When the Ocean Becomes Angry

When the Ocean Becomes Angry

A Poem by GardenDelights

When oil drilling moves into Her area, the Ocean takes action.

Dressed in a garment of seaweed, little fishes and 
The Ocean pounded out its rolling gait on the wet sand
Hoping to wash the shore away, collecting it back 
Into Her watery possession from where it had come.

Angrily She thundered ashore again and again
Broken nail edges like jagged pieces of shells 
          scraping the soggy earth
Leaving deep gashes stretching painfully across 
          the gritty sand
Trying to eradicate this objectionable place.

Deafening blows resounded like the hollow 
          hulls they hit
Boat collided with boat, collapsing hulls in a 
          sea of metallic grimaces.
The Ocean’s maw twitched upward from one side
Displaying a half smile She allowed herself in her 

So...they would allow offshore drilling to pollute Her 
          domain with their 
Spills and materials dumped carelessly or accidentally 
          over the side?
But they would protect their precious boats and water
Beaches and scenic shorelines from the oil industry?

Then She would destroy all that they would preserve
So that they would regret their actions and reject the 
          oil business entirely.
She would somehow make Herself understood to 
          this place, this people
And rejoice when the platforms and boats that served 
          them were gone.

The Ocean crossed her watery, seaweed covered 
          arms as She
Surveyed Her work in a quiet study of the place that
          the shore had been.
She retreated noisily from this battle ground, smiling 
          that half smile of Hers,
Clothing Herself in bits and hunks of boats, wooden 
          docks and all manner of construction remnants.

Within a week the oil platforms were being torn down 
          and removed
It was said the unpredictable winds and waves 
          threatened the rigs and their workers.
But we know Whose tantrum caused the upheaval, 
          don't we?
And Who smiles with both sides of Her maw as She 
          gently caresses the new shoreline with Her softest of 
          wavelets and little fishes.   

© 2019 GardenDelights

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Added on November 25, 2019
Last Updated on November 25, 2019
Tags: Nature, Ocean, personality, action, adventure, story, high winds and high waters