The Lonely Desert

The Lonely Desert

A Poem by GardenDelights

Life in the desert. What life there is...

As I cross the desert plain

Wandering alone

I feel the earth’s hot breath radiating from the ground.

I feel the desert’s loneliness, hear its cry

Weeping for the parched land and the life it can’t support

Calling long into the day and longer into the night

Why doesn’t lush vegetation supporting numerous creatures abide here, thrive here?

Why am I alone? Alone with the mourning of a thousand thousands of years

I am desolate and dry, yes, even so my tears do not fall

They are waterless and so am I

But still I wonder why?

Souls come here to roam my dry hills and mounds

Searching for what; they know not 

They just know they must try.

And so they go on wandering and calling as if to their soul mates

The ones they haven’t met yet but believe exist

Out here, perhaps, lost and floating around like fireflies who have lost their light

And have nowhere to go

Hopelessly lost

Until someone comes along to claim them.

Yet they, too, leave and

Once again the desert is alone

Its companions dry winds that swirl the dust around and into every crevice

Pelting the brittle skin of a rare lizard or two

Raising itches that can’t be scratched, only endured.

Rippling the desert surface into wavering rows of miniature sand dunes

Where the tracks of a snake lie broken on the grains of sand

Reminding it that there is no one here. Again.

It hears the echoes of loneliness all around

The message that it will never be found

By its mate

By anyone but the few, desolate creatures

That do not flourish here.

Once again the desert turns inward and, wrapping it’s hills closely around itself,

Turns and closes its eyes, tucks itself into a few rocks

And abandons itself to a dream world where glistening waters teeming with life abound.

For a little while, the desert and I share the dream

And we both aren’t quite so lonely.

© 2019 GardenDelights

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Added on November 29, 2019
Last Updated on December 1, 2019
Tags: Nature, Desert, Thirst, Loneliness, Dream, Soul Mates

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