Chapter 6.2 - In Training

Chapter 6.2 - In Training

A Chapter by Richard Linsley III

Ravadiana continues her studies in the Vale

     Ravadiana didn’t know why she took an interest in the warriors below her, other than to test her new spell.  Because none of them had the care to look at the sorceress above them and she was assured pretty much the ability to remain hidden from them.  As they disbanded from their grouping she turned and walked back to the castle grounds.  Each step caused a disk of energy to appear below her feet as she walked.  She really didn’t like the idiotic warriors.  Too many of them were stuck up in her mind.  Always talking about this god or that one and how they were to become “their chosen vassals” and things like that.

     When she reached her room window, her roommate looked up and screamed with delight.  “You got it to work?!  You are going to have to share your notes on that one.”  Kassia Ashdown was lying on her bed reading from one of the several dusty volumes of books that was in the room. Kassia was in still in her nightgown while Ravadiana was already fully dressed.  Where Ravadiana was quiet and wanted nothing more than to study, Kassia wanted nothing more than to have fun with her friends.  Ravadiana couldn’t see how she was going to get far here.

     “Kinda,” replied Ravadiana.  “it only has a limited range.  And it’s very taxing on the mind.”

     “Still,” said Kassia getting out of bed to start straightening out her red hair. “You’ve been working on it forever.  More time than I would have worked on it.  I want your notes!”

     “That’s only because all the spells you work on either give you what you want immediately or get someone else to do it for you.” Retorted Ravadiana taking her notebook and hiding it away.

     . “It’s true I know." The retort elicited a giggle from her roommate.  "So what do you think will be on today’s test?”

     “It’s anyone’s guess.  Last week it was potions, the week before enchantments. I honestly have no idea.”  started Ravadiana.  “All I know is that if you don’t get dressed like now, then you won’t be ready in time for class.”

     Kassia grabbed all her clothes from the bed and disappeared behind a screen to change.  Ravadiana could hear her chanting behind the screen various command phrases.  Leave it to Kassia to learn how to use magic to get ready in the morning.

     Ravadiana took a few moments to put away a few loose items in her wardrobe before turning around.  Kassia was standing in front of her closet looking at herself in the mirror violently struggling to get a hairbrush through her thick red hair.  Exasperated Kassia looked at the mirror and commanded “Da’jakk ussta lauske.”  The hairbrush, ribbons and other items around her moved on their own putting her hair and makeup on for her.  When the spell finished she looked ready for the day.  

     “Cheater.” muttered Ravadiana underneath her breath.  “That would have taken me at least 15 minutes.”

© 2016 Richard Linsley III

Author's Note

Richard Linsley III
Part 2 of Chapter 6.

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The chapter works again. I did have a problem with the sentence " Because none of them had the care to look at the sorceress above them and she was assured pretty much the ability to remain hidden from them. "
Maybe " None of them had cause to look at the sorceress above them and she was assured in her ability to remain hidden from them.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Your development of the characters here is outstanding. You've immediately established that Ravadiana is much more serious, not using magic for trivial tasks. She seems a strong character so I imagine she'll need that strength later on!

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Richard Linsley III

9 Years Ago

Check her intro out in Chapter 4 - She can already kick some tail there.
Jennie Baron

9 Years Ago

I'll put that on my reading list.

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