Her sister. Would they kill her? Would the things the Internet stalker threatened actually happen?

            And now her faith in Milo was shaken. He should’ve been able to stop this before it happened.

            Roxy felt the tears on her cheeks. Then an arm went around her.

            “You need to have faith,” Charlie said quietly. “People who care are looking for her. Nothing will stop them. And Xana’s a fighter. She’s not gonna make it easy for whoever took her. She’ll make their lives hell.”

            “But what will they do to her life?” Roxy wanted to know.



            Xana remained in an anger-fueled silence during the rest of the drive. She knew she wasn’t as strong as a Were, but she hoped she could inconvenience one of them when they took her out of the car. If only she could get the blood of one of them in her system again, and not screw up the surge of strength.

            Part of her small plan involved her slowly working loose the duct tape on her mouth with her tongue. She remembered reading somewhere that saliva had that effect, and they hadn’t shoved a sock or anything in her mouth. She just stayed still, and gave her captors nasty looks so they wouldn’t get suspicious.

            Xana was actually surprised full panic mode hadn’t set in. She was scared, yes, but shouldn’t she be hyperventilating or something? She was in the middle of a kidnap situation, and didn’t know how things would turn out. Maybe it was because she still had hopes of escape. She could use the Were blood to at least break the bindings on her ankles. Then she could make a run for it. Hopefully, society or a major road would be nearby. Of course, Weres were faster than Halfies…

            She couldn’t let negative thoughts get to her. Not when there was still hope. And the adrenaline rush during escape would be of use.

            If the Human had a weapon and was good with it, Xana was fucked.

            Xana looked out a window. The houses were getting farther apart, and not many cars had passed them.

            You’ll get out of this. You’ll get out of this, she was telling herself.

            The house they stopped at was large. It was kind of cute with the white and sky blue scheme. There was an outside deck on the second floor with a spiral staircase that led to the roof.

            Xana figured if she were to die, at least it would be in a nice house on the beach. Even if the death was horrid. Maybe she’d become a vengeful ghost that wouldn’t move on until her killers were dealt justice.

            The Human woman parked the car. The Were to Xana’s right opened the door, and got out with one hand gripping her neck. He then grabbed her under her armpits.

            As she was being pulled out of the car, Xana removed the duct tape with one last push of her tongue. She reared back her legs to kick the other Were in the face. She heard his nose crunch, and felt pleased. But that only lasted a second. The dark haired Were with his bloody nose twisted her left ankle in a way it really didn’t bend. There was a crack and a flash of pain. Xana screamed at the top of her lungs from the hurt, and also hoped someone would hear.

            The ginger Were told her to shut up, and slammed the right side of her head against the window of the open car door. Xana heard glass break, the world spun, and then there was blackness. She must’ve gone out for a few seconds, because she was suddenly inside the house.

            “James didn’t want her hurt,” the woman was saying.

            At least Xana was now sure of who planned this.

            “If she had blood, she’ll heal,” the dark haired Were responded.

            But that was in the morning, Xana remembered. It seemed like days ago. She needed blood several times a day to keep healthy and heal quickly. It had to be after noon, and she was already starting to feel the lack of blood. Her head felt lighter, cloudier. Her limbs felt heavier. She was more tired than usual. If she didn’t get any blood by or before the evening, there was no way her injuries would keep healing. She wouldn’t be strong enough to break free or run. She’d be more useless than a severely out of shape person. No way she’d be able to save herself.

            Xana was carried to the second floor. It looked like they were going to keep her in the master bedroom. There was a pretty view of the ocean beyond a large window. The bed was king sized. A chain was attached to the wall with a lock above the metal headboard of the bed. The chain had cuffs on either end.

            The ginger Were dropped her top half onto the bed, rolled her over, and held her arms up. The woman removed the silver and the zip ties from her wrists. Xana was rolled over again, and the cuffs on the chain went around her wrists, which were of course silver. The woman freed Xana’s feet. To let out frustration, Xana kicked the woman in the face, splitting her lip.

            “B***h!” The woman gave the dark haired Were a look. He went up to Xana and slapped her hard. There would definitely be a bruise. So much for the woman not wanting Xana injured.

            “James will deal with you when he wakes up tonight,” the woman hissed.

            The three left the room, locking the door from the outside.

            Xana’s ankles were beginning to heal from the silver burns. Her broken ankle still throbbed. The itch of the silver on her wrists would just get worse as time went on.

            She wondered were they got all the silver from. Who made all these things for them?

            The chain was long enough that Xana could move around freely on the bed. She got up on her knees to examine the wall and chain. The lock was going through one link on the chain, and was attached to a little loop on the wall. The area around the loop looked like concrete. She didn’t know a lot about locks, but she figured it would be a high quality one.

            Xana glanced around the room. It was done with black and various shades of grey. Lilies seemed to be a theme. A large, black vase was full of them, and sat on the table near the bed. The metal bedframe was also black, and had the shape of lilies bent into the headboard.

            The room kind of looked like a stereotypical Vampire room. She guessed it was supposed to intimidate her or something. Maybe set the tone of her time there. Vampires loved theatrics.

            Xana pondered how theatrical her death would be.      

© 2015 Gabsikle

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